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hello to all.Originally from alabama,existing in louisiana for over 20 years, hence the name lonesome tide. I work for a major oil refinery and hopefully will be retiring in app. 4 yrs. 4 mths. I have to confess that i, also, use a gas , electric and charcoal smoker.I would like to say thanks to all the guys that post recipes , because i sure have used a lot of them and they are great!!!!
My name is David Anderson, hence the handle.
Long history of smoking, starting in West Central Wisconsin where we would smoke fresh caught carp every spring. Married a Polish gal from south of town and here brother and I would make 100 rings of venison bologna at a time and smoke it. Brought my skills to Minneapolis where once we were smoking bologna in a homemade smoker (made of paneling as it was cheap then) and a guy knocked on the door to tell us our shed was burning. Never dawned on me these city folks couldn't recognize a smoker when they seen one. Went to a Brinkman to a Sausagemaker to a 008 to my 055. My neighbors think I am nuts to spend $900 on a smoker but never fail to stand in line when the food is done. Love the forums for sure.
I'm a chef from new jersey. Just bought a 050 for my home, I already have two larger units for my restaurants.I never new about this site before.I'm learning lot's from everyone. Just because your a chef doesn't mean you know everything about BBQ!!I'm always willing to listen and learn.
Originally posted by Wild Turkey No9:
Hi all - Name is Kevin. I'm a (legal) alien from the UK. Dayjob is wireless telecomms consulting management. Married to a fine young lady called Sharon who is a great wife and mother to my young daughter. My real interests are studying the game of chess (I'm fairly useless but enjoy the challenge), trying to get all of the 9mm slugs from my Glock 34 into a 2 inch circle at 15 yards at the range, getting myself in better shape down at the local 24 hour fitness, smoking cigars and good bourbon, and trying to cook. Love Q so thought I'd give it a whirl. Started with the Weber smokey thing but got brassed of with temperature control and constantly adding more charcoal - made cooking a chore. Searched around the web and found cookshack. Procrastinated for two years before taking the plunge with a new 008. Wish I'd done it 2 years ago, its awesome! Had excellent results so far with pork butt and brisket. Great forum - hopefully one day I'll have learned enough to contribute something original.

Kev, nice to see another Brit on the board....

Jerky works well, smoked beans and prime rib is awsome......


My name is Darrell and I live in Columbia, MD. I grew up in Illinois and long enjoyed good midwestern bbq. I'm a young lad, just 31, but I've been cooking recreationally for about six years now. I've become totally addicted to ribs and trying to perfect them. Only my wife keeps me in check w/o spending an entire check on equipment and products. I have a Smoke King which is a Brinkman offset smoker. It's basically a twin to the New Braunfels smoker but for lefties Wink I have two daughters that keep me very busy. Both daughters recognize the bbq smell on the spot and can't wait until dinner is served. My wife hails from OKC and so that is why we are both die-hard Sooner fans.

Boomer Sooner Baby!
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Welcome to the forum Bubba. You will find lots of useful and helpful people here and learn (and hopefully contribute) about some great BBQ.

Just a word of caution; I'd watch how much personal info you put in a public forum. Your full name and where you live along with the names of your kids is risky. Way too many weird souls ot there. Just trying to protect you my BBQ friend!

Have fun & good luck!
hey guys, this is ben here. I live in the sunny old united kingdom (sunny yeah right!!!) Id never heared of bbq smokers until about a year ago, its just un known in the uk! Im doing my damdest though to promote it though hah. Got a brinkman for ma birthday after reading about smoking on lovin using it so far have done a brisket wich suprisingly turned out very well. also done a few chickens and some sausage. Gonna have a go at a pork shoulder tommorow on my day off from college. Anyway really lovin this forum and hope to get to know you lot much better...........ben
Hello all. My name is Mike and I live in the small university town of Starkville, MS, which is roughly equidistant from Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, and Jackson MS. I'm a university administrator in the Information Technology field. Happily married with two daughters one who's living in Chicago and the other living in Germany with her husband, a JAG officer in the army.

I've been a life-long griller and wannabe smoker. I inherited my dad's homemade rig, Big Bertha, which consists of a 4.5'x4.5'x2' high concrete block base with a metal cover made from a 55 gallon drum split in half. For heat/smoke, logs are burned down to hot coals and periodically shoveled into the smoker. It does a good job, but requires a lot of work and constant attention. And temp control is really difficult.

I bought a propane smoker a couple of years ago and while considerably easier than Big Bertha to operate, it also requires a good bit of attention and constant monitoring of temp and refilling of the wood box and water pan. At my age, 57, I wanted something that would turn out good Q but with minimal effort and adequate sleep.

I wasn't even aware of electric smokers until I spent some time with Google a couple of months ago. Came across this forum, spent a few weeks reading up and finally took the plunge last week when I bought the SM050. So far I've done two butts and one brisket and will do 3 racks of ribs this afternoon. Butts turned out great, but I overcooked the brisket. I was planning on it being ready about 8 AM but it should have been pulled several hours earlier (when I was sound asleep). It still turned out OK with a good tase, but I wound up having to chop it all (too done for slicing).

