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I watched Diners, Drive-ins and Dives tonight, and Guy Fieri was in a town by the Johnson Space Center in Texas. The featured restaurant made an item called Armadillo Eggs, which I guess you could say were similar to ABT's.

They started by smoking a brisket with a typical rub and smoked to 165-175* internal. When the brisket reaches temperature, it's pulled from the smoker, cut into about 1.5" cubes, then ground much like hamburger meat.

The ground smoked brisket is then mixed with barbecue sauce and stuffed into half a jalapeno (seeds and membranes removed, cut in half lengthwise). The brisket stuffing fills and extends over the jalapeno much like ice cream in a cone.

The brisket stuffed jalapeno is then dipped in buttermilk, rolled in flour, dipped in buttermild, rolled in flour, dipped in buttermilk, and then rolled in what looked like corn meal (sorry, didn't catch what it really was). I think corn meal would work just fine.

When coated, the shape looks like an egg, therefore, Armadillo Egg. The uncooked Armadillo Egg is deeped fried at 350* until it reaches a golden brown.

They looked pretty interesting and are served as an appetizer. Clients seemed to love them. Any body ever try an Armadillo Egg or have thoughts about them? They seem like they would be an interesting appetizer to bring to a friend's party. You could make a batch with some left over brisket.
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You are quite welcome, sir.

I thought about this a bit. If someone wants to avoid deep frying, they could smoke a point like making burnt ends in some barbecue sauce. Then shread the point and place the brisket meat(could add cheese/rub or something else at this time) into half a jalapeno (seeds and membranes removed). Throw the stuffed jalapenos back into the smoker without dipping in buttermilk and flour. I think the points can take the extra cooking while the jalapenos soften.

Couldn't call these Armadillo Eggs. More like Turds in the Nest. Big Grin
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