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Hello Everyone; I'm Dave. I lived in Alaska most of my adult life but didn't get the nickname "Whalebone" till I moved here, south western PA. Pulled a big old tree trunk out of the ground with my excavator, coworker says "hmm, looks like whalebone", so that was that. Married into a big Italian family that has made the transition from pasta to pork just fine.Thank You Cookshack form!!! Been using my 008 for a couple years now with fantastic results. Yes there was a learning curve but always able to eat my mistakes.I use an old offset sometimes,but 99% goes into my trusty 008. Ya just can"t beat it for consistant performance. Anyways, Thanks everyone for this great forum and thanks Cookshack for the great product!!!
Hello from Portland,
Home of all that is a: beaver, duck, trailblazer, salmon, volcano, river, bridge, coffee bean, hybrid car, tree hugger, democrat, and really amazing place to live , work, raise a family and BBQ your ass off. It's me lynnae and I guess I'm at the bottom of the list, that's ok better late then never, unless your eating some Q cause in my house there ain't gonna be any left if you is late...knowwhatI'msayin?
Anywho I am a relative newbie here to the site and to the smoking world in general, so a big ol thanks goes out for all the assistance, good advice and wealth of information you all provide! It takes a lot of work keeping this thing going so a big pat on the back to all! It's the best on the web!
peace out homies,
Hello from Virginia,
I have been using the form for a while and just realized I jumped into smokin and never gave an intro. MY husband and I got a smokin Tex and love it. The best part has been the form here. Thank you all for your help along the way. I am glad that it doesn't matter what smoker you have on the form, because everyone has been so helpful. Thanks again and may I return the help one day. God bless you all and happy smokin. It is the only smokin you should do.
you yanks really have a great tradition of smoking food. you all impressed me the first time i stumbled on this site. so much so i bought a cs 50! i don't use it much. it's sort of like a more expensive bbq that just sits there unfortunately.
anyway, my names pete, come from west of brisbane, like hunting, fishing, watching boxing, ring card girls and beeeeeerrrrr.
Howdy Pete,
Welcome .You know I gotta ask what is a ring card girl.?? If it is too racy send the explanation by private message or Smokin'Okie will skin me alive.. And I bet some others will suggest using your CS 50 more. You are lucky to live in Australia from what I have ever heard from anyone who has been there. Kathy
Hi, I'm Rick. I've wanted a smoker for some time. Thought that an offset was the way to go. When I saw the Smokette 008 at a local dealer and examined it carefully, I realized that it was perfection for my needs. More than adequate capacity for my family and extremely high quality and economical to use. The frosting on the cake was made in the USA. Better quality than Chinese ST and Americans keep their jobs. A winning product all the way around. I've had the unit for a week but have been very busy. I hope to season it Friday and do a pork butt on Saturday. These forums are such a great help. I'm looking forward to many, many years of smoking enjoyment! Thank you Cookshack for a great product!
Hi, I'm Paul. I've been on the forum for a couple of years, but I've mostly been a lurker. (I'm going to try to be more active.) I own several smokers and bought a Cookshack 55 two years ago for those times when I didn't have time to constantly tend the smoker. Needless to say, I have been very happy with the results. As an American manufacturer myself, it pleases me greatly to still see very well-made American products like Cookshack being sold at prices competitive to the imports. This excellent forum, Cookshack's commitment to expanding its home line, and its recent entry to the competitive cooker line shows that the company is in step with the needs of its customers. Whether you're new to smoking or on the competition circuit, this company has a smoker to fit your needs. Please support them and this forum, and please know that I am not affiliated with Cookshack in any way, shape, or form. It is simply my pleasure to endorse such fine products.
Hello all, Just joined after only 1 night of lurking. Seemed like a rather friendly place! My name is Mike and I am a Welder/Pipefitter in the oilfields of West Texas. Hence, as I have personally built every Q-ing contraption I own it caught my interest when I started hearing about the CS Smokette so I had to come check it out.
Now for the million dollar question. Are they really that good??? BOY, that ought to get some replies! LOL
anyway nice to say Howdy to you all. Take care and keep the smoke rising!!!!
Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.

