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Okay, one question I get asked a LOT is what book should I buy.

I'm working on a new book review idea, and wanted your input.

I'd like to come up with some ratings, to help people understand what the book might have.

Here's a start of a list, but please, throw your 2 bits in:

basically, if you wanted to buy a BBQ book, what would you like to know before hand

What I'd like to see in a BBQ Book rating:

  • Overall Score
  • Recipes
  • Stories
  • How-to (help)
  • Style (grilling vs bbq vs ???)
  • Competitor (help for the contestant)
  • Contest (will give a % of recipes, stories, how-to)
  • Single Category (when it fits just one type of food)

What else
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Maybe,in one of the above list,are the recipes usable/workable,etc.

We have all seen our granny's church cookbook,where each member gives her favorite cake.

She lists one can of
one spoon of
One handful of
heat in "hot/cold/med" oven

cook until the same color brown as my kitchen curtains. Roll Eyes

Cool,just until sunset

Sometimes tricky to serve?

Are we just seeing ingredients and it makes a good project to go remake?

Is it presented completely,but the French Culinary Institute would need 200 pieces of equipment,three days, and 12 kitchen staff to make?

I like the breakdown,of the working list you gave.

We do appreciate your efforts !
well, trying to develop a rating of books. Having received a few over the past few weeks that were, to put it nicely, crap, I thought I could provide a public service and stop that from happening.

Without cooking them all, it would be hard to tell if the recipes were usable. My idea is if it's a "recipe book" with xxx recipes, where as some, such as Cornbread nation, aren't about recipes.
Well,you,and I,and some of the members,have seen so many,that we give each other a three word description and we know.

Kinda like being in a foxhole with a fella.

Twenty years later,ya know.

I kinda like,

Fun Read

Good stories/history

Good guide of places to visit

Recipes have good ingredients-but check forum for technique

Good hands on, to start

Good revelations for aspiring comp cook

Coffee Table Book

Recipes read very complicated,or pretty superficial

Better for the backyard griller

Nice for the backyard entertainer.

If you want a specific art-this guy beats it to death.

You already phrased these in slightly different words,so I don't think you need to be too specific.

I don't know that I like point scores.

Folks,on here at least,know and respect what SMOKIN'OKIE saw in something.

We aren't looking for what the NY Times ,or Gourmet, thought.

If we have a question,we'll say" what did you mean".

See, you have opened yourself up for another lifetime project. Wink

Sorry,I ramble, and can't give the perfect answer-or you would have already known it. Big Grin
Originally posted by TN Q:
how about a new forum catagory titled book reviews. The title of a posting should be the book title and members could post review comments.

We already have that option, just not in it's own forum, but it's not really what I'm asking for. More interested in what you want to see from me in a Book review. My question were from that aspect, that when I write a review what information would you like to know.
I guess I would be looking for categories, and how the book fits into each:

Recipes - sides, BBQ methods, sauces, rubs

How-to - smoking, grilling, oven, crock-pot(thats for Tom <g>Wink

Tips & Techniques - competition, home, large amounts, etc

I would think if you/we came up with a list of categories like that, it would be pretty easy to do the review. Maybe a score in each category.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
guess there isn't much interest in book review Confused

I think that, without stereotyping too much, most of our ilk have barely a 3rd grade edekashun and ain't never had no real book lernin'. Paw kept a couple fer the yung'un's to sit on whilest sittin' at the kitchen table. But other than that he said he didn't cotton to no gol darn books. Works of the devil he'd say....
Originally posted by skipro3:
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
guess there isn't much interest in book review Confused

I think that, without stereotyping too much, most of our ilk have barely a 3rd grade edekashun and ain't never had no real book lernin'...

Guess you mean Californian's??? Obviously in this forum everyone reads (else, how can you read the post) LOL

Now, what does Paw say about reading on the Internet...

Good Laugh, don't worry, you don't have to read my book reviews.
I'm really enjoying Adam Perry Lang's new book, Serious Barbecue. Like any good Q book, it comes from a particular perspective: in this case, a four-star chef who discovered Q and fell in love. His quest is to learn everything he can about barbecue (he's been all over the country), combine that with everything else he knows about cooking, and take it all to the next level.

As you might expect, most of his recipes are on the high-maintenance side -- but worth it.

The book is a joy to read because he doesn't just tell you what to do, he explains why it works. There's a whole section on the architecture of marinades, rubs, glazes, etc that's worth the price of admission.

He maintains this teaching style throughout the book -- including all the recipes, which is great. It's the kind of book you can read cover to cover, use as a reference, or just turn to for inspiration.

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