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Always wondered how the rich folks handled this kinda bizness. Mighty nice set ups on that. We go for the kind which a person can drag down the road. Gonna put some fresh air in the tires one of these days. The pit in the back ground is named Fred. I am the fat guy on the right I think.

Are you the third guy on the right? Can't tell Wink
Just received my SM025 yesterday afternoon. Picked up a small Suncast storage cabinet to house it and got everything setup today. Smoker was seasoned last night and I have 2 racks of pork ribs coming out in about 1 hour. This is my setup

I just got my (new to me, mfg 1997) SM008 cleaned up and painted. Installed on a heavy duty file cabinet with 4 in casters (also had to clean and paint cabinet too).  I also put in a red LED indicator light so I know when the element is heating (camera makes it look white, you can see the red color in reflection on top).

Doing a first smoke doing a dismantled turkey, using 3 oz cherry wood.  I have a new thermometer to try also- Inkbird IBT-4XS that is bluetooth and can have 4 sensors.Irst Smoke-turkeySM008 on cartLED indicator


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