And yes........they really are that good. Not that the other cookers of the world aren't any good.

Its just that a thermostaticaly controled element, no dampers to fool with, 1000 degree insulation, great moisture retention, no water pan required, and no more up all night tending the smoker make the CookShack THAT GOOD!

Have fun and join in!
hi, my name is brent and i'm an alcoholic... wait, wrong forum sorry!

i'm new at smoking. well, new at smoking meat anyway, been smoking cigs for 23 years! i just got one of those little coleman grills to attempt to learn to grill out some. as much as i tend to drink, i was afraid of getting a big grill.

i look forward to reading the recipes and attempting a bunch of them.

btw, i hope none of yall grill rice. man, i hate that stuff!

great forum! i look forward to friendly banter with fellow grillers!
hi my name is bob
from oceanside san diego califorina. been hot smokin for 30 some years in 55 gallion durms, webers, and now a 48 inch klose offset. as an old schooled type machinist my trade is all but gone to cnc and out of country. every year or two i find my self looking for a new job. at 50 years old and never worked in the foodservice arena i was just thinking about all the equty built up in this property - well you get the idea
Howdy Folks. I go by Lthaus. I live just North of Tulsa Oklahoma. I have been hanging out on another forum, but I will try to split my time here as there are MANY from Oklahoma on this one. I have a Chargriller with SideFireBox (SFB) I got it last month and have been working on learning the in's and out's of it.

I have read a few of the 5 pages on this thread and see many folks have a CS. I hope you don't eat strangers..

Not sure if this post is still taking many newbies, but I'm James, from BC, Canada.

I love a good barbecue (especially ribs) though from what I see here, that would be more grilling, than smoking. I work full time as a web designer / PHP coder, and part-time / unpaid trying to promote my father-in-law's website.

And when I get the odd chance, I get in the kitchen, make some burgers, and stick'em on the grill, making my wife VERY happy.
Hi, They call me bbqbull. I live near Lansing Michigan and ive been into bbq for going on 9 yrs or more. I started out w/a CS Smokette in 99, did ribs/butts on my apt. balcony. I moved up in da world. Got a CS 150 headed this way. I also have a backyard Klose, as well as a big mobile Klose.
I plan on selling big mobile as its a real pain to cooking in the dead of winter.
Ive been lurking in the CS Formum hard for the last week or two. Not too many folks due BBQ in this neck of the woods, Some do but I call it grilling. Hope to meet some local CS owners in the Mid Michigan area.... Thanks for all you folks for taking time to post
Hello to the awesome Cookshack Nation! My name is Cayley Armstrong and I am the freshly acquired Marketing Coordinator for Cookshack. I have been "working" (is it really work if you love what you do?) here for about a month and I couldn't be happier! I am originally from a small town in Alberta, Canada (which would explain why I didn't know/like BBQ until I came here!), but am now a certified Okie. I recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, so I now bleed orange. I love reading all of your posts; you have given me a wealth of information and insight that no amount of research could have provided! I look forward to getting to know all of you better.
Hi all,My name is jim howard(jim) and I have been bbq'ing for a few years.started out with an old brinkman, and thought I could "q" until I bought a cs50 about a month that machine. I am from the springfield missouri area but have been living here in the n.w. corner of montana for the last 15 yrs.I don't post much,figure I learn more by reading
Hello all,
I have been a bad member and ask your forgiveness!! Have been so busy building my new Smoker (it's bigger, better, faster, shinier) that I haven't been sharing any of my special recipes. I have some really great ones that I think you may find interesting and although I am not a Cookshack owner ( I prefer to build my own cooking and smoking contraptions, being a welder/pipefitter) they should be very adaptable to the Cookshack Smokers. As I am slightly Toasted right now from Tending my new smoker all day on it's maiden voyage into cooking history I shall post the recipes and a few pics before the weekend is over. The baby backs and brisket are doing nicely in the horizontal section and the turkey is smoking nicely in the vertical section!!!! Opps, gotta go, time for a beer and Tequila run!!! LOL I shall be true to my word, count on it!!! Keep the smoke rising! Mike Hmmm..... On second thought maybe I should someone else on the run!!! Good idea, I'm glad you thought of that!! LOL
Hello all,
I just joined up today. I have been learning a great many things from just visiting this forum . after about a year of visiting I thought it was time I joined. I'm from St. Pete, Fl. for the last 20 some yrs. but I grew up in Southern Il. on a cattle farm.I grew up around smoking and never get tired of learning new things about Qing.Right now I smoke on a Spicewine smoker but have had a Lang and several others over the years.
My 050 should arrive tomorrow! I have been reading a lot of the posts. (I guess that makes me a lurker)
I presently use traeger. Reading all the different problems people are asking about I am a bit concerned the 050 will not be as easy as I had hoped. I plan to dive right in and do a brisket if I can buy one from the local Safeway. (I live in a small town, One grocery store) No traffic problems though!
Welcome to the forum Rhino,

