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I know this has nothing to go with CS or smoking but I need help. A friend wanted my advice and I wanted to give him some good news or at least a better suggestion.

He wants to buy a George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill…. I thought he was joking when I got his e-mail. He is serious, he thinks this is BBQ. To me it looks like a $83 electric hot plate not a grill.

So my question is, what should a city slicker with a $100 buy? He has LIMITED outdoor space. Plus charcoal is not an option.

If you have 30 sec to waist check out the “sweat rig” my friend is considering.
George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Enjoy your long weekend.

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If he doesn't want charcoal, is he wanting indoor or outdoor? there's nothing for $100 that won't need replacing soon after he/she buys it. cheap is cheap.

George is NOT a suitable substitute, that's just an electric grill grate and it will be "faux" grilling if it's over electric, tell him to use his oven and save his money.

He can buy a grill plate for his stove top, if that's what he wants is to simulate grill marks
For an electric grill the Foreman seem to be some of the best, some places don't permit the use of gas or charcoal, a lot of apartments and condos, my condo is like that. At least this type of item allows the pleasure of cooking outdoors, have some mates over, pop a few cold ones, throw some burgers on the lekkie grill.

BTW, the Foreman outdoor grill like you show goes for 59 bones at Costco.
I use a Weber Baby Q and love it. Well built and reasonably priced. I have it hooked up to a 20# cylinder, but you can run it off of 1# cylinders if you want to take it with you. It gets pretty darn hot too, which is nice. They make several different sizes, but the Mod. 100 shown here will handle 3 good sized T-Bones at a time, or about 8-10 burgers.

Baby Q

Todd G,

i am looking for something to replace my lil charcoal smokey joe. i have had it with charcoal. just too messy and too much work.

so i am looking for something to sear/grill steaks, chicken etc for up to 4 people.

does that baby q pair well with a cookshack? i am thinking i can smoke ribs, chicken etc on the cookshack and finish/crisp up for a little bark on the food after taking it out of the cookshack. ive been reading the amazon reviews on that thing and people love it.

if i decided to go with it are there any crucial accessories i should order with it? some reviews mention a stronger hose that squirrels cant bite through haha.

i plan to order it on amazon when the price gets low enough due to the fluctuations in the price.
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Mine sits about 8 feet away from my smokette, so you and I are thinking along the same lines. It has more than enough room to grill for 4 people. It has worked great for me, and after sitting outside for about 5 years, it still looks new. The finish on these things is very nice.

FWIW, I chose the Weber because at the time of it's purchase it had the highest BTU/per square in of grill area of any grill I could find under $500. I was trying to minimize my sense that gas grills don't usually get hot enough. The little Weber gets plenty hot for most of my needs.

Note they have several different sizes, some with side shelves and some without. Mine is the lowest model, small w/o shelves.

I haven't had trouble with squirrels, but I would suggest getting the 20# tank adapter. I like mine so much that I also bought a Weber cover for it so it looks like I'm on the Weber cooking team. Lowes has the cover for about $10.

I also have a 2 burner high pressure camp stove on the table with the grill. So I can fry or fix other things as the mood strikes me. While I love to grill, I also like to blacken steaks and fish on a cast iron plate heated to near sun temps on the camp stove.

I also live in a condo where charcoal, gas, and wood fuels are banned. This only leaves me with the option of an electric grill. Does anyone have any good suggestions for one? I'm just looking for something that would allow me to grill steaks, hot dogs, burgers, etc.

Here are two that I've found...
Hope you like it. And you got a good deal too.

Don't put away the credit card yet though. Even if you don't have room for a two burner stove, you could still do a single burner like this one:

Single burner stove

Coupled with a cast iron frying pan, you can do blackened prime rib, blackened fish, or a pot of sauce for your Q, or water for a crawdad boil, or crabs, or lobster, or grits, or pasta, or oil for french fries, onion rings, fried fish, fried oysters, fried shrimp, etc. You can even do hushpuppies if you can find cornmeal in LA. If not I'll send you a bag. We've got plenty in NC. Smiler

It's nice being able to cook smokey (blackened) or potentially stinky (fried fish) outside without smelling up the house. I was on Amazon buying more cookbooks, and now this. Now I'm hungry. Frowner

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