I'm thinking about modifying one of my FE100s with pneumatic casters. Since the base of the casters will be larger than the originals on the FE, I'd have to fabricate a plate to bolt to the the bottom of the FE with additonal holes drilled on the outside to match the larger base of the casters.

My question is what size caster to go with? I know the larger the caster the easier it would be to move, but would 8" make enough difference in mobility to make it worth while? Would 10" or 12" make it too top heavy? The cost per caster, if I get brakes on all four casters, is $25.00, $35.00, and $38.00 respectivly per caster. One other option is going with heavier metal in the fabricated base plate and angling it to give it wider stance if I went with the 10" or 12". I don't think that would be necessary with the 8". Any comments or suggestions; am I all wet.

I couldn't find the thread, but I remember Donna or someone from Cookshack running a thread on a competion base, but I think they were talking in the $300-500 range.
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I'm looking also.

It's not the casters, I'm looking for larger wheels (which would need a larger caster) Big Grin

The FE's can't have new tires because of the UL rating (wouldn't let them put larger tires).

Anyone know of a source for casters/tires?
Russ in OKC area thier is Tractor Supply. They have a large variety of tires from little to air up to solid tires . I have seen 3" to 12" from axle turn to roller bearing tires thier. This would be a great spot to start.
Russ thier is another place down off of Agnew called Caster of Oklahoma, this is were I have bought some to replace the wheels on my grinder.
I've bought a lot of pnuematic casters for use out here on the farm, from Northern and Tractor Supply. I have them on my battey charger, air compressor, oxy/acetelene cart, feed carts, etc. They make transporting the tools across a crushed rock yard possible.
They are both low grade tires and most will eventually leak. I have put tubes in many of the cronic leakers.
I put some 15" steel wheels from an old swather on my old Brinkman barrel smoker, and it looks sharp.
Went to the place David mentioned here in OKC. He said they can't get pneumatics with brakes, as the design just doesn't work, brakes, etc.

Still looking. Found some 8" that I think might work, but I have to see if raising the height with these new wheels will still fit in my trailer

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