Don't worry the 050 will perform just great for you.

Most people dont start out with briskets, but if you are already an experienced BBQer with your treager you should be ok.

Read Smokin's Brisket 101 located in his Barbecue guide at the top of the page. Then go to the Brisket archives.

Good luck!
Hey there. My name is George from Edmond, OK. I wore out several Brinkman electric smokers with the nasty water pan over 15 years...then started researching "real" electric smokers and decided on a Smokin Tex 1400 (Forgive me, Cookshack; I promise the next one will come from Ponca City!) It is great to let the smoker do the work...When I get the urge to peek, I just glance at the Maverick ET-73 remote thermometer.
Thanks for a great open forum.

Hello. I live in Aurora, CO. I was visiting a friend in Dallas last week and he prepared a mess of ribs in his SM008. They were so great that I was convinced that I needed a smoker and ordered a SM008 as soon as I got home. I have been looking through the forum and have picked up many great tips. I am looking forward to receiving the smoker so I can try out some of the great recipes I have found here. It is great to find a site like this where I can count on getting answers to the many questions I am sure I will have.
Another ST owner checking in from Louisville, KY. First heard about electric smokers from an FAA instructor in OKC and that is the one he was using, thus the one I purchased. I had been smoking on weber h20 smokers for about 8 years, three years ago I finally bought an offset smoker, last year got my ST. Anyone want to buy an offset smoker? Seriously, great forum, it has been very helpful to me. Did you realize that this thread is five years old?!
I am Dave from Hawthorne Nevada 'America's Patriotic Home'. I learned about CookShack in Reno at the annual Safari Club International convention a couple of years ago. Each year I would stop by the booth, and purchase a couple bottles of spicy sauce, and try the samples. I was using a Traeger BBQ pig. It works fine for burgers, and a turkey once and a while. I bought my 050 a week ago, and tried a couple of pork butts. WOW is the only fitting comment! I am hooked on the forum! I wish I could have a 050 in Africa. (we go every year) I would like to try it on a wort Hog. Thanks CookShack!
Originally posted by twofer:
[qb] Did you realize that this thread is five years old?! [/qb]
Well, first post was Oct 14, 2001, but 4 years is a long time.

Have several 100 posters, maybe they're what we'll call the Hard Core Forum Members since they posted.

Yeah, a lot has passed through this forum in that time.

Thanks for joining!
Hi there
We are in East Tennessee and just finished our first year of competition cooking. Entered about eight cook-offs,not as many as others,but enough to learn one thing: I'M TO **** OLD TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT! After much thought,research,and discussion just "pulled the trigger" on a FE100 that should be here in a few weeks. There, I said it, joining the pellet heads. Do have some concern about the learning curve from stick burner to FE. Will be a class in Ponca City 12/2. Any help will be appreciated!
Hi All, I am Tim and I live in Melbourne Florida, What a great forum, glad I stumbled onto it researching Q devices, been a grillin and a chillin for a while .... have always wanted to try real Q. Don't really know a lot about it so I have really enjoyed reading this forum. A big "THANK YOU" to you old timers and all the posts!!!. Don't have a CS yet, not sure which one to get. looking at a 150 or the new Amerique. Can anyone tell me the differences (besides the cost) would I be better off with on or the other?
Tim Razzer

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