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So the local Mexican market had these great looking beef shanks on sale. I know you'd normally throw then in a pot for some soup or braise them for a long time. Then I remembered SmokinOkie's Chuckies recipe. Figured that might work, and they were cheap enough that if it didn't, well I wouldn't be out all that much.

Put on a couple of coats of MaxQ's brisket rub and let them sit for a few hours, then sprinkled with some Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow rub.

Then into the FEC at 160 for 2 hours, then bumped up the temp to 250 for another 2 hours.

Once they hit about 160-170, into a foil pan with a cup of hot beef broth and a sliced onion. Covered with aluminum foil and back in for another 4 hours at 275.

They're done, once the meat starts falling off the bones.

Then grabbed the meat rakes and shredded everything. On to a fresh baked roll with some of the onions and a side of corn bread casserole. YUM!

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Originally posted by Padrefan98:
Pags- I am thinking I have seen these in Asian and Mexican markets. Should be easy for us to find.

I bet you could make a nice beef stock with those bones afterwards.

All the local Mexican markets around here have them. I would think you'd be able to find them in any of the chain stores, Albertson's, Safeway, Publix as well.

And there was still a little marrow left in some of the bones, which did go into a pot of water with some additional beef trimmings I was saving for sausage.
This is the basic one I use. But it usually takes around an hour for it to be done. And it won't be stiff like a cornbread, but it shouldn't be runny either.

There are a bunch of other versions out there, some call for eggs, others without, some have cheese mixed in and others have it on top. I've been playing around with the amount of ingredients trying to find the one I like the best. This last one I used 1/2 stick of butter and one egg and added a can of diced mild green chilies.
Never heard of cornbread casserole..or maybe we call it dressing in these parts and tend to eat it on Turkey Day. Geographies can Now old Justeen Wilson had a recipe for cornbread salad. Never was brave enough to try it. Who can make good cornbread last that long? Thanks for the recipe. Will try it soonish while trying to explain what is it. lol.

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