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I need to replace a Cookshack Super Smoker SM050 that was built in to an outdoor kitchen. I have searched on line for any retailer that may have one, but cannot find an SM050 or SM055 (both have been discontinued). I am "land-locked" on both sides, so can't go with a larger smoker. Does anyone know where I can find an SM050 or SM055 -preferably new? I'd rather not go with the SM009 Smokette, but may have to since it is the only one currently offered that would fit my space.
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I'm with the guys.

Have you looked at physically removing it. You could clean it down to the stainless and replace parts easy enough with CS.

The filth is just good smoking and can be cleaned.

Has it ever worked for you? May be something simple to fix.

Those would be my options unless someone wants to sell their old one to trade up.
I'm with others here too. It may be that your unit simply need to be cleaned and repaired. These things are built like tanks. So unless there has been a severely damaging fire in the unit it most likely can be made almost like new with a bit of work. Can you post some images to give us an idea of what you are dealing with. Assuming the 'mess' is the typical seasoning build up the clean up will be straight forward. CS can provide any replacement parts to make the unit operate like a new one.
Okay, now I'm really confused, not that it takes much, you've NOT used the smoker? How do you know it's broke?

The blacker,greaser the insides...most of us would welcome.

Here is a search that I did on cleaning smokers, hope it helps. cleaning smoker

Most of us would take a paper towel, wipe down the sides and them put 5ozs of wood in the wood box. Put in a big PB,set on 250*, and cook till 195*. I guess maybe some new folks would just turn it on and see if heat was coming out of the top hole first.

We all just assume these smokers will last a couple lifetimes after using them for many years.

Cleaning just ain't ever crossed my mind,oh well!
Again, pictures would help.... are there chunks of carbon falling off the sides? A plastic scraper from the hdware store would be the thing for that. My 55 probably looks a lot like yours, and I give it a good clean once a year (if I think of it).

If you want to clean the racks and the side racks, get some Greased Lightning or Pro Force (from Sam's), fill a large tub with a mixture of water and the de-greaser and let them soak for a day. I used to do that all the time but haven't done it in a couple of years. The horizontal racks can go in the dishwasher and after its done, they will clean up almost new with a scrubby pad.

I would scrape and wipe, but don't use any oven cleaner or such on the insides.
Originally posted by KevinK:
I've never used the smoker.

So, let's take this approach.

Clean it with just a simple scraper and knock off the "chunks" and wipe it out with a paper towel.

If you're new to smoking that black may be throwing you off. Don't let it.

It's like a cast iron skillet, the black is a good thing, it's seasoning.

Get a remote thermometer. Go to Target, Walmart, etc. Spent about $20 to $30 bucks. Look for a thermometer that has a probe with a cable and remote unit.

Place the remote probe in the unit, run the cable out the door and GENTLY close the door on the cable (or run the cable ut the vent hole).

Set the unit at 250. Turn it on, no wood.

Wait an hour and see what the temp is.

Let's see if it's working before you trash it.
Hi, everyone. I must tell you that you have been conversing with "Mrs. Kevin." You've probably figured that out thru words like "flith and conversing!" Anyway, the house we bought is a "fixer-upper," so while Kevin is busy doing "guy things" I can't do (lots of tools are involved), I told him I would try to figure out our plan of attack regarding the smoker, and pass your collective wisdom on to him. I would love to post a photo of the smoker, but I have no idea how to do that, so I'll just tell you that one of the 2 door hinges is missing. Inside, in addition to what you all call "seasonings," there are spider webs, and other unidentifiable things. We lived on a wooded lot, so who knows. There's nothing alive (bigger than an insect anyway). Neither Kevin or I have ever used a smoker before, but we can't wait to figure it out. We will follow your instructions for cleaning. Is it OK to start it up with a missing door hinge? Thanks to all of you for being so kind! You are my heros! Margaret
Originally posted by KevinK:
I would love to post a photo of the smoker, but I have no idea how to do that,
The easiest way is to click on "Add Attachment?" when you are posting a new message. It's just below the text entry box. Then browse to the correct photo and click Open, then click the Post Now button.
Oh boy, I just love working on puzzles...LOL!

Okay, the hinges that hold the door ON are okay, and it's the handle thats missing. If I got this right, you have a straight piece of metal that has a little hole in it?

If this is what we are talking about, it will be simple to fix...but we need to make sure that the element is gonna work. That way you can get all the parts at the same time.

You'll need to take Smokin's advice about going to Target and buying a probe like this one. Taylor probe

Don't worry if its not the exact probe/manufactor, this is just what to look for.

Then close door and put concrete block against it to hold shut and follow Smokin's direction on running it for one hour. Don't let the probe come into contact with the shelf. I would use a small potato and run the probe through it so the end sticks out the other side, but is up off the shelf.

The point of the probe is what reads temp.

Any questions?
Try cleaning it with a "food safe" cleaner (Simple Green, Greased Lightning) and you'll be able to clean out a lot of that. I would wear some gloves just because it will be messy.

If the photo problem is tough, just take a couple of pictures and email them direct to me and I'll post. Don't edit, send me the originals.

My email is in my profile. Click on my name on the left and look for my profile, click on that to get my email (never post it directly, I hide it there from spammers)
Hi all. Kevin read all of your postings this mornings. He did try to upload a photo, but the cookshack site sd it was over the size limit. However, he understands the plan of attack. He's going to get a probe and check to see if the smoker works, then get busy cleaning. We do have a steam cleaner, so that might come in handy. We'll get with CS and order the door hinge and anything else we may need after testing. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience. We appreciate it!

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