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I have to say I'm so excited, my first Independence weekend with my cs020. I'm just about packed and ready for the trip to the lake, just wanted to wish all my friends good Qing this weekend. May we remember our Armed Forces as we enjoy the freedom earned by them.

I'm a fixing to smoke brisket,PBs, and ribs. How about you?
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I'm going to smoke a brisket flat, the biggest and thickest one I can find that is choice or better. I've never done a flat before, and I just want to try it. I won't have any company over, so I don't mind experimenting.

I'll also throw in some more eggs to smoke. The ones I did last week came out great.

Chicken pieces, probably leg quarters and breast quarters. It'll be my first chicken in the Amerique.

Maybe a rack or two of ribs.

I love smoked leftovers, lol.
Originally posted by AndyJ:
Just got back from Restaurant Depot with a Brisket and Port Butts. Also making Pork Peckers and smoked baked beans. First time I've been able to find a packer, no one around here carries them. Also there may be some adult beverages involved in the form of large amounts of Margaritas!

Hey AndyJ,

How are the prices at Reastaurant Depot compared to Costco or Sams?
3 racks of spares for me, the wife and the inlaws.

Timing's gonna be a little tricky though. Got snookered into driving the float for the wife's work in the parade. Gotta be to the staging area (10 min. from home) about 9:30.

Debating whether to throw into the SM025 at 9 at 200*, banking on being back before 12:30-1:00 (parade's at 11, so thinking its likely). Would then FTC and finish on the grill at the inlaws (we'd probably eat around 5). OR, throw in as soon as I get back and wait til they finish and FTC and head off to the inlaws (about a 20 min. drive), which leaves less time for visiting (which w/ the inlaws, I actually enjoy)!

Other than that... probably some baked beans (from scratch in the smoker), some tater salad and maybe a pretzel torte for dessert.

Everyone enjoy the 4th!
Originally posted by RibDog:
Here in the Tampa Bay Area, the PBs at Sam's were $1.30 case price yesterday. Case price at RD is $1.14 through the 15th of July.

John is the case price something different from the advertised per pound price at Sam's? I'm guessing you have to ask for it, and buy a whole case of something to get that price? About how much PB is that?
Did 18 racks of loinback ribs this morning. Have ~40# of boneless chicken parts to smoke tonight for chopping into chicken Q. And about 30# of country style pork ribs I sell as "boneless" rib sandwiches. Already have about 50# of pork BBQ to sell. Started to pick up some chuck roast this afternoon for chuckies, but thought I already had enough going on. I like to keep it simple.
fired up my new 45 yesterday with 2 racks of baby b's and 1 rack of spares...3.5 hours like Smokin O recommended, might have gone a little less time I think...tempered the machine on Sat for 4 hours, 4 oz, was surprised to find out that they were just barely seared, not burned out at all, had about 3.5 oz left of solid wood...burned all 2 oz yesterday, though, that's a relief....many thanks to Smokin O, Rib Dog, and others whom I've read over the past few years before finally buying this month!! Glad that i waited years for the improvements (probes, electronics) to be included...and all the advice on these forums...can't wait to do a butt....THANKS KAREN, Thanks all you Cook Shack craftsmen & women....what a jewel this smoker is!!! These forums are definitely part of the Shack's success....
For the past 10 years we’ve traveled to a second home in Florida for an extended 4th of July weekend. The highlight of each visit has always been an evening cookout and party on the beach with a lot of friends followed by the community sponsored fireworks display launched from a barge towed about a mile offshore.

This year we were overly busy and could not make the trip so we decided to have a party at our home in the Chicago area for around 50 friends, family, and neighbors. It seemed to be an ideal occasion to bring a lot of good people together, and also a perfect reason to commence an overdue freezer dump.

I’m probably forgetting some things, but the primary items served on Sunday were as follows:

•50 bacon wrapped chicken wings served with 2 sauces - traditional blue cheese, and honey-beer-5 spice.
•24 deviled eggs (48 halves). Half of them had a blue cheese stuffing, and the other half had a fresh tuna and chopped olive stuffing.
•10 racks of BB ribs cut into quarters, rubbed, smoked, and served dry with 6 sauces on the side ranging from icky sweet to incendiary. Guess which went first?
•8 lbs of pulled pork served on potato buns with an apple cider finishing sauce, and an optional mustard sauce.
•7 lbs of shredded cochnita pibil served on small tortillas with a thin layer of avocado sauce and topped with habanero pickled onions.
•8 quarts of gumbo – chicken, andouille, and shrimp.
•10 quarts of smoked vegetable gazpacho.
•2 brined king salmon fillets, each around 5 lbs. One had a honey-ancho glaze, and the other was not glazed, but served with a blackberry-chipotle sauce.
•Grilled burgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, and Italian sausages.
•Sides consisted of smoked baked beans with bacon and chopped smoked brisket, grilled corn on the cob slathered with a mix of mayo and sour cream, chile powder, and crumbled cheese, and a large variety of salads.
•Dessert consisted of sliced watermelon and mango, along with a large selection of baked goods brought by some of the guests.
•Needles to say, an overabundance of beverages, adult and otherwise.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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