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There are a couple different approaches,and some are dependent on cooking temp.

I'm guessing you'll want to drop the heat,between 130º-135º and let it rise to your final temp.

As to rub,most folks think keeping good beef,simple,is the best approach.

Wet down well with Lee & Perrins worchestershire sauce and coat evenly with Montreal Steak seasoning.

Let stand over night.

Hope this helps a little.
I'm not totally disagreeing,and you may be right.

For med cooked,if cooking at a slow oven temp,my experience has been that there won't be as great a heat rise.

When we hot cook ,we pull from the heat at about 118º,and get as much as a 10º rise from the residual exterior.

This gives us med well done end pieces,mostly med rare,and even more rare center.

Maybe Stuart has cooked some of his fine standing ribs in the Amerique,and will chime in.
Having cooked two 7.5 lb bone in rib roasts just yesterday: Here is what I did.

I rubbed down the meat with generous amounts of freshly ground pepper and kosher salt after I rubbed it with rosemary (she didn't mind a bit)

Then I doused it with Worcester sauce and wrapped it and let it sit for about four hours. (had I been prepared this would have been longer.)

I let it sit on the kitchen table for about 4 or 5 hours before it went in the cooker. The internal temp was 54 degrees when the cooking started.

I ground on more pepper and put one in the smoker at 250. Thirty minutes later I put the second on in as well as the smoke box.

In the smoke box I had a couple chunks of garlic, some dried rosemary, about 2 ounces of hickory and one ounce of cheery.

It took about 3 ½ hours to get the first one to 118 which is what I chose based on everything I've read. This came out... wrapped in foil and towels and rested in the cooler for 30 minutes. Then it came out and opened up and put in the oven at 500 for 20 minutes to crisp up the fat. Out of the oven it came and covered up with a piece of foil for about 20 minutes prior to the knife.

The other one followed the same routine only the internal temp was taken up to 128 prior to removal from the smoker. It was surprising but I really didn't appreciate any significant difference in the two.

I left the temp on 250 at all times.

The above instructions are my interpretation of the various posts and recipes I've gleaned from this forum. The meat was wonderful.... It is a great starting point. I dare say it is a foolproof way of cooking ˜prime' rib and a great way for the novice to start out.

I never use recipes per se.... I do very little measuring and I don't take notes. I think the key points here with the rib roast are: Salt and pepper and ROSEMARY and internal temp of 118. Oh... don't forget a great piece of quality meat to start with.... Mine was Choice Herford at 10.99 a lb...
I must be missing something here. If you pulled the 2nd roast from the smoker at 128 then put it in a oven at 500 for 20 min. was there any pink left? What was the final internal temp? The reason I ask so many questions is I'll be smoking a roast for a group who likes there meat rare to medimum rare. Just a little past purple going on pink.
I keep wondering the same. If I put 2 - 4 pounders in a 500*F oven, won't they be cooking fast for 20 minutes? I plan on taking them to 120*F in a 235*F Smokette, bring in and go straight to the oven. Or should I let rest wrapped lightly until the temp starts falling, then put in the oven? I have 2 prime grade 4 pound Black Angus center cut boneless hunks. Lots of fat on them.
Good Afternoon, Roast Lovers....

My 6-rib roast I did recently was slow-roasted in my 008 much like those above. I followed Tom's advise on liquid; dousing it with Worcester sauce then rubbing liberally with Montreal Steak seasoning. The only added touch for me was to insert 5-6 cloves of garlic into the roast.

I didn't set out to 'smoke' it, but 2oz of cherry added just enough flavor to have people asking, "...huh? What was that?" And I had several sprigs of rosemary in the smoke box too.

Cranked it to 250 and took it out at 120. Wrapped it in foil & newspaper and coolered it for an hour. Internal temp was 130 when I sliced it. Rave reviews!!
Originally posted by jimfromweymouth:
Thank you Smokin. One last question. How many times should I open the door Big Grin

As few as possible. It will let out the smoke and the heat, then it has to cycle up to recover the temp.

When I cook it at the end, at the higher temp, I use my thermapen to keep an eye on the temp. I like to do no more than 125 because we like it MR.
Ok, you guys talking about prime rib are making me hungry! In everything I have read above no one has mentioned a long "rest."

I looked for Stuarts PR primer and couldn't find it. I did however find this thread in which Stuart talks about a three hour rest at a low temp (125˚). I am assuming this is for juiciness...?

Asking questions now as I plan on trying my first PR after the first of the year. Got way to much brisket on my hands now or I'd give it a shot sooner.

Anyway, I thought looking at Stuart's PR documentary might help us all.
When I cook it at the end, at the higher temp, I use my thermapen to keep an eye on the temp. I like to do no more than 125 because we like it MR.

Thanks again Smokin. I'll be shooting a little lower 120 for rare. I figure I'll pull it from my 55 around 110~115 then throw it in my gas grill between 500~550 for ten minutes.

I'm in the process of cooking eggplant parmesan for a side dish for the PR. I did it last year except I used an offset smoker for the PR. Most everyone who heard I was serving a side of eggplant parm had mixed feeling about it. After the meal they couldn't believe how well it went with the PR.

I cut the eggplant in three eigths inch thick slices, bread them and fry in half olive oil and vegetable oil with onions and garlic. For the sauce I use canned tomato sauce, a good amount of honey and garlic, basil and one half the amount of basil for the oregano then topped with provolone. Then I bake it in a normal over for 45 minutes covered with foil at 350~375.

As far as opening the door, I was just messing with GLH Roll Eyes
Last Thursday I smoked my first PR in my 55. I had it set midway between 150 and 225. When the internal temp hit 110 I took it out of the 55 and let it rest until the temp started to drop. When I took it out of the smoker I thought I blew it. Very little grease drippings in the smoker and greyish dry looking. I then put in my gas grill at arouund 450~525 without a drip pan. Not a good idea. I was lucky and saw the smoke and knew I had a grease fire going. Once I put a pizza pan under the PR and got the grill under control it took about 30~45 minutes to get the internal up to 130. All I can say is it looked awesome after the high temp shear. I cooked it for a guy at work being my guiena pig Wink When I do my PR for Xmas I won't taking it out of the smoker until it hits 115~120 then I will go directly to the grill with a drip pan.

Happy Holidays to All.
I have a 10lb Bone--in prime rib rolling in the cooker now- first one. I put in one small chunk of apple wood and set the timer for three hours @225. I am stuck at home with the kids and am trying to find someone to run up to my restaurant to get me a reading!!!!
I am not worried will post the results,

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