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Time to revisit the "HOW" to do it (cal, I saw your post).

In the headline, please use PIC or PICS (depending on if it's one or many photos)

Option 1. You can upload your photos directly into the forum when you start a new thread. At the bottom there is a line that says "add attachment" click on that, browse to your LOCAL computer for the file name, then in the file description block, put a descriptive title. Advantages. This is the easiest to do Disadvantage. It shows up as a paper clip, not a photo.

Option 2. Use a photobucket website to upload your pictures to the internet. I'll add some details about this. Basically you have to put the pictures from you PC onto a server on the internet for the world to see. Advantage. You can then post a URL/Link to your thread and an actual photo will show up. Disadvantage. Your photos will be available only as long as that site is. That's why a number of photos have disappeared, because their links to photos on those websites moved, changed or died.

Option 3. My preference. It's a PITA for me, but I like it the best. Send me your photos, I'll edit for size and put them on the CS server, then send you info how to put them in your post. Advantage. Photos will be sized consistently and permanent to the forum. Disadvantages. Takes a few days as you have to send them to me.

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I use Option #2 with Photobucket. I find this the easiest was to post images. But like Smokin says; you must not change the images on the Photobucket site or delete them, otherwise they are lost here on the forum. Hovering over an image on Photobucket will cause a drop down to open below the image with 4 options to select. All that is required with Photobucket is to copy the Image Code and paste it directly into the forum message.

Photobucket is free and provides a fairly significant amount of free space but I'm not sure of the limit.

Originally posted by Pags:
...I've seen others include multiple pictures on one post. How is that done?
Like db says using Option 2. All you need is to store the image on the web, copy it's image url, and paste it in the 'Image URL' field of the "Display Image - UBBCODE" option when posting

like this:
Originally posted by TN Q:
..But like Smokin says; you must not change the images on the Photobucket site or delete them, otherwise they are lost here on the forum.

Given the forum has been here for 10 years, we have LOTS of broken links.

That's why I want people to use Option 3. Really.

I'll post info on how to send it to me.
I don't like option one because you have to add a new reply for each new attachments AND you have to click on the paperclip just to see it.

Option 3 puts the photo inside the thread
actually on Option #2 if you use the Image Code provided with Photobucket you can simply paste the code directly into the message. No need to use the Image Url drop down as the code is already added by Photobucket.

Smokin, you can save the Photobucket images from within a message. Then the issue would be adding the image directly into the post and deleting the imade code. My guess is that is probably not possible. I can see you being completely overwhelmed with adding images.

I don't want to have to go somewhere to download your photo, now that would be a PITA.

I've put the options out there, so #3 is my preference and I have ZERO issue with doing the work, that's how much I want photos added.

Going forward:

If you post pics (however it's done) please start the thread with PIC then your title.

If you want to send me the photos (size doesn't matter, I can accept large files) I will download them to the CS computer and and then email you instructions on how to post (with the links to the photos)

Please email me your photos. I don't post my email directly, but it's in my Profile (click on the button that says profile) and you'll see my email.

Hope you'll send some soon.

Good point Bill. KEY POINT is to save it as a JPEG and select the right size.

That at least puts the photo in the forum and people have to click on the picture.

My only problem with that method it takes away from the text portion of the post and puts everything in the photo, but that's certainly one way to do it.


Good morning everyone!

I received a request for instructions on how to add a photo/video to a reply/post (please see attachment for those instructions). There are 2 different ways to do this. If you use something like photobucket or youtube, you can use the URL to include the image/video in your reply/post or you can use a file from your computer as well. 

I hope these instructions help!


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How to Add Photo/Video to Reply/Post

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