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My name is Frank and I am from MAINE, I have NEVER eaten real "Q" my 009 smokett is in a fedex truck and due here Tuesday, I can't wait I have a Maverick ET-73 ready to go, I have made 7 cases of homebrewed beer just to go with the "Q" (you can read my brewing exploits at, I need to thank Hippie who sent me here and Mainlydave for his effort on his fine website. Unfortunatly I had to buy my cookshack from Americasbestbbq due to cookshack being unwilling to match their price however they shipped it the next day. This forum has been a great deal of help, I think I am ready....LET'S ROLL!!
Hello everyone. I am a new CS owner in Dallas Texas. A guy building an outdoor kitchen for me suggested CS when I asked him to find a place on the new setup that would allow the offset for fit in in such a way that my wife would not put it and me out on the curb. I have been using an Oklahoma Joe offset for the last 12 years (since college)and was looking for something that would not take constant monitoring and adjustment. As I and my kids get older, I do not have an entire day to watch and monitor the pit. The CS seems to be exactly what the DR ordered. I am having my first smoke next weekend for a lot of people so my reputation is on the line. Wish me luck. BTW there are a lot of good tips and information on the forum. Thanks for everyone's input.
Greetings All --

1st time posting -- Long time lurker !!

I've had my 009 since the 1st of the year and LOVE it !!

I've done several Butts -- Nothing else as they taste so good !!

It's just Ma and me ..... And she doesn't eat much besides ding dongs and twinkees -- So I make burritos from the left overs as seen in this link:

Now -- That I've got Butts down pat -- I'm going to try a brisket ......... :^)

GREAT Forum and friendly people !!

Tootles ......

Florence, OR
Hi, I'm Bob
I'm also new to this, I ordered my cs008 last Sunday, and it's to be delivered next Monday, can harkly wait. LOL.
I go by Jeepster 'cause my pride and joy is a 1950 Jeepster sport phaeton (convertable), totally stock and nice.
Sure love reading all the stuff about the cs and I can already smell the smoke, Thanks all
Hi. I'm Greg M. from Lansing, Michigan. Just got a SmokinTex, after doing a google search on "electric smoker," and before finding out about CookShack. (I think you can pay Google to have your url appear at the top of a search.) Looked for an electric smoker after seeing Alton Brown improvise one on "Good Eats."

After a bit more googlin' I found out about CookShack and this site. What a great resource and great community!

I just finished my first brisket, a 6 lb flat rubbed with Chris Schlesinger's "All South Rub." Eleven hours at 225 to reach 190 degrees. Not bad, maybe a little dry (not a lack of moisture so much as a lack of any fat in the lean portion), maybe needs a little more salt and more heat in the rub. I'll see how it tastes tomorrow, after all the smoke and cooking odors dissipate.
Hi I am David. I have been around a few places grew up in Arkansas, graduated from Oklahoma University, and moved to Dallas after graduating.

My wife Mara and I followed two of our children to New York 5 years ago and we now have a restaurant in the East Village.

Mara's Homemade has been a cajun and southern comfort food till a month ago. We added BBQ to the menu with a cookshack 150.

Just returned from Arkanasas and Memphis and tasted some BBQ. I must admit I thought ours is just as good.

We are loving every minute bring real Arkansas BBQ to NYC.


The best thing is our customers say nice things about the food.

this is the first post, I joined as a new member last night and have owned a cookshack smokette for about 2 weeks. I live in northern ohio and I swear nobody has ever seen one of these units before up here. I am the rookie of rookies when it come to this but love to cook and look forward to the results. Other interests, Golf(3 hdcp) waterskiing(nautique super sport)

I joined this forum becaue I saw how much good info the archives have to offer. I'm the new/proud owner of a Brinkman Smoke n' Pit Professional and I can now boast that I have finally conquered brisket smoking. I had a very small vertical smoker prior to this one that wasn't very good at holding temperature or allowing me to tend the fire, add liquid to the bath, etc. I could do everything else well, but my brisket never turned out the way I had hoped. All that has changed--and I look forward to learning even more from all of you.

Another David - I'm from Clearwater, FL. I compete and cater. Currently I'm using a Kingfisher BK Combo rotisserie cooker. I've competed against the CS and FE cookers often and while I'm not convinced to go to a pooper for competition (yet, yet!! Give me a chance!) I am seriously considering one or two for my catering/concession setup.

Yes, I've met and been whipped up on by 2Greyhounds Smokin', Bill & Nina, and so on. I'm hear for the great info and especially the professional forum.
I am of today..but have also been a lurker. I too had lusted for several years as the price rose on the cookette! Mine is supposed to be shipped July 19! So I will be hoping for advice galore. I have lived in Oklahoma City since 1975 but am still considered to be a Yankee..I don't mind being called that.I grew up in suburbs of Philadelphia. I have relatives and friends in lots of places mentioned here as Home towns. Kathy English
I am Gerry Printz. Got the Cookshack 055 a couple of weeks ago. So far, everything has been great. Tonight, I smoked 25 burgers - everyone agreee they were much better than the burgers I smoked on my old Brinkman offset (Smokin' Pit Professional). Will be trying my first shoulders this coming week.
I was going to get a new offset and started reading about the Cookshack. Was leery of not using massive amounts of wood (and electricity), but I am a believer now. I only used 1.1 oz. of wood for the burgers!!!!
Hey,JR here,
I don't get on the Forum much but have 2 106's. I will never have anything else. I can't figure out why anyone would ever want anything else. I work for Southwest Airlines and have a catering business on the side, so now you know why I don't have much time to get on the Forum.
This weekend I am cooking: 5 Brisket, 2 Butts, 3 Racks of Spare Ribs, 1 pork loin, 2 salmon, and about 50 or 60 chicken breast/thighs, for a little demo on Brining,Rubs,and Marinating at my church. I love cooking BBQ, but most of all I love to see people eating and enjoying themselves. I have been a member of the fourm since it's conseption and have learned more than I can tell you in this post. Okie,Stewart,Donna, and John Shiflett are tops in the business, and have alway treated me as if I was there best customer. For me that's what it's all about, Customer Service and a good product, Cook Shack has it all. Thank you Guys and all of you on the Fourm who have given me so much.
See Ya'll around the forum
Later JR
My name is Fred from Kansas City. I�ve been a 55 owner for about 2 months.
Cookshack and the Form are great!
Big Grin With the help of my Cookshack and the Form My Q keeps getting better, easier and Predictable. This is a great giving group of people.
I�ve been lurking, but plan to contribute to the form also.
This form is like a big barbecue revival where people spill the beans of their great barbecue secrets. Razzer
I'm CTSmoke. I'm a professional attorney and amateur magician and cook.

