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Greetings from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

I'm in the process of trying to figure out which CS to get.....

I rarely cook for more than 8.

I usually make sausage and other meat products in the fall and winter during deer season.

I will cook fish all year round.

What would I gain other than size by going from say an 008 to a 50 or 55..?

What makes the AmeriQ so desirable?

I don't mind spending the extra money if I will use the features and learn to depend on them..... I don't feel that I have enough experience to know what I might want or need once I get started.

If they are anything like boats then I'll always want one a little bigger..

Thoughts? Comments?


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Welcome to the forum, esfishdoc.

Hard to give a recommendation of size really.

Smokette is plenty big enough for cooking for 8 or more. 009 might be good for salt air exposure.

50 and 55 are about 50% larger than 008 and 009 and will cook/smoke more sausage and jerky at 1 time.

AmeriQue is true set-it-and-forget-it smoker. It has a temp probe built in and connected to a brain for more automation.

Big differences in $$$ between the 3. I got my 008 Smokette at a time when I wanted something of quality workmanship and value and it was as much as I could afford. I got at least what I was looking for. I still cannot afford anything else, nor do I need anything else.

Hope this helps.
I have a smokette, I believe I would take 2 o8/09's over 1 50/55, or, 3 08/09's over 1 amerique. I plan on buying another 08 soon, just because I like the options with 2 or 3 smokers versus 1. If I did alot of fish, I would have one just for fish. Whatever you buy, if it is a cookshack, YOU WILL LIKE IT.
Hey Richard -- Welcome to te forum! I agree with the comments above. Cooking for eight or so people is no problem for the 008/009.

If you do decide to go with the smaller unit I suggest going with the 009 as it is stainless and may hold up a bit better on the eastern shore, which, by the way, is beautiful country.

Either way, going with Cookshack, you can't go wrong.

Best of luck on your purchase!
Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forum Smiler

The Amerique racks are 14x18 so you wont have to fold or roll your Briskets and cut ribs in half to fit on the rack.

The Computerized meat probe is also very nice.
If your out you wont have to worry about rushing home to turn off your smoker. It will go into holding mode.

The 008 or 009 are nice if you go camping it will fit in the trunk of you car.

You can't go wrong with a Cookshack smoker.
This forum is great lots of help and info.
Cookshack customer service is fantastic.

Brian E.
Thanks for the input.

I think it all comes down to how much I'll use it and how much cooking space I really need.

The 009 is probably what I'll get.... then I can get a nice meat slicer with the money I saved by not getting the AmerQ.... win win situation.

It looks like Cabela's is reasonable as far as price goes.... any thoughts on where to order on the net?


I had on 008 for two years and wanted something bigger... (for no particular reason). I decided on the 055 because a) the price a lot less than the AQ, b) I could use the same accessories from the 008 (cold smoke baffle, etc) and c) didn't really need the complexity of the probe and electronics of the AQ. Between the 008 and the 050/55, the 50's are about a foot taller and that means you can hang slabs of ribs, bacon, jerky much easier than in the 008. That's about it... other than some added capacity in the 050's.

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