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1st post. Just ordered a sm020 (been obsessing over BBQ for a couple of weeks now). Here's the rub (pun intended)... my wife doesn't like smokey tasting foods. Bit of a problem, yeah? Red Face Anyways, has anyone found any success (or even tried) with using a very minimal amount of wood during their smoke? I may be able to get her to eat pork butt or brisket with a HINT of smoke but probably not much more. Thanks!!!
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You can get less smoke flavor by using less wood. Start out with less wood, say 2 oz., and see how it turns out. You can always add more as you desire on subsequent smokes.

Funny. My wife and I can't seem to get enough smoke flavor. We have done tri tip and pork loin with a little smoke flavor, and the meat came out very tender, moist, and tasty. That's what make this whole thing so beautiful. Lots of flexibility to each one's personal taste.

Yep,sometimes a hint of smoke can accent flavors,rather than leave folks belching creosote.

Fortunately, the CS burns very efficiently,so that helps a bunch.

Also, try some lighter woods on her.

There are folks that just use the existing smoke ,off the walls,to lightly flavor poultry and seafood.

Last approach is just cook her a butt in the kitchen oven,at 225º,and you have the smokeless smoker.
Apple goes well with pork,as does peach.

Just a thought.
You could also go the F route.

Cook here's separate from yours and foil it after it hits a specific temp, that way it will have a hint of smoke, but not overkill.

I'll bet though that if you only use a couple of Oz, she won't even taste it. MOST Q places out there just oversmoke their food and that might have thrown her off
My father spent time in Florence, South Carolina, and there they cook their pulled pork in gas-fired metal roasters without any wood smoke. There is a small amount of smoke flavor from the fat dripping on the hot metal, but not enough for me to tell the difference between their barbeque and my pork roast.

That being said, you can take a pork butt, add a generous amount of salt and pepper, and roast it in any electric smoker without wood. It will still tenderize and pull, and have slightly more smoke flavor than you would get in your oven, but not much. Add the vinegar based Carolina sauce and you get a pretty good sandwich, but not the product your smoker was designed to make.
Good responses. Thanks. I think what I'll do is go pretty minimal, maybe just 1 or 2 oz of wood and maybe a briquette, and see what happens. I think she has had chicken and maybe a ham that were way oversmoked. I just bought a couple of nice whole chickens and a couple of pork butts. I'll do the pork butts first and see what happens!!!
Got my Smokette on Thursday. Seasoned it Friday. Saturday 7am put in a 6.5lb pork butt with 3-4 oz of hickory. Seasoned it with some garlic salt and a light sprinkle of brisket rub. Put the smoker at 225.

7am temp was 30
11am temp was 135
1pm put the smoker to 250 after reading a post from Tom on the boards - temp was 150
3pm temp jumped to 175
5pm temp was 195

opened the door for the first time (killed me not opening the door) and saw exactly what we all hope to see which was a nice, crispy outside pork shoulder. Pulled it out and wrapped it in foil. Keep it foiled for an hour or so, company arrived, pulled that little piggy into shreds and wowed everyone with how great it turned out. Using just that small amount of wood was perfect. Not too smokey so the wife loved it. I even remembered to foil the darn thing and put down the drip pan. Clean up wasn't too bad. Next up is a big brisket (14lbs) for UFC 97 on April 18. Thanks all!

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