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New meat purveyor in town that does his own wet and dry aging. Temp and humidity controlled room with a wall of Himalayan salt.

So, I couldn't help myself and ordered a Wagyu PR from him! Some told me I was crazy to put it in a smoker. I told them they had no idea what they were talking about!

Rub is on now, and T-minus 14 hours until the smoke, and I can't wait!
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It's obvious , you know what you have, an absolutely wonderful PR. As someone who dry ages my PR's up to a month after the wet aging process, I personally use the salt crusted means of cooking in my smoker. With the quality of meat that the dry aging process produces, you might as well go whole hog (no pun intended) for what I consider, the finest PR possible.
Pics. Hmm. Oops. Forgot to take them and what's left isn't worth taking a picture of! Sorry.

It was really outstanding. The flavor was really deep in addition to the smoke (apple, cherry, and small piece of hickory). Used worchestershire, olive oil, roasted garlic, fresh minced garlic, kosher salt and montreal seasoning as the rub. Eyes lit up when they took the first bite, so it made me happy! I was concerned that (because of the aging process) there wasn't enough fat left on, but it didn't seem to matter too much. I'm going to ask them to leave more on if they can next time anyway.

My wife is not a big red meat eater, but said this was exceptional.

Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but for a special occasion I would highly recommend it. (My daughter moved home after being away for almost 3 months on a school internship program).
Hi SO,

Sorry- just saw your post.

Yes, the vendor wet ages it in cryovac for 28 days, and then it goes into their dry aging room until the desired dry age time.

I have had steaks both 28 day dry aged, and 50 day. There isn't a lot of difference between the two, and cost is higher because of shrinkage.

If you ever get the chance to buy some Waygu 28 day dry aged steaks, do yourself a favor and splurge. Problem is, you might not be able to eat any other type of steak again!

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