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Due to a friend of mine,who bought some nice ribs(babybacks) at the local Sams Club,he brought them over for a cookout.I was ready to peel the membrane and put on the rub and throw in the ST and let cook.But.. they were HIS ribs and he wanted them cooked a certain way...Got out my 14 qt pot and added 5 beers and water and Tony Chacheras seasoning(enough to turn water-beer to an orange color)I am guessing he added a full cup.Let it come to a boil and droped in the membrane removed ribs and return to boil and let boil for around 20 minutes.Took out of pot and added some durkee brand chicken and rib rub and let cool to about room temp and added more rub and put on the weber gril around 300 degrees and let finish.At the last few minutes he squirted on some pineapple juice and added honey also.MUCH to my surprise(hate to say it)...They were good tasting ribs!!Wonder if I could try the same using my ST instead of the weber grill?I will try it once and see.
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Well now,up in the mountains ,when we get ribs off an ol' 700 lb sausage sow,that you can't eat and no way to grind,we do that.

You get the 10 lbs o' root vegetables that weren't good enough to cook for the dinner table,and any ol' strong greens that were to tough to steam up.

Toss 'em in the rib pot,with some onions.

After about 2 hrs,let the pot come down to a simmer,drop spoon fuls of hushpuppy mix on top to make dumplin's.

Now it ain't great eatin',but on a cold fall night,a bottle of corn sqeezin's,a little fiddle music,it will get ya through 'til mornin'.
No, please, guys you're KILLIN' me. You didn't think I'd miss a post with BOILED in the topic? Boiled ribs? Did we say boiled ribs? two boiled rib posts in one month is illegal.

Smoke on boiled ribs, after their boiled really doesn't work, as the protein is all pretty much closed up.

Okay if they tasted good, then we need to work on your taste buds, no offense, but really Big Grin

BRs will have zero flavor...let's all repeat, zero flavor. Tony's is great for Crab boils (if you like that try the CS Chicken rub, really similar) so all it will do is maybe a little flavor on the outside (if it doesn't boil off)

It's like grilling ribs. BRs will give you flavor from the sauce. The pork won't have any specific taste. You're just getting flavor from the sauce.

Do this, smoke your ribs (and give them the same seasoning outside) do they taste different. If they don't, then you're not tasting any smoke, or can't taste the smoke. You should get some flavor from that.

...but HEY if you like 'em that way, go for it, but we won't condone it in the Q forum. Sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere


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