New to the forum's and to the Cookshack line. Just got done ordering the SM020. I have been smoking with a propane vertical smoker but wanted something that need's a little less babysitting.
Heard great thing's about the Cookshack product and look forward to making some good BBQ!! Tim
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You won't be sorry.I've had my Cookshack smoker for 4 years and I keep learning new things with the help of the people here. Welcome to the forum and please do post your results.
Hi CT-Q,Im thinking of buying a SM025 and did a lot of research for it and the Traegers pellet grills .Would you recomend the SM-025 and is the smoking flavor really good .?
Thanks Ray Plainville CT
Let me put it this way. I'm a big fan of BBQ. With the assistance of the fine folks on this forum, I can turn out better "Q" than I can get in most BBQ joints. It's the best purchase you will make if you like good "Q". I can only offer my experience with The Cookshack model I have. You can't fault it, it's built like a tank and the company offers excellant customer service as well as making this forum available to us.
Thank you for your advice.I would think the SM 20 is the same as the SM 25, other then the probe.Can you taste the smoke in the meat ?

Thanks again neighbor Ray
Yes, you will taste the smoke. It may be a bit different than what you're accustomed to...but, trust me, it's better. The smoke you'll get out of the CS is more pure in flavor.

You won't see a lot of white/ashey smoke...which by the way is not the smoke that tastes good; that's the smoke that creates a bitter, acrid taste. This will be much smoother, though you can still overdo even with the CS...should you want to.

Second, there's no 'propane taste' to the meat. I know...clean propane...but, I can taste the difference, and YOU, too, will like the difference.

Good move to Cookshack!
We'll I just got the smoker this afternoon!!! Can't wait to season it tommorow and start smoking away this weekend. The only problem I encountered was some shipping damage insided the unit(box on outside was perfect). I do agree about something having to be done about better securing the item's placed inside the smoker during transit. The racks were bent a little funny after the weight of the wood bent them and a small ding on the floor of the unit from that also. Everything else was fine and I could'nt be happier with my purchase.
Originally posted by Tim S:
... I do agree about something having to be done about better securing the item's placed inside the smoker during transit.

CS responded to a thread about this a few weeks ago and indicated changes had been made.

the BEST thing to do is call them and let me know exactly what happened.

Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the group.
Got my 20 a couple of weeks ago. I've already got a thermometer if I need one, so I didn't bother with the 25. Making my second batch of ribs and a brisket as I type. Though I didn't see much of a smoke ring the first time, you can definitely taste the smoke, actually think I may have over smoked them the first time. Little less wood this time around. We'll see how this batch comes out.

Cook Shack... Now that's some good eatin'
You won't get a smokering in the Cookshack unless you throw a couple charcoal briquettes into the wood box. Go to "find" at the top of this page and enter "smoke ring". You'll get a lot of information on the value and method of smoke ring.

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