So far, my only disappointment with the 050 is the size. I wish it were a few inches wider so that a big brisket would lay flat on the rack. But it's definitely meeting my "set it and forget it" expectations. And this forum is a great source of info. I hope to visit often.

Mike Rackley, aka Smoked Dog
Hi yall I am Billyq or Billy,from Panama City Florida.Native here all my life so far.Enjoy cooking inside or outside.Whether its deepfrying turkeys,grillin burgers or my fav, using my ST for ribs,brisket or anything else.I really say "Hats off" to Donna and her company for turning out great products,customer service that others only wish they had,and this forum with Smokin' and everyone else that contributes!!Kepp up the great works you all.

No, I did not know that your dessert won first. It deserved to win, it was delicious. Now are you going to post the recipe? Smiler

I love that sauce! I think you should start selling it. I want the first case. I will be begging Jeff for more.

I don't know if I am going to make it to Perkins, but I will be in touch by e-mail.
Well Hello!!

I live in Québec (Canada)...

I'm a newby in smoking...

I liked propane gas grilling (known as BBQ in Canada) and experienced smoking with my gas unit...

This spring, I had a good deal on a Char-broil Barrel and bought it!...

I did my first smoked salmon...I could not believe the difference... Eeker

Happy now to have discovered you guys!!

I know my smoker isn't a CS, but hope you guys will still try to help!!

I will deal with a pork loin roast this weekend...
Hi all

I'm Bob from suburban Maryland. Bought a Smokette 009 on a whim last week. Actually I've been toying with the idea of a real smoker for a year or so. Prior to that all my smoking was done on a Weber kettle.

I must admit that I'm not completely obsessed by BBQ, I am obsessed by all types of foods. We both cook all weekend long, nearly every weekend. NuMex, Cajun, Creole, Thai, Chineese, French, American, wharever, we'll try it. Work usually prevents much creativity during the work week. Wiffie is a high school teacher & I'm the director of contruction & design for a non-profit affordable housing developer. So we live on leftovers & carryout during the work week.

I guess the downside to having such a remarkable smoker is that I will no longer be able to grab a big cigar, an adult beverage & a good book and sit by the Weber for hours on end saying "I can't leave the fire unattended, it might go out and ruin everything."

I've tried Tuna steaks & a brisket with mixed results. I'm trying chicken wings, baby backs & whole chickens this weekend. We'll see how it goes.
Hi I love to smoke food and play video games and I am 42 yrs old too. Going to get a CS 08. I have Xbox 360 2 of them 1 for me and ˜wife' and 1 for the kids. They love to eat from the grill and smoker I have but I can't wait to try my new CS it will come in 2 too 3 weeks they tell me so am like a big kid ps love this form nice people
Just saw this post- My name is Kenny. I have a catering/cafe/wine bar outside of Cleveland Ohio. Been doing BBQ for a bit but since i bought the cookshack 150, I know we have the best ribs in town. I bought the Floor model in Vegas two years ago. John gave me a hell of a deal. I really need to get focused and starting using it for more items.
Hi All!
I'm John W. from the So. California desert. I bought my Model 55 a few years ago and, to be honest, I was not very happy with it. Temperature control concerns and no smoke ring (found out later about using a charcoal briquette) were disapointing attributes. I went back to using my water smokers, weber and barrel grill for all of my outdoor cooking/smoking. My recent craving for tender beef back ribs prompted me to give the ol' 55 another chance. After spending hours online, reading cookbooks and getting some unselfish assistance from CS Forum members, I think I'm finally getting the 55 dialed in. This time, I'm here to stay!
Thanks for the help! Cool
JohnnyQ - Sometime it takes some un-learning to get used to the new and different stuff. I got so tired of watching the temp and making sure everything stayed as consistent as possible with my ECB. These type of smokers are a Godsend. Patience is key. You'll get the hang of it soon.

Good luck! Big Grin
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Howdy all,

Just ordered my first model 50. I've been crawling along with the Weber Bullet for the past 20 years and have had it with the sloshing water, fire tending, and clean up. I would like to thank Cookshack for this great forum and all of you for the informational posts and links that are here.

Take care,

Tob (the other Bill)
Hi all,
My name is Russ as well.. (though apparently not yet as adept as the Revered (now Grand Champion) smokinOkie).
I too, am a former Okie, transplanted to CA. Sure miss home though.

Sadly, I bought a Smokintex before I realized CS even existed. I will say I love it, and it works beautifully thus far.

But the forums and, from what I hear, CS customer service makes me wish I'd gone the right route.

Had my ST for about 3 months now, and have done several briskets, many many ribs and one spectacular Butt. All were excellent thanks to the info found here!
Thanks to you all for accepting us non-CS owners and I look forward to posting more and enjoying all the great tips here.
Hello. TomC in Fresno, CA, here. I'm from Southern California and still have a hard time swallowing the fact that I live in Central California. I'm very passionate about all things food and drink. I'm an IT Manager by day but that just gets in the way of what I really want to be I take the art of the cocktail pretty seriosly, as well. I've been looking at CS for about 5 years but I couldn't really justify the expense. Now, my latests obsession is charcuterie so it's time to take the plunge. I will be looking for recommendations as to which CS I should get.

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