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Ok, I hate my tongs. They are a hinge type and part of a set of BBQ tools. They tend to not line up well at the business end. I have been close to dropping several slabs of ribs(at least that's my story). Need some advice on how to upgrade. I want longs ones, 16-19 inches or so. Anyone have sugestions or brand names to share.
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While I still occasionally use tongs (mainly for grilling smaller items), I've switched to the flannel lined neoprene gloves for handling most of my barbecue. Ever had ribs, brisket or pork butt try to fall apart on you when taking them out of your smoker. The tongs don't work well with chicken or turkey. Your gloved hands do a better job of handling the meat/fowl than do tongs. When I'm done, I just wash my hands with the gloves on, and they're ready to go next time.

I couldn't find the site where I ordered my gloves, but this one looks like the same thing:

Neoprene Lined Gloves

Looks like manufacturer #6784.
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I got a package of 25 cotton gloves at the food supply store for $8 and I buy plastic gloves by the case, so it's cheap. For me, they're much more flexible.

FYI page, the link didn't work, it went to a "try again" page you have to put in the 6874 and it brings a full page of stuff up.

You can also find gloves like that at restaurant supply stores, in the glove/fryer section.
Like Pags, I use tongs for smaller items on the grill. The ones I prefer are these from Oxo. They're very sturdy and come in a range of lengths up to 16"

For larger items when using the smoker, grill, or oven, I go with gloves. Over the years, I've tried several different types, and these are the ones I like the best. They're a quality product that's lined, have a 14" gauntlet, and a nubby texture to prevent slippage. Best of all is the price - $10 including shipping.
Hey Wheelz. You're right about Mr. Miagi catching a fly with tongs. When I grilled the 9 New York Strip Steaks two weeks ago, the 9th steak didn't quite make it from the grill to the platter. Hit the deck. Since I didn't have extras, I used the five second rule. Quickly picked it up as though nothing happened. Actually, I did it in front of all my guests so I ate that one. Good thing I washed the patio down before the party. Big Grin
Originally posted by RangerDF:
They are a hinge type and part of a set of BBQ tools. They tend to not line up well at the business end.


In my time working in a rib joint, I did a lot of grilling and I'm with you on the frustration with tongs. I think anyone who's worked in a kitchen knows what I mean when I say that once you find a good pair of tongs you make sure you don't lose it.

Some tongs are impossible to hold anything in, but my favorite tongs have actually been misaligned... so that the ridges lock in when they're closed. These kind are much more reliable and balance food better when you're used to them.

I don't think there's much differentiation between brands or types, maybe you want one with rubber handle, stainless steel or something, but that's just personal choice. Ditch the tongs that don't work and just pick up another pair. Test and repeat until you find one you like. Maybe you can find good grill tongs online, but i doubt they're any better than the standard ones you can get in your local store - try to get cheap ones because of the high turnover.

After all of this about tongs... everyone's right that often times nothing beats your own hands. They're the best tool we have.

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