Please advise....When I turn the temperature dial slowly from 0 to 250, I hear a click at the 200 mark. Is that any indicator that something is wrong and why the inside temperature does not go past 200?
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I am certainly no electrician. My best "uneducated" guess is the thermostat is shot. Call Cookshack Customer Service first thing Monday - 1-800-423-0698. They'll make you a happy camper!

PS You wouldn't happen to be using an extension cord would you? If so, that has an effect on higher temps.
Do some testing before you call, I can't tell enough about what you did/didn't do.

1. How do you know it's not getting to 200. Test your thermometers and make sure it's right

2. Plug it directly into an outlet (no extension cord, no GFCI)

3. Turn it on to make (250?) and let it go for say 3 or 4 hours and then check the temp.

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