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Jay1924:  Go to the top of the page and click on topics.  Go down to additional smoking topics and click.  Go down to prime rib and click.  You will find the 101 at the top (it works for me).  There is a bunch of stuff just on prime rib here.  A lot of this is from the old "active" forum and is where I started 18 years ago.  Lots of good recipes and ideas in Additional Smoking topics area.

Thanks for locating the 101.  I wasn't able to find it earlier.  Well, I smoked a 5# PR the other day.   It was good, but there is room for improvement.  Wish I had seen the 101.  I pulled the meat when the internal temp was 123F.  I had an extended time under tented foil because my dinner quests were delayed about 45 minutes.  I was not sure how much the meat would continue to cook during and extended hold time.   The meat was good, but just a little too rare.  Didn't have any au jus to warm it up a bit, but flavor was great.  Put a foil pan with a couple pounds of quartered crimini mushrooms beneath the meat.  The mushrooms were lightly dressed with oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme.  They were amazing.    Sorry, I didn't take pics. 

Jay1924:  I have most of the old 101's saved to my computer.   I don't know why the forum people have taken them off of the web site.  Just let me know if there are others you want to see.

Downersgrovecook:  The prewarmed cooler is very handy for keeping things warm.  I am not sure about PR but know that a couple of hours in the cooler really helps with brisket and pork shoulders.  My wife is not a fan of smoked au jus.  You can make it by either putting the PR in roasting pan with a roasting rack, or just by putting a roasting pan under the PR in the smoker to catch the drippings.  We find it easier just to use packaged au jus mix.  Johnny's French Dip Au Jus is a good one. There is sort of a rule of thumb for carryover cooking.  Depending on the temperature that you cook the meat at, you will see a 5 to 10 degrees rise in temperature after you pull it out of the smoker.  The hotter the smoker the higher the carryover temp will be.  Your PR should have been right on the cusp between medium-rare and medium.

Hello All -

I've been using a Green Mountain Grill for the past 10 years and it's time to look at something else. I'm no pro by any means, but I like to smoke up fish and meats. Never really had options to do cold smoking. Although the GMG will do 500 degrees, it really doesn't grill in my opinion. Looking hard at the PG500 as my next grill/smoker.

@SmokyRich, welcome. I have not used the pg500 so I can't say for sure if this is a good enough selection for your needs. Specs say the PG500 max out at 600°, not sure if its going be a significant difference. I also don't known if that's 600 at grill surface or 600 above or below the surface.

In general, I am of the opinion to use the right tool for the job. I've never really been a fan of pellet grills. The smokers seem ok, but as a grill, I never feel they get quite hot enough at the surface for my ideal sear/char. But this also begs the question of what are you grilling. Not everything needs that ultra-hot 900-1000°+ surface temp. I don't always grill and sear at that high of temp.

If space is not a significant issue, I would suggest a grill for grilling and a smoker for smoking. I love my sm-008, wish I had a larger one - next time. Have my offset stick burner for larger items and wood/charcoal grilling and a gas for quick grilling. But cost and space are not factored into this suggestion.

"If space is not a significant issue, I would suggest a grill for grilling and a smoker for smoking."

Agree with this completely. There are some recipes I do that call for use of both on the same cook, like double-smoked ham and smoked pork belly, but overall, I smoke stuff and I grill stuff. My SM066 is great for the former and my Weber Genesis is great for the latter. I'd think that a machine to try to do both would be lousy at one or the other, or maybe both. Just my prejudice.

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Going into my 10th season of wonderful trouble free wood smoked goodness on my Smokette SM 025  The shine on the stainless steel still remains bright!  Never a problem, consistent results, and the single most reliable appliance I've ever owned. Anyone who thinks you can't turn out competition grade food on an electric smoker has never owned a Cookshack......Cheers ....Tim from the Chicago area!

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