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Congrats to Eddy and the Weights.

I hosted the team from Mexico, Old Jacks Bar and Grill. Although this was their first time at the Jack, first time to cook some of the meats that were used, first time to really be around a BBQ contest, they went crazy over the FE100. They brought a chef that owns six resturaunts in Guadilajara and Mexico City. They are steakhouses.

NO ONE had a better time than these folks did. They have invited me to Mexico to teach them about BBQ for a week next spring. I can't wait.

OK -- WHY SHOULD EDDY GET CONGRATS HERE? Was he cooking? He shouldn't have been. It's my understanding that he was ONLY providing the cooker. If I were Rick & Jackie I would be upset that the public perception (which is definitely encouraged here by the responses above) that they didn't cook, FE did. If FE did cook, they didn't win fair and square.

I'm glad and quite proud that Mad Cows won. It's about time that an international team did. I hate that it's going to be viewed as tainted.
Stuart, I hold to what I said. I just re-read Eddy's post at the top. "We cooked... and we took GC". Sounds to me like he's taking credit for the win, more than providing a fine cooker. Posts on down the line are congratulating Eddy and Mad Cows for the win.

I stand by what I said above. No problem with providing a cooker, he should have NOT cooked with them. It's not fair. Especially not fair to the Weights. I strongly suggest that since Mad Cows will be back next year, have Eddy drop the cooker off and he can come push pellets with me! In other words, don't give the perception of an unfair advantage. Of course, the FE2000 is automatically an advantage.

I understand where you are coming from and Eddy did hang out with the Weights much like several other international teams had US teams providing them equipment and helping them drink a little Jack Daniels... I don't think Eddy was trying to take any credit for the cooking.

Maybe next year I can come down and help you sell a few pellets!!
Hey Candy the Weights handle a knife extremely well and take instruction as good as you do. I have helped many customers including yourself with things they have struggled with. I hope you get to come to the class and learn the teqniques that are a proven winner. There will be others there that have won cookoffs too and the networking among us pellet cooks will be great! I'll understand if you don't come though. Some one could think of this as cheating! (LOL)

If I'm not mistaken they were the smallest internatioinal team there? Most of those teams had 6 plus with them. The Weights had me and Blind Dog and we weren't sober the whole time neither!

PS, Jackie did a hell of a job getinng 8 plus pieces in the box for turn ins. Most regular cooks just couldn't figure it out. This I belive was the first year they did this and belive it was part of what hurt others. And yes I do feel like I was part of the winning team. I left before the awards so my presence of being around if they did well wouldn't spoil their moment and folks feel like the way it seems you do. Maybe we should mark this one up to that good students can come from anywhere?
Stuart & Ed, I'm not trying to stir anything up or take anything away from Mad Cows' victory. It all comes down to public perception. Having someone of the caliber of Ed assisting a team at a contest, is bringing in a super-ringer. Whether you went hands-on or not, Ed, it's perception of an unfair advantage.

Size of a team is irrelevant in my opinion. I should know this and you know why I know. Were the boxes smaller than normal? I've heard several comments about this and I just don't understand! I almost always turn in 8 pieces in a box without a problem.

You're right, Ed. I've asked you questions and you've answered them. I've taken Dr. BBQ's class and benefitted greatly. Many of the folks on this forum (and the other forum and Garry Howard's list) have helped me. I'm very grateful to everyone that's helped me along the way. But, I'm the's me and/or myself that get the blame when things go wrong!

You better believe I'm planning on going to your school! I'm not saying anything here that I wouldn't say to directly to either of you. And if you read what I'm saying analytically rather than emotionally, I suspect you'll agree.

Stuart, you are welcome to sell pellets with me at the Jack anytime. I'll split the cash box even! I gave away over 9,000 packets of pellets from 9 to 4 that day. I go there every year and do the same thing. Generates a bunch of good will and good public perception of BBQr's Delight. That's something that can't be bought!
Hi all,
I'm not saying he did but even if FE cooked the food from the get go it wouldn't violate any rules regarding the Jack Daniel's Grand Championship. I had Dirty Dick on my team and he could easily be considered a super ringer. If you look around you would see many instances of top cooks joining another team for the weekend.
That said, Eddy isn't from England so if he did cook the food there could be a legit gripe about the International GC, but the overall has no such restrictions.
BTW here's my words from the BBQ Forum.
Posted by drbbq on October 24, 2004 at 16:46:23:

Let me tell you about these folks. It's true that they are not from a famous BBQ place like Nebraska or Arizona, they are from England. Here's what you probably don't know.