I'm also a Q'-o-holic.

I don't own a CS cooker yet, but I will soon. I've done barbecue on a lot of different rigs, and I'm looking forward to one that won't set my deck on fire or require me to forsake sweet, sweet sleep for fire tending duties.
Kid coulson is my name and 327 lbs is my game.
Yes, I like to eat.Brisket here in Grandville,MI
at bbq place is over 14bucks a pound.So about 2
months ago I ordered my own smoker(008).
Going pretty good,still learning.Not quite as
tasty as famous Daves,but Im in the ball park.
Good eats everyone!
Hi all. My name is Reid and I am originally from Philly and currently reside just outside of DC in Virginia. I have been grilling and smoking for 35+ years on everything from tire rims to TEC's to Brinkman's. I have had a 55 now for several months and love it... perfect Q, no hassle and to a certain degree fail safe.

I have done all the standard Q but have really been impressed by the lox I have been able to make with the cold smoking unit. It has been a great hit with the friends!

I fiddle with lots of things and enjoy wine, bourbon and Havana's. Great to be here!
I live in Joplin Missouri and have been q' ing for a while now for fun. during football season we tailgate at Pittsburg State University. (GO GORILLAS), but a couple of years ago my tailgating buddies and i decided to start cooking at contests. We have had a blast with it even though the first year we didn't do very well with a little practice and luck we have done pretty good this year. HOGMANBBQ
Hi, my name is Andy�from Salina, KS. I own a Cookshack Model 50, Traeger BBQ 150, Traeger BBQ124 , Southwest Smoker (made in Tulsa, OK) , 2 - Weber kettles and 1 - Weber gas grill.
This is just a hobby. I would like to attend the Cookshack cooking class this Fall and bring back a FE100 for my collection. (if I can convince my Wife I need another smoker between now and then). This forum is great!
Greetings all,
My name is Bob and I am Oklahoma born and bred. I have been slow smoking for the past 14 years. I started out on an offset then moved up to a SmokenTex (sorry) and just recently moved up again to a CookShack Model 55. I have not been able to see it yet but should be flying back home to the USA in a week�s time and can not wait to un-crate it and get to smoking on it.
This forum has taught me more about properly smoking all types of foods, selecting & preparing meats, rubs, selecting different wood types for different meats Etc..Etc... in a short time than I would have gained in a lifetime without it. This forum is also the main reason I chose to purchase a Cookshack. I have read nothing but great reviews from some great people.
I mostly Lurk to learn. I enjoy this forum tremendously and I would like to thank all the generous people that have taken the time to post their experiences and their helpful tips.
Dave Pasqualucci,
Live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Average snowfall of 180".
Am a Italian that makes his own Italian fresh sausage, also Hard Salami..Recipes that were brought back from Italy with my Grandfather.

Bought a CS 008, without my wifes knowing and naturally caught HELL until she tryed the ribs.

Now, "When are you going to make more ribs?"

Enjoy all the forums here on developing one's different methods.

Hi All,

I'm from Maryland, grew up in New York City. Maybe a weird combo to be into this hobby, but I have lots of different ones & am always trying something new. Been queing for 4 years, but not seriously until recently when I took the plunge & got a Smokette.

I am a homebrewer & what could be better than a homebrew with some pulled pork?

I roast my own coffee & fancy myself to be quite the cook.

I also am into Home Theater & any sort of A/V gear.

In other words - I like to spend money Smiler

This weekend I am cooking up my first full brisket. A ten pounder from a local butcher. It's been sitting in the fridge rubbed down & will be going into the smoker in about 6 hrs.

Howdy from the Texas Panhandle.

I have been a lurker for a few weeks now and due to the forum purchased a SM009. My father -in-law then gave me his ST cooker that is 5 years old. So now I have both smokers for side by side comparisons.

First smoke will be tomorrow with some Beef Ribs -- after looking at the forum this is not the choice, but for a first time, I would just as soon ruin the beef ribs as some good ole baby backs. Also, my neighbors freezer went out and the ribs were free. Using some hickory and apple wood.

Looking forward to many years of smokin with all you guys to help keep me doin it right. Great forum.

My name is Dan from Bloomington, IN. I am retired and enjoy cooking. Recently purchased an SM 008.

Have tried ribs and they came out well(according to wife and guests!). Trying chicken tonight. I appreciate all of the good tips on this forum. They really helped a lot.

Purchased my 008 with storage cart for $530 (including shipping) from America's best Received it in 10 days. Quality is great. Easy to use and clean up.

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