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Trying to get a PB done today and worried that 250* might take too long. I injected a Smithfield prime PB from Sam's last night with Dr BBQ's PB injection recipe and put it in the frig. Got up this morning and started the FEC at 224*, rubbed the PB with Smokin Guns hot rub and threw it on the pit.

1hr later I turned the FEC up to 276*, I'm gonna try to set the bark and wrap with foil a little later, will post back with updates.
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It's now 9:30am. I started the PB with one big hickory Mojobrick and when I up the temp to 276* I added a second one. At 9:00 I took a peek at the PB, looking real nice in color, I added a Cherry Mojobrick at this time, the first one was burnt the second one getting close. I'll check the temp next hour and may wrap at this point if all goes/looks well.
It's 11:30 and the PB is 173* in the small end and 165* throughout the PB. The color is a little past red with highlights of dark, so I wrapped it with a mixture of honey and apple juice. I moved it to the top rack, installed a probe set at 200*.

I trimmed 4 racks of spares and hit them with some rub, they will go on at noon on the bottom shelf.
Originally posted by GratefulB:
Inquiring minds want to know, was it as tasty as your discription?

Yes it turn out very tasty. I really thought the higher temps would build a little better bark, but there really wasn't much difference then lower temps. Like most of you already know, I lost the bark per say when I foiled it.

I poured a little of the juices back on it when I pulled the PB, this added a touch of sweetness. I've heard that maple syrup goes well with it also. Wink

Thanks for the comments fellows.

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