They have been KCBS members for a while now and are very interested in BBQ. A couple years ago they saw in the Bullsheet that there was a BBQ cooking class in Lynchburg, Tennessee taught by me so Rick Weight called. We talked for a while and he and his lovely wife Jackie decided to make the trip to attend the class.
During the class every student cooks and has the opportunity to make a presentation box for each category. Most students make one or two. Jackie made four and took notes during the whole class. She was truly there to learn.
They made many friends that weekend including me, Marsha, Cubby and Blindog, and they learned about Fast Eddys cookers. They also learned that if they wanted to they could cook in the Jack as an international team. They went home, bought a FE100 and a couple other Cookshack Smokers. Matter of fact they are now the UK distributor for Cookshack. They have cooked a lot of BBQ since then, Rick told me that his friends ask if he'll cook them something else once in a while because all he wants to make for them is BBQ. These folks are real foodies and they have caught the BBQ bug full on.

So now in their second trip to the Jack, Fast Eddy brings his rig for them to use, they get a little bit of logistical help from Marsha and Blindog and they win the World Championship. Lots of effort and hard work are the reason I see. They deserve it and I congratulate them
I never saw it in the rules, but I was specifically told more than once that I couldn't cook the food, touch the food, season the food, or do anything that would be considered "hand on". I was told that I could give a little guidence, but that was it. I did keep them from getting a DQ in brisket, by stopping them from chopping and slicing prior to cooking. I'm not going to stand around a let that happen.

From what I know, the Weights seem to be very capable competitors. They've certainly shown the eagerness to learn how we cook BBQ here in the US.

The Mexicans sure did enjoy meeting you Ray, and Dirty Dick. One of them asked if Dirty Dick was his name given by his mother.
Hi Candy,
That's what rules are all about. Frankly, I don't think Eddy helped them as much as some people are thinking here. I know those folks and they wouldn't have come here to let Eddy cook. There was however only two of them and they did need some help. I've cooked alone for years but you can't cook the Jack alone. There is just too much going on.

There is a lot of uncharted territory here. I don't think anyone has ever considered the concept of an International team actually winning, with help or without. We're not talking about beating up the Japanese team and some partying Irish guys like the old days. This team beat us all!! Besides, if Fast Eddy was THAT good he would have qualified and won it himself.

BTW, I know there was some rumbling a few years ago when Chris Lilly helped the Jamaicans to an International GC, and I've heard about Donny Weddington and Buddy Richison helping guys too much in the past.
This has come up every year since the foriegn teams have started getting better. I know the Australian guy was in pretty severe need of some help this year and I'd bet he got it.

The Mexican team was looking like they needed a hand when I saw them too. The guy who won Pork last year was by himself without much experience. I wonder how that happened.
It's my understanding that there were two international teams cooking solo. Australia and Estonia. But, this is irrelevant to what I said about this anyway. PERCEPTION -- I still think it'd be appropriate next year for Mad Cows to borrow Eddy's cooker and send him elsewhere. After all, since they have a FE cooker, they are so good, they don't need him to win anyway. Right?
Why is it so obvious to you that he DID? My logic says you don't really know what happened.

You have gotten pretty good at competing in a short time yet you can't believe that they have too.

They are sharp people with great equipment. They have taken my class, cooked with Blindog and talked at length with FastEddy about cooking on his cookers.

Just so you know, the trigger point for me is that it's just not fair to Rick and Jackie. They have the internet in England you know. They are Cookshack distributors and will read this.

You got a beef, take it up with Tana. Don't run the World Champions through the mud here. You really should apologize to them.
Ray, I have not insulted anybody. Nor have I taken cheap shots, though I do feel like I'm dodging a few bullets from you right now.

Rick and I conversed at the Jack, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to Jackie this year. I have nothing but respect for Mad Cows and I congratulate them on their victory.

Go back up and read my first post on this thread. I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone, but maybe YOU should...
Attention...Moderator alert ahead.

Let's take this back to congratulating the Champions for the Great cook at the JD on an FE2000

Congratulations to Mad Cow BBQ for an outstanding win. NOTHING will take away from that.

Yes we like Spritied debates. Let's all take the high road on this and not take these to a personal direction.

If it continues, I will have to delete the post, we just don't like posts to get personal here at this forum.

As the Moderator, at certain points I have to jump in and remind everyone of the intent of this forum is to be friendly.

Whenever we mentioned others by NAME in a post, typically it leads down a path that isn't always the one intended.

So, if anyone wishes to continue a debate about specific individuals in this post, you can use the icon label "private message" and take you discussion to the individual.

You can also email me if you wish to comment.

I know the Weights and a can vouch for their cooking abilities. I met them at Ray's class in Lynchburg and could tell that the Weight's were experienced cooks and were interested enough in competition cooking to make a special trip here from the UK to learn competition 101.
When I stopped by their site, all I saw was Blindog and Eddy sitting around drinking. They sorta' looked like they were in the way.

The Weight's are Grand Champions, live with it!

usa doug
The team I cooked with at the Jack came in 3rd.
J-Mack Cookers, pelletheads, no complaints.
I usually don't cook with them during the year!

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