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I read here about the great customer support cookshack has.. I sure haven't found it..maybe you can point me in the right direction...I just got my smo55s smoker..I am having trouble with the temp. so Iexplained ( in my email) that the lowest temp. I can get out of it is 240 degrees..this is trying all the settings (100 150 ect} I had read on here about the temp swings so I monitored it for 3 hrs. every 15 min. like you guys suggested. It consistenly read 240 degrees. (there were no swings) which is why I also asked him, could there be a problem with the thermostat. I explained that I was mostly interested in using this for jerky and venison sticks and sausage..which you have to be able to maintain a 100 temp , then 150 ect.HIs reply to me was..this oven does have about a 40 degree fluctuation. However we do have alot of customers that use them for jerky. Have you posted on the forum to see what process our other customers are using.. that was the extent to his email answer to my question on the thermostat..obviously didn't really even read my email..(240 degrees consistently!there were no swings.. when I had it set at 150) almost a hundred degrees..not 40.. . I think that for the $879 dollars I paid he would have taken a little bit of interest in helping me.( If I was the company, I wouldn't want a used smoker of mine sitting in the back room of Cabelas at a discount price..not a real good advertisement)...instead of sending me over here.. (don't get me wrong..I love this forum..and would appreciate any help I can get }I really hate to return this smoker, but am at a loss as to what to do next...I also tried calling..but he is the only tech support I was told. sorry this is so long
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Yes I did call customer service also..the woman that answered said Tony Is busy right now..I asked if he was the only tech support person there was..she said yes..I though maybe If I talked to someone in person it would be best too. Well actually I tried three different of which is my digital. thanks for your quick replys and encouagement.
I have been to there location in Ponca City several times over the last several years. I recently purchased a 55 and have notified my machinist not to build me an even bigger offset.
I tell you this because I deal with customer service issues on a daily basis with different clients around the country. Some days calls are returned quickly and sometimes it takes some time. I had a question for Tony the following week after I received my 55 and I called on a Monday at 09:30 and received a call back at 10:30. All sorts of things can happen in a day to day operation like theres, especially after a Holiday. I really would give them a call and see if they can answer your question. My 55 runs hot but I generally just want ribs, brisket, etc. Temps that high, I will either live with or drop it off and let them look at it.
Trust me after meeting these folks and talking to them on the phone they really do want to keep you happy.
I can tell you that customer support over email is not easy. The CS rep has only the info you provide in your email. Voice calls are much better since he can ask questions and drill down to the issue.

Also, CS reps work from most likely to less likely. Then you eliminate possibilities as you go. It's never as simple as most customers think.

Give CS a call, and give the guy a chance to do his job. That's your shortest path to a resolution.

Good luck.
I gotta agree with these folks Marge.

If, durring your last phone call, you didn't leave a message for Tony to call you back then there's no way he can help you.

Reading and listening are 2 different things. I get alot more out of talking to a customer or having one of my vendors talk to me over the phone or face to face.

Dont give up. Give them a real shot at serving you. It sounds to me like if your t-meters are upto snuff you may have a real problem, and CS, in my experience, wouldn't want you to be left unsatisfied.
marge i recently posted as you have, a concern about a problem i had with cook shack and was promptly chastized by the people who run this forum.though i found there response very embarrasing to me they were correct , a few more attempts at a one on one phone call yeilded exellent results . the people at cookshack are incredibly nice and very profesional when given a chance , besides they make the best smoker around.dont give up you wont be sorry

I, too, am disappointed in the response that you received. I will look into it and we will contact you in order to solve your problem to your satisfaction. Please send me your contact information, including the name under which you placed your order (so we can find you in our sysytem) and a phone number (so that we can talk to you in person rather than by e-mail), at and I will take care of this. Please do not post your name or contact information to the forum.

I would like to encourage anyone who does not get the results they want from our customer service team to call me personally at 1-800-423-0698. Usually we take care of things very well, but sometimes people make mistakes and I am glad to try to make it go more smoothly for you. Cookshack ships out several thousand smokers per year and most of them work trouble-free right out of the box, but they are made by human beings and sometimes things go wrong. We are eager to correct problems, and more than anything we want you to have a positive experience with your new smoker and with our company!

Thank you, Smokin' and Wheelz for letting me know about marge-m's problem so that I could help.
Just an update..I did get a very nice email from Tony saying he had misread my email and that he thinks it could be my thermostat which he would be more than happy to replace or replace the oven..I am very amazed at all the response from Cookshack..your attention to this matter is as quality as your smoker! Thank you also Donna and Stuart. I can tell from all your loyal customers I misjudged this. I quess the reason I started with an email is I find it easier maybe to explain myself that way rather than in person..I can see where that would have been better. your right Zippy..I maybe was a little radical. also after looking at alot of smokers the ones that even come close are anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars higher and I got enough of a look from my husband (the you want to spend how much on a smoker look)...that that wouldn't probably go I liked this one more. Now I think I will post and see if I can find someone that uses theirs for making jerky and sausage . Thanks again
I too had a huge problem with my 55 last spring when I first got it. Wacky temps,food that tastes chared,and burnt.I haven,t completely solved the problem.Might be the smoker is dirty, but I don't think so.Cookshack has been very supportive though.I'm sure if it is the thermostat, they'll replace it.I still love my cookshack for smoking salmon,at low temps. take care and I'm sure cookshack will take are of you.

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