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I finally got back in town last night and had a chance to unbox my AQ today (it had sat in my office all week). I bought this unit as a reconditioned model. Everything looked fine except for the display. It had condensation completely covering it on the inside. I reluctantly turn the unit on and initially could barely read the display. With time the condensation did go away (we were about 62 here today) while I seasoned it.

I only found one thread on this issue There maybe more but is this a common issue that I've just missed? Will be interested to see what it is like after a cool night.
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My cookers set in a salt rainstorm every night,here by the beach in Fl.

They have the great CS covers on them.

All of them get condensation inside the cooker,if not used enough.

I leave a partial bag of cat litter,in an Al half pan in each cooker.

This has handled the moisture/mold problem.

My 160 used to get the display clouded over.

I would open the back and dry it with a hair dryer.

Turned out,if I just uncovered it a couple hrs early,the moisture went away. Cool

Stuart had also said I could tape over the little air vents on the cover,as they weren't critical.
I received my new AmeriQue a couple weeks ago and had a bad display. The number display on the timer in the hour position would not display properly, some of the segments just wouldnt light up. Usually this is a cold issue and when it warms up they come on but mine went back off again. So I called Bill in customer service and he sent me a brand new control board. It went in really easy so dont hesitate to get one if you think you need to. Tom is right, the window covering the controller is not attached to it, well it is attached but they dont touch there is like a 1/8 inch of space, so you could take the back off and aim a hairdryer up there and evaporate the miosture that way assuming the moisture is on the back of the outside window and not in the liquid crystal itself, which I dont think is even possible. Goodluck and let us know what happens!

Living here in the great Northwest (or North-Wet as we often call it), I too experience some moisture/condensation on the backside of the display window of my AmeriQue. Since it is not in the electronics themselves - only on the back of the window, I don't worry about it. After the unit is run a little while each time and surfaces warm up, it goes away. Depending on the outside temperature and humidity here, I can see the moisture each time it is used or just occasionally. The back panel of the unit is not sealed airtight to it, so moisture/humidity can find its way in there. It seems to evaporate out when unit is fired-up. The CS covers are a good investment to otherwise keep things as dry as possible.
I had this problem tonight with my Amerique. I wasn't too worried till the screen started dimming every two or three minutes, then I freaked out.

Running 4 PB's for lunch at work tomorrow and
they HAVE to be ready!

So I pulled the back off and there was water dripping off the probe contacts, ran to get the hair dryer and dried it all out, everything seems to be working an hour later....

Only thing I can figure is I ran some Jerky Friday night and pulled it out late so I left the cover off and we had a heavy dew this morning and between the warm metal and the high humidity it sucked some moisture up.

I'll call CS Monday and relay my circumstances and see what they say.

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