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Ribdog tried Q earlier,so he'll probably check in.

R.U.B must be at least the third that Paul has lent his name to from his KCMO base.The one in NYC was reknown for the $90 pork butt,pitcher of beer and a couple of mugs. Eeker

Cheap at City prices.

The one in Vegas got pretty good reviews,as being the only place in town.

Nice to see the continued exposure to bbq.
Yeah, this place is about ten minutes from my sister's old house in Deerfield. I sent her an email a little while ago regarding this and she plans on trying it out. She is up there for the summer. If it is good, I can assure you that her son and his family will be there quite often as they love que.

BTW, this is not the same as Paul Kirk's place in NYC and Vegas. His is called Righteous Urban Barbeque. Real Urban Barbeque is a totally new restaurant.
I work about 10 minutes away from there. Try to get up there for lunch at least once a week. He has (2) FEC-300's.

Great burnt ends, pulled pork is good. This week he had some tri-tip smoking on a couple of green eggs out in front.

Jeff posted a few times in the Professionals forum a while back, haven't seen him on here in a while.

Here's another segment with Jeff he did on our local station about Brisket.
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I've been to Real Urban BBQ a couple times when I was in the area (which isn't often). The first time I had the burnt end sandwich which was very good. On the second visit, 3 of us sampled the sausage, brisket, and pulled pork sandwiches. We concluded that those 3 items were, at best, just OK. Not bad, but definitely not that good. But, after many years and smokes on my CS, maybe I'm a bit jaded. Also, in comparison to a few other places in the Chicago area, we decided that RUB won't be an entry on our BBQ destination dining list.

Excepting the burnt ends, everything else had a distinct lack of smoky flavor. It wouldn't be a stretch to believe that the FECs are used for the burnt ends only, and everything else is done in an oven or slow cooker. Several have said that they made a conscious decision to dial back on the smoke quite a bit in deference to their location, and the local patrons.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 5. A nice place, very nice people, and convenient if you live or work in the far northern suburbs of Chicago. The food, as I said is OK, but that's, to my way of thinking, the primary reason for going to any type of dining establishment. Everything else is secondary.
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