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Hey guys this is my first post but have been learning from the site for about a month now. I need a little help with this question. I would like to smoke some stuffed boneless chicken breasts. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have read that you really have to be careful about the stuffing temperature. Should I concentrate on that temp or strictly the breast. This all came about from watching a video on youtube, here is the link . He cooks his at 212 for 3 hours, man that seems like a long time. What do you think? What are your thoughts on his cooking process? Thanks
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Also, the breasts are wrapped in bacon. I noticed in Mainely Dave's site that he cooked some bacon at 250 for 2 hours to get it good and done. I guess this would also come into play for the stuffed breasts. Are there too many things having to get done at different times to do this? I just don't want to end up with chicken jerky trying to get the bacon done:-)
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Method. I've seen his videos before and smoking in pans is just silly, but don't get me started on that method

Rub Rub the chicken before you put the bacon on. Seems silly to season pepper bacon. He used Bad Byron's which many people find salty, that that into consideration with whatever rub you use.

Stuffing The reason stuffing can be a risk is if you're using raw stuffing. He used pre-cook stuffing and if you do that there is no problem. IF you use something that needs to be cooked and stuff it raw into the chicken, then you have to monitor the temp of that to determine doneness.

Time Gotta laugh "look at that, look at that" but he doesn't have a CLUE as to what temp that chicken is. I don't play games with my poultry. Maybe he's checking it, but he doesn't say.

I also would finish it so the bacon is a little more cooked, but it had to really tell.

Smoke it low for two hours, say 180 to 200 for some smoke, then kick it up to max. You'll have to monitor the chicken to determine if it will be jerky or not. You could also brine the chicken to help that problem.
To tag onto Byron's Buttrub,it has multiple peppers and no sugar,so it can be pretty hot, to many folks.

Haven't watched the video,but another trick with bacon,is buy thin/cheap and precook a little in the microwave,then stretch it thin around the breasts.

Sounds like a lot of effort ,for what you will wind up with,but all of us have been thru the "smoke everything" phase and do things to prove we can. Big Grin

That way,you have it behind you,and won't need to do it again. Wink

Like Smokin' says,brine the breasts.

Smokin' is the master of brines,and about the only guy I know that does good breast fillets.
Seems the bottom line is: the stuffing should be safe to eat at the time you stuff the breast. Plus you're not stuffing a cavity. Chickens harbor salmonella in their guts, when they are degutted (which aint too carefully) the intestines tend to tear and release the bacteria. It gets into the tissue in the cavity. While the breast, thigh, whatever, might get into the safe zone the cavity might not making the stuffing, which is now also contaminated, unsafe to eat.
Originally posted by doogster:
... It gets into the tissue in the cavity. While the breast, thigh, whatever, might get into the safe zone the cavity might not making the stuffing, which is now also contaminated, unsafe to eat.

Just to be clear, you talking about stuffing "cavity" in a whole bird or turkey? Not a chicken breast.

I think it's pretty safe what he's wanting to do. Cook the stuffing, you'll be fine.
Okay I am floored. I brined my breasts and threw them in the smoker at 200 and went to get a hair cut. Came home and and jumped the temp up to 225 after 45 minutes. In 20 minutes the probe says they are done. I can't believe it but pull them out and wrap in a little foil because I am so early. Bring them upstairs and wife can't believe it. She takes the thickest breast out and slices right through it. Looks great! She begins to eat and tells me she could eat this chicken everyday. Kids tried a bite and loved it. Thanks Smokin for the brine recipe. I just can't believe they got done so quickly. Excellent chicken though. It doesn't really make a pretty breast does it? Maybe next time I will take out at 150 and throw them on the grill for a little bit.
Originally posted by iTide:
... Thanks Smokin for the brine recipe...

Yeah, I get that a lot, but it never gets old to hear. Glad it helped.

How long was the total cook (you know hair cut time)?

How was the bacon?

Oh, you DID take pictures for me didn't you.... LOL
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People need to brine,several things/occasions to appreciate the process.

The new pork is bred so lean[loins,etc],that even fine chefs,etc. can't cook it for the restaurants.

They even have pots of pork chops in brine.

Wildfowl is virtually worthless,without brining.

Many vendors/caterers won't serve breasts/fillets because of the cook and hold problem.

Large corps,like Tyson,etc load up all the pork/poultry,etc with salt water, because it makes a lot of money selling salt water at top meat price. Eeker

Plus ,it cooks much better for the home cook.

I'm not sure why Smokin' got as involved in brining,but he is recognized as one of the experts in the field.

I've refered a passle of comp cooks to his work,and they live by it.

He even teaches it to comp cooks at the FEC competition classes.

At first blush,it seems like a small hassle,but it turns the " common every other cook in the neighborhood",into the one "master".

Plus,Smokin' learned to take all that cheap saltwater stuff from the box stores,and change the flavor-as well as tenderness/moistness.

All we need to do,is do a side by side taste test with the neighbors,and we'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it.

IMHO,going into summer,this could be the single biggest advance most of us may make in our cooking.

Now,next thing ya know,my fellow hillbillies, down in Arkansas will have new "tree rat" brines at the Rod,Gun,and Homebrew Meetin's. Wink
Well total cook time was 65 minutes. I just threw in the hair cut info because how cool is it that you can leave the smoker and go on about your business;-) I left out the bacon. Decided might be more trouble than it is worth. I did however throw on some stuffed jalapenos with bacon and I left them in for an extra hour. They were perfect. That just might be my new favorite food.

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