I'm smoking a 12 lb packer Wagyu brisket tomorrow morning. This is my first time doing Wagyu so I was just wondering if I should approach it differently than regular Prime? For example, I read that it finishes quicker and should be pulled around 185-190 (or whenever it passes the doneness test!).  I normally wrap my prime briskets at stall, but should I even bother wrapping a Wagyu? Any tips would be much appreciated!

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From my experience wagyu and prime do finish a bit faster than choice. Not a big difference in cooking time between wagyu and prime,

i don’t think the magic 203 degrees necessarily applies. Go by feel. Your probe will tell you when its done. 

Winslow I replied to your PM but will paste a copy here. I smoked one for July 4th and it was well received...from Snake River Farms. I season with Kosher Salt and course ground black pepper. I wouldn't use an injection for Wagyu. You can paint the surfaces (post trimming) with Worcestershire just before seasoning. I like 235 o for Waygu and that usually works out to just over an hour @ pound cook time.  You can wrap at stall if you need to speed things up a bit. If you do, I suggest peach paper over foil. Personally, I just leave it be. Don't think I've ever had a brisket, Wagyu, Prime or otherwise finished at 190. I use a wooden skewer to probe test around 195 internal (on flat...point always feels done due to high fat content) When I can go easy in and out thru the flat, it's done. Typically around 202 - 205. My last one was done at 202.  Rest it for at least an hour...peach paper, towel, cooler. Let me know how it works out. 

I've done a few of these and will add on to what MaxQ's thoughts are. Not all wagyu's are made the same, some of them have more bloodline to them, have been feed a different feed regiment, etc. Because of these factors there can be 10* difference in finish temp. You will find that times will be close to what you have done with your prime briskets.

Like Chris said, I've never had a brisket done at 190* in my life, but I too cook a little hotter than 225*, so that will factor into your finial temp.

Thanks everyone! At the last minute my butcher called me and said the Wagyu was a no-go because it "didn't meet their quality standards." They should have another one coming next week so will definitely take all your great advice into account. Thanks!

Hey Cal! Just noticed your reply up there...how ya been? Winslow you can take anything this man says to the bank! He's had more contest calls than ticks on a Georgia Coondog <G>

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