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Hope you've noticed, but I've moved the "annual" reports threads to the top of the turkey forum.

I had a lot of fun re-reading some of the threads, some fun/funny stuff in there and some good lessons learned.

2004 was the year of the Turkey 101 re-do, so I didn't find one for reports (in case you run across it let me know)

The idea is that the reports REALLY are a great place to read on how people did what they did.

Put your 2010 reports here:

We annually create this thread to report your results. One of the most common questions is "how long do I smoke it"

Your reports will help answer that:

Please report:

1: Which smoker
2. Turkey Size
3. Preps
4. Smoker temp
5. Total Time

Thanks in Advance
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I'll go first Smokin', even though it was a practice turkey!!

Smoker: SM020 that's well broke-in

Turkey size: Wal-mart 13.72lb 8% enhanced "Riverside brand"

Preps: I brined turkey in a 2 gallon ziplock bag for 46 1/2 hrs. The brine consisted of 1/2 cup non-iodized table salt,1/2 cup minced garlic, 1/2 cup brown sugar,1/4 cup dried onions, 1/4 cup black pepper,1/4 cup honey(added when cooled),1tbsp poultry seasoning,1tbsp crushed red pepper. I took bird out of brine the night before and let air out in frig. I pulled skin back 4 hrs before smoking and added a mixture of butter and spices,which consisted of McCormick chicken rub, white pepper,black pepper,paprika,Kosher salt. I then pinned the skin back on with toothpicks. I put a sliced orange and quartered onion in the cavity.

Smoker temp: 275* in a warmed smoker with 1oz oak, 1oz pecan,1oz cherry

Total time: 2hrs 50minutes, opening the door 4 times

Comments: I used a butter cheese cloth and removed 50 minutes before finish time and hit with butter Pam spray at this time. I pulled turkey at 160* in breast, let rest 25 minutes. It had a nice golden brown color with good textured skin. Best I've done yet! I totally liked the brine with table salt, THANKS for setting me straight on this guys!
Oh Mike... Mike, why did you have to get me in trouble? I used a little more butter than my 2nd turkey. I would GUESS 1/2 cup with the spices mixed in, it was just enough to cover the whole breast and two legs, before pinning the skin back down.

My McCormick rub came in a 3.25 oz container and I used 1/4 of it. Now I would say a pinch of the other spices, maybe 1/2 tsp at the most. This really would be up to the individual that was eating/cooking the bird. My 2nd bird I only used the McCormick rub and thought it really needed a little more pepper and salt taste for this bird.

Yep!, it all comes down to practice so don't wait until the last minute to do your bird!
Wanted to do a turkey to practice with the Amerique. Read the turkey posts for the last two years. Got a 14 1/2 pound fresh turkey. Brined it in “Williams–Sonoma” turkey brine for 48 hours. Rubbed the skin with canola oil. Placed pats of butter (~1/4 cup total) beneath the skin and used Rufus Teague rub throughout. Set the smoker temperature at 250°F with approximately 2 ounces of CS hickory chunk.

About one hour later we checked on the turkey. When I opened the door I was confronted by a gray/black carcass. It was covered in what appeared to be soot. I tried to rub the black particles off the skin without success. One look by my wife and the turkey was covered in a roasting pan with f---.

At 5 1/2 hours, was able to convince the wife to remove the 'foil' and finish for 30 min. at 300°. The turkey appeared anemic and was definitely blackish gray.

The meat was bitter, skin was inedible, and only the deepest part of the meat could be eaten. Most of the meat and bones were used for Turkey soup. Even that had to be diluted with fresh chicken stock.

After much consideration, I think it was the wood chunks being wet. We are full-time RV years and the wood is kept in a plastic box. The box doesn't seal. We have been in some areas with rather high humidity and it has rained once a week for last few months. Wood is 7 months old.

Thinking back, I recall that there was a lot of dark gray smoke to start, which I usually see disappear in just a few minutes. This time, it was still present at the one hour mark and I almost gagged getting the turkey out when we went to look at it.

Do I need to look for fresh wood or can I simply put it in the smoker and dry it out by putting the smoker at say 150° for 10 hours? Any other suggestions? This was our first disaster with the smoker and has everyone talking about using the oven to cook this year's turkey.
Yes, you had wet wood. #1 reason why we never recommend soaking. All it does is make the wood smolder, not burn.

Too bad it happened.

Several people like to "pre-warm" the smoker (not me) as a way to get the smoker up to temp. You could also pre-warm to let the initial smoke burn off.

You really want clear or blue smoke. Gray or white means it's full of impurities.

I know it doesn't help you, but thanks for posting, it will be helpful for others.


