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Unfortunately, can't help.

Here is the forum policy, from the main page:

This is not a classified ads forum. Cookshack is in the business of selling smokers and other barbecue products. The expenses of this forum are paid by Cookshack from income made from selling our products. If forum members advertise competing products we lose income. "Competing products" includes the reselling of used Cookshack smokers.
I would think the value is very high. I searched for months on ebay, craigslist, etc. without ever seeing a used Amerique for sale, much less one in my area.

I grew tired of waiting and bought a new one last January and never looked back.

The only thing that will make me consider selling would be moving up into an FEC 100!

P.S. - Smokin, I would think high resale value would be a great reason for prospective customers to consider a fine Cookshack product!

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