Curious what everyone's go-to pellet brand and flavor is?

Some other forums pointed me to Cookin Pellets brand a few years ago.  The flavor was great, but man they really built up a ton of residue on the walls of my smoker.

A couple of years ago I thought I would give the Pitboss pellets a shot.  Sounded too good to be true to get a 40lb bag for less than $20 bucks at lowes/TSC.  But I love 'em.  Good flavor, not too much ash and definitely alot less soot than the other guys.

As for flavor, I tend to go for the blends.  I'm too lazy to switch out based on what I'm cooking and the blends seem to have treated me pretty well.

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I don't have a pellet cooker, but I've been using the Pitboss pellets for smoking on my gas grill, things like shrimp and wings, using the A-maz-n smoker tube. The flavor is great.

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are there any major retailers that sell rectec pellets that you know of?  don't think I have ever seen them around here.

I'm ordering from amazon,

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You could try Lumberjack Brand.  We get them for $8.88 a 20 lb bag at Rural King.  Good flavor, burns up good, not much soot on inside of smoker, and you can blend them easily.  I use them on our FEC300 and we took best brisket last year at 2 competitions.  Didn't do a darn thing different for comp than i do for everyday sales. 

@Don Bailey - Thanks for the tip!  I see that there are several dealers in my area that carry that brand, so I will scout around.  I also see that Dick's sporting goods carries them so I will head there if I strike out with the mom-n-pop shops...

Most recently, I’ve been using Lumberjack, either Hickory, Oak, and the Cherry/Hickory/Maple blend. Burns well, good flavor, but seems to generate a pretty fair amount of ash.

Picked up a few bags of Lumberjack from a local market that carries them.  Price was great and they have a loyalty program (buy 10 bags get 1 free).  Once I finish burning through my stash of pitboss and treager pellets, I'll be putting them to the test.  Based on the recommendations, I have high hopes!  Will keep y'all posted.

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