Please follow the format for posting reports, it helps with consistency and finding the standard info (not you New2) you had your hands full

1: Which smoker (insert your info)
2. Turkey Size (insert your info)
3. Preps (insert your info)
4. Smoker temp (insert your info)
5. Total Time (insert your info)
6. Comments (insert your info)
1: Which smoker - Smokette Elite (SM025)
2. Turkey Size - ~15LB Breast
3. Preps - William Sonoma Brine
4. Smoker temp - 300
5. Total Time - ~4.5 hrs

This was the first experience with Turkey.
I have to say this was probably one of the best I have had so far though.
I started with a 15.75LB turkey breast. I dont remember what enhancements it said (I will look in a week when I repeat this) I know it was enhanced though.
I used a William Sonoma Apple and spice brine that my wife got with employee discount (first time and convinced briner now).

I brined the breast overnight about 18 hours probably.

I used a cheese cloth soaked with just over 1 stick of butter (next time I will use a bit more cloth and a bit more butter, only because of coverage).

No Rubs, nothing else.

The Turkey had a very nice flavor throughout the breast and a nice smoke flavor.

I used 1 piece of Apple wood (about 2oz probably). The wife isnt crazy about smoke.

That said my two kids and wife all said this was probably the best turkey they have ever tasted. Very moist and very nice almost fruity/smokey flavor that penetrated all the way to the bone.

picture attached. The presentation was a little off. but for a breast only I dont think it was real important. If I wanted better, I probably should have removed the cloth and basted at least once...


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1: Smokette CS020
2: 9 pound breast (fresh)
3: Brined in SmokinOkie's Holiday Brine for 20 hours. Separated skin from meat and rubbed meat lightly with CS spicy chicken rub.
4: 275 degrees (my smokette did eventually reach this temp but it took about 1.5 hours to do it. 1 small piece of hickory and 1 small piece of apple wood. Covered with butter soaked cheesecloth.
5) Total time was 2:45 to 165 degrees on my probe.

Turkey tasted great. Very moist not too salty - slightly spicy from the rub. My wife - who doesn't like anything that I make, said it was the best turkey she ever had. I am doing 2 7 pound fresh breasts this weekend for her work early Thanksgiving party which is on Monday. Just put them in the brine 10 minutes ago.
I just finalized my strategy with 3 turkeys in 3 different brines; one in the AmeriQue with cherry, one in the Smokette with apple, and one in the oven for the conscientious objectors. Satisfied with my choices I started my shopping list. The turkeys are already thawing. I just got a call with an offer for my Smokette I don’t think I can refuse. Panic is beginning to set in.

i just did the first turkey yesterday on my FEC500! brined it for 48 hours using your brine, then for extra flavor i injected it with a creole butter, with a little chipolte seasoning. it was 18 pounds of pure goodness! smoked it for 4 1/2 hours at 326, using a soaked cheese cloth. and boy did it turn out great! i fed a group of 18 people [did a ham too]. there wasn't much leftover. by far the best turkey i have ever done. today im doing 2 turkey breast and a ham for friends. looking forward to turkey sandwiches for lunch...........thanks for the help and guidence...

jeff heaton,"The Smoque Shack BBQ" lake city colorado.
1: SM66 Amerique
2. 13.0 #'s
3. Spatchcocked, and legs & thighs separated from bird, THEN brined 2 days my new sweet brine, rubbed with melted butter then covered with butter soaked cheese cloth
4. 275 degrees with pecan and apple (2.5 oz total with a ratio of 2 to 1 apple to pecan)
5. Legs/Thigh quarters pulled at 175 ~ 1 1/2 hrs, breast pulled 164 degrees ~ 2 3/4 hrs
6. Again new sweet brine gave bird a nice flavor without additional seasoning. New sweet brine
2.turkey size...12lbs
3.preps...Smokins' holiday brine for 48hrs and butter spread rub under skin
4.smoker temp...300*,1 1/2 ozs pecan and 1 1/2 ozs cherry time...3hrs,pulled at 160* in breast
6. smoke for 1hr then butter soaked cheese cloth...opened door at 2hrs...2hr20min took off cheese cloth and hit with butter flavor Pam spray...2hrs 40min turned over turkey with breast down.

OMG, I ate way too much turkey and got a lot of awes from everyone,needless to say the CS was a big hit!
1. Cookshack AmriQue
2. 11.99 lb. Fastco turkey with 8% solution ($0.28/lb on sale)
3. Cranberry-Pomegranate brine
After 48 hours in the brine I took the turkey out, washed off, quartered an apple and an onion and stuffed them in the cavity along with two stalks of celery and trussed the turkey up, smeared it with butter, and rubbed it with Smokin’ Okie’s Turkey (Poultry) Rub.
Then I returned it to the fridge to dry for 12 hours
4.Into the AmeriQue at 275⁰with 4 oz cherry wood chunks Added butter soaked cheesecloth after 1 hour.
5. 3 hours 10 minutes 161⁰ so I pulled it out double wrapped it in foil and towels and slipped it into the cooler for 1 hour
6. Very moist, tasty, slightly tart from the cranberry smoke flavor was a touch strong
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1) SM20 4 chunks of apple.
2) 10lb Butterball 8% enhanced
3) Brined for 49 hrs then dried in fridge for 12hrs. Slathered in compound butter under and on the skin.
4) 250 degrees, cranked it up to 300 the last 45 minutes since it was taking longer than I thought it would.
5) 4 1/2 hrs. I figured on 3 1/2 but as Smokin Okie says, it's done when it's done.
6) 1st smoked turkey, didn't do a test one. Came out AWESOME! Juiciest turkey I've made in years. Used all the drippings to make gravy. Little too smokey, probably should have used only about a third or so, but it was still pretty tasty.

Smoking another one next year!
CookShack AmeriQue
6.85# Turkey Breast
Brined for 8 hour
Rinsed, spread unsalted butter and fairly heavy rub over entire breast
Into AmeriQue, temb set to 250*, ptobe at 160*, with 2 oz. hickory and 1 oz. cherry
2 hours 55 minutes, pulled at 160*, foiled & toweled
Super moist,great flavor and every oz. of it was eaten!!
Turkey #2
1. Cookshack Smokette (8years old)
2. 12.47 lb. Fastco turkey with 8% solution ($0.28/lb on sale)
3 Smokin’ Okie’s Holiday Turkey Brine: substitute apple juice for water and molasses for white sugar
After 24 hours in the brine I took the turkey out, washed off, quartered an apple and an onion and stuffed them in the cavity along with two stalks of celery and trussed the turkey up, smeared it with butter, and rubbed it with Jeff’s Naked Rib Rub.
Then I returned it to the fridge to dry for 12 hours
4.Into the Smokette at 250⁰with 4 oz apple wood chunks
Added butter soaked cheesecloth after 1 hour.
Added 2 oz apple wood chunks after 2 hours
5. 5 hours 45 minutes this turkey is done 162⁰ so I pulled it out double wrapped it in foil and towels and slipped it into the cooler for safekeeping
6. Very moist, tasty, slightly sweet nice touch of apple and the smoke flavor was just right. Not overpowering and not too weak
1: Which smoker - SM025
2. Turkey Size - 7.5 lb Breast
3. Preps - Brined for 10 hrs in Smokin Okies Holiday Brine. Put Butter/rub mixture (CS Spicy chicken rub) under the skin.
4. Smoker temp - 300 preheated using 3.5 oz apple.
5. Total Time - 1 hr 45 min was at 160. I opened smoker and placed probes in different parts. Found a colder spot of 156 so I shut door and let it go another 45 min. So the total time was 2.5 hrs
Was a bit dry. I probably should have removed it at 1 hr 45 min. Skin was rubbery, next time I will try the cheesecloth method. The smoke flavor does penetrate to the bone. I was surprised. Might even back off to 2 oz next time. Also will try a different rub next time. A little too spicy. Overall the turkey was very good. Better than my families oven cooked bird which was more dry and way less flavor than mine.
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1: Which smoker - SM055

2. Turkey Size - 21+ pounds

3. Preps - Smokin's Holiday Turkey Brine (36 hours). Put 3 quartered oranges and some rosemary into cavity prior to smoking. Cheesecloth coated with 2 sticks of melted butter placed over turkey.

4. Smoker temp - 250 (max on 055)

5. Total Time - 3.5 hours - breast was 155. Leg/Thigh was 165. Foiled for two hours prior to serving. It was perfect.

6. Comments - I made several bonehead moves and this was considered by all who ate it the best turkey ever. My daugher has not eaten turkey for at least the last 12 years. I smoke chicken breast the day before for her. This year, after tasting the turkey, she told my wife not to put the chicken out.

My bonehead moves:
1. I did not truss the turkey.
2. Trying to separate the skin, I tore some of it so the turkey was not completely covered
3. I can field dress a deer, but I put one thermometer in the top of the turkey and one not quite in the best spot on the leg. I had forgotten to put the thermometers in at first, opened up the smoker and inserted them as best I could.
4. The turkey breast was down the entire time. I had wanted to smoke it breast side up, but had messed that up as I had never cooked a turkey before and never carved one. My wife carves them and all meat beautifully and I never touch them.
5. Due to my poor placement of the thermometers, they ran hot the whole time so I did not pay much attention to them. Tried to re-insert to no avail. I took turkey out when the thermometer in the back read 171 and the leg thermometer was over 200.

The cookshack and Okie's brine really made this foolproof, as I did the best I could to be a fool and mess up.

My wife said she will never cook another turkey again.
1: Which smoker - Smokettee
2. Turkey Size - 11.5 Butterball Premium (not sure if there are different grades of Butterball)
3. Preps - Brined for 24 hrs in Williams-Sonoma brine which was supposed to be used dry. Instead of dry, I used it wet with about 1.5 gallons of water, 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of honey and threw in a couple of bay leaves. Covered in a cheesecloth soaked in butter.
4. Smoker temp - 250 preheated using 4.5 oz cherry.
5. Total Time - 4 hr 30 min at 250. Never opened the door.
6. Comments - Pretty KISS this year which I've learned from my friends here on the list. The turkey was outstanding with a pretty mild smoke taste which is what we wanted. Double thumbs-up from all even the young kids who had never had smoked turkey prior to this. Bottom line for me is KISS, trust your smoker, and don't open the door until the thermometer says it is ready.
1: Which smoker CS 055

2. Turkey Size 21 lbs

3. Preps Brined for 30 hrs in SO's holiday brine. Separated the skin and rubbed breast with a stick of melted butter. Then applied thin coat of Smokin' Okies turkey rub (from turkey 101)
Used toothpicks to hold skin in place.

4. Smoker temp 250 Smoked turkey for 2 hrs and then applied cheesecloth. Worked very well but needed more butter on the cheese cloth. At least 2 sticks.

5. Total Time 5 hrs with two door-openings Took out at 164 in the breast.

Bonehead dept.

My plan was to cook the turkey till done or almost, then turn it over to wife for stuffing and cooking for about 20 minutes in the oven. But she didn't have other items prepared so the turkey ended up spending 45 to 50 minutes in the oven. This cause main skin to split off entirely but what the heck, that's the first thing I would have cut off anyway. Turned out slightly dry probably due to too long in oven but most of the meat was still very moist.

I did foil it for 45 minutes before the oven but next year I will do all the cooking in the CS and foil for as long as needed before serving.
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1. Which smoker- SM025
2. Turkey Size-22lbs
3. Preps- brine 24hrs, compound butter(fresh sage, rosemary and thyme) under skin, salt, pepper and olive oil the whole bird, stuffed with apples, onions and fresh sage, rosemary and thyme. Let sit in refrigerator overnight.
4. Smoker temp-300
5. Total Time-3.5hrs
6. Comments: Used apple and cherry wood about 2 oz each. It smoked much faster, than I expected. I put it in at 4:20am and at 8:00am it was 165 breast and close to 180 thigh. Higher than I would have liked. I really wanted about 155 in the breast, because of the carry over. I never opened the door. I had to keep it warm for an about two hours in smoker at 145. Pulled it around 9:45 and double wrapped it in foil then in a flannel sheet. Packed it in a preheated cooler and packed warm towels around. Off to relatives. Did not open the cooler until 2pm. I was afraid of a dry and kinda cold turkey. It was still hot and tasted delicious. It was not dry, but could have been a tad bit more moist for me. Great smoke flavor throughout.
This was my first and last year for a frozen turkey. The one I got just seemed a little beat up. It also did not seem as plump. The skin was torn a bit on one side and I tried to hold it together with toothpicks. During the smoking show, it just pulled open on one side. I think Janet Jackson had the same problem. I really had to get it in just right, it was so close to the oven temp probe.
Next time I am going to take temps earlier and bring the cooking time closer to actual eating/packing it up to go time. The brine really does speed up the cooking process for sure. I am also going to try the cheese cloth too.

All in all it was great. Everyone loved it. I was probably the toughest critic. Got to strive for perfection.
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1. Which Smoker - FEC100
2. Turkey Size - 16.75 lbs.
3. Prep - Turkey was parted out into breast, legs, thighs, gizzard, heart and wing drumstick; all pieces were brushed with butter and then salt and pepper were applied to all sides. Rest of wings were used for stock. Turkey was not brined and was a fresh turkey.
4. Smoker Temp - 275
5. Total Time - four hours
6. Comments - I used hickory pellets in the smoker mixed with some pecan pellets also. This is the first year I have cooked an entire turkey parted out. I watched them cook a parted out turkey on America's Test Kitchen and decided to do it that way this way. To say that I was pleased with the results is an understatement. I had a remote Polder therm in the breast and in a thigh. I set the alarm on the breast at 160 and the thigh at 172. About three hours into the cook, it was taking a little longer than I expected and I bumped the smoker temp up to 300. I kid you not when I say that the temp alarm for both the breast and the thigh went off within a minute of each other. The breast was perfectly cooked, moist and had a nice subtle smoke flavor to it. And since we do not eat the skin on the turkey anyway, I did not put the turkey into a 500* oven after sitting for 20-30 minutes as ATK prescibed. I think if I had, it would have overcooked the turkey. But the turkey came out nicely browned so it was very pretty. BTW, I started the breast meat-side down and then turned it one hour into the cook. At two hours into the cook, I turned all of the other pieces over to evenly brown them. Also, I had all the pieces on a half sheet pan with chopped up carrots, onions, and celery in the pan with a grate between the turkey and the veggies. I also put a cup of chicken stock in the bottom of the sheet pan.

Overall, it was very much a success!
1: Which smoker - SM020
2. Turkey Size - 12.78lbs
3. Preps - Smokin's Holiday Brine for 36 hours. Separated the skin from the body and rubbed herbal butter under and all over the bird.
4. Smoker temp - 270
5. Total Time - Cooked in 3 1/2 hrs

Used 2 ozs of apple wood for the smoke. I did use butter drenched cheese cloth to minimize the darkness of the bird but it still came out super dark - (See pics on the 3 turkey project. Cheese cloth was on from the VERY beginning and pulled off the last 30 minutes or so. Cooked the Breast till 160 and pulled. Checked the Temp on the thigh and it was 175. Let it rest for 35 minutes while gathering the rest of the feast! Great bird! Nice and juicy. Will do it again - probably use less wood.

Would have like to have a turkey be not so darn dark! Thoughts?
1: Which smoker - 055
2. Turkey Size - 22 lbs
3. Preps - Smokin's Holiday Brine, 48 hours
4. Smoker temp - 250
5. Total Time - 5 hours
6. Comments - After the brine, I rinsed the bird and rubbed with a bit of canola oil. Used 2oz red oak plus 1oz cherry wood. I left the bird breast up the entire time. Pulled when the thigh was done and placed the bird in a cooler, wrapped in foil and covered in old towels. Held the bird for 2 hours until dinner, then sliced and served. We didn't eat the skin, and weren't concerned about presenting the entire bird. The aroma said more than the visual ever could... Smiler

Breast meat was moist and delicious, my grandmother who is 92 said it was very good. We fed 16 people and sent leftovers home with them.
1. SM025
2. 12lb
3. Turkey Brine from Spokane spice co. 24 hr soak, pat dry and rub down with EVOO.
4. 250
5. 5 hrs
6. Evedently we didnt get enough of or fill of turkey for Thanksgiving, I had been wanting to smoke one of these birds for a while now and spent the holiday with friends and family away from home. So the week end after Thanksgiving we had our neighbors over for a 3rd Thanksgiving dinner!! This was my first try in this smoker and the best turkey I have ever had! Hopefully I can live up the challenge next time aground I don't know if it can get any better.

I didn't use cheese cloth. As a matter of fact I'm new enough to this that I don't even know what it would be used for. As for the wood I used apple chips with alder (the stuff they sell for the big chief smokers). I didn't measure it out, a couple of hand fulls looked good to me. The actual apple wood I have is still too green the tree was cut down last spring.
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Originally posted by Pags:
Very nice. Beautiful color. Did you use cheesecloth? How much wood?

OOPS! Forgot that part, No I didn't use cheese cloth. As a matter of fact I'm new enough to this that I don't even know what it would be used for. As for the wood I used apple chips with alder (the stuff they sell for the big chief smokers). I didn't measure it out, a couple of hand fulls looked good to me. The actual apple wood I have is still too green the tree was cut down last spring.
Smoker: FEC 100
Size: 12 lb and 24 lb
Preps: Smokin's 101 brine and rub with one exception...brined for 4 days not two...pulled from brine...put in turkey bags in fridge for two days. dry rub with no butter under the skin.
Temp: 278
Comments: Thought a 24 pound bird would take twice as long to brine. Read later that you could brine too long. Well, Smokin' said go ahead I might like it. Guess what! It was GREAT! Put both turkeys in a cold smoker at 10am and pulled the 12 pounder out at 3 and to my surprise the 24 pounder at 3:30.
We had some friends over and ate the 12 pounder and am giving the 24 pounder to a friend for Christmas. First tme I ever brined and will brine my birds forever more.THANKS SMOKIN' FOR THE GREAT RECEIPES!
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