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i tend to be rather set in my ways and rarely try anything new but i am a little curious about something. my 150 has the hold feature. what happens if you let the food hold after it hits the temp until you are ready to pull, chop, slice...? we always pull it out when it hits temp and foil it. if we let it hold will the food dry out or not be as good as the way it will be if you foil it and put in coolers? this is a general question so if anyone has tried it, please chime in.
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well, now i know what the problem with this method is. it seems obvious now but my smoker has hotter and cooler spots, we had larger and smaller pieces of meat and they were not all done at the same time. out came the foil and the cooler and we were back where we started. might work with just one brisket or a couple of butts i guess. well, one more of life's mysteries solved.
The way restaurants use it is putting big meats [butts,shoulders,packers,ribroasts,turkeys,whole chickens,spares,etc,] of the same kind in at closing time.

They use their experience level,to cook by time,and allow the few extra mins of cooling to bring it to cooker holding temp.

Experienced cooks usually map out the cooking areas on the shelves,for fast/slow areas.

As Smokin' preaches to new cooks"keep good notes",it is critical for volume cooks,as well.

There are always a few adjustments that can be made to undercooked.

When they open up,the meats are pretty much where they expect.

Full loads tend to cook consistently,with minimal temp swings

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