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Thought ya'll might like to catch up on drbbq,a long time forum member,instructor at Cookshack classes,long time comp cook on FEC 100s.

Posted by drbbq on April 04, 2011 at 21:04:50:
BBQ competition on TV is back and this one is looking really good. Myron, Tuffy, Bubba-Q from Georgia, and Neal Strawder from California were cooking and me, Chris Lilly, and Mike Lake we're judging. Look for it in may on CBS. Lot's more to come.

Next,Saw you on local TV eating turkey at Big Bob Gibson's last week. What a job!

This last is one of drbbq's many visits on the Food Channel.This one on "Greatest Thing I Ever Ate"

Those of ya'll from the comp circuits and dining in north Al know Chris and the great turkey and wonderful pies at Big Bob Gibson's.
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Originally posted by JT Smokin:
Speaking of BBQ on TV, did anyone catch the Best In Smoke on the Food Channel last night? It seems to have a little more class than season 2 of Pit Masters. At least no Reptiles yet.

I watched it, but was kind of disappointed (maybe it's because I don't know much about BBQ competitions). Why were the contestants only given 4 hrs? Speed BBQ? Isn't "low and slow" the way to go?

Is this normal for competitions?
Why were the contestants only given 4 hrs? Speed BBQ? Isn't "low and slow" the way to go?

Is this normal for competitions?

No. KCBS contestants can begin cooking once the meat is inspected...usually Friday afternoon. Then it's up to the cooks to determine when to start cooking.

I rolled my eyes at the 4 hr time limit, too. How Brad Orison had his ribs done on time, given his pit issues had me scratching my head.

TV producers just can't seem to get BBQ right, albeit this is Best in Smoke.
At experienced contests,with plenty of KCBS help,we are often inspected by late morning.They will graciously hold the window open for late arriving teams-as late as needed.

A few cooks could arrive at 6 AM Friday. Eeker

Many teams have all the entries trimmed at home,or Thurs evening-if they arrive that early.

Of course,no meat prep is allowed until after inspections.

Discussions indicate this "series" will be the closest to actual comp cooking,but we all know there will have to be some "drama" to interest "real housewives" watchers. Big Grin
Reality TV has little do do with reality. Reality TV has to do with attracting the dumbest viewers who are willing to watch a contrived program. With all the money involved, does anyone think these TV producers do not have a script?

The public television(PBS) has about the only true shows on cooking. Let's not kid ourselves. Cooking is time consuming and not as exciting as sex (Well, at my age I might want to reconsider that statement.) Cooking is delayed gratification. TV is not.

This is why so many of us are on this wonderful forum. Remember the motto "It's not done until it's done."
Well I watched it... and I don't know how to respond.

There was no WOW for me, seems to be a remake of other BBQ shows.

But I have FN points for TRYING to do BBQ.

Typical FN kind of show and I watch of number of them.

I watched it because it was BBQ and I know a couple of the competitors but as always I'm not impressed by the judges.

Amy Mills? Really? He DAD knows BBQ and she wrote a book but she's not the BBQ expert in that family.

The chef judge. I'd hate to be judged in my bbq by a chef.

At least Chris(s) tried to learn his lesson and listened to the judges critque and modify.

In the end I'm pretty ho hum about the whole thing. Nothing to get excited about but good news it will be a short series.
Sorry Pags, if Professional Chefs are going to judge BBQ to "chef" standards, then they're missing the point.

They're judging this like Fine Dining and I for one NEVER want my Q to be considered fine dining.

Nothing against chefs, I know quite a few, it's the format / content of the judging itself.

The little things that ordinary folks,some chefs included,may learn.

BBQ is not firing up the gasser,while the neighbors share cocktails.

They all know it is hotdogs and hamburgers,but maybe they will get a "real bbq chef" like Bobby Flay teaching the secrets to cooking a steak?

Also,"smoking" is not what the change in wind direction blows in your eyes when the burgers drip on the gas element and starts the grease fire.
When someone mentions we cook on the BBQ circuit,
the # 1 question we get won't be,"I guess your secret sauce is the real secret"? Roll Eyes

I don't have to really watch it,but hopefully the 99% of the folks we meet might? Smiler
I think we all enjoyed the first season of Pit Masters. That show was not a reality show, but a how it's done show. Now that the Bench Mark has been set, we compare all BBQ shows to that one. The main thing is that BBQ is on TV. Sure networks strive to please the masses, and we don't agree with every thing they do, we have to show some support and hope some one, some day will do it right. Maybe it will be over Labor Day weekend.
Until that day comes I only hope when they get it right they will continue to do it more than one season.
Boring and lame show. First, I always hate when they have these shows and make everyone cook something different. Fish and ribs? Come on! Anyway, I am with JT. The first Pit Masters was good. It was just more real and not "reality" TV. I really don't understand why cooking channels can't have shows about cooking. The sad thing is, I will most likely watch the next episode.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
I'd hate to be judged in my bbq by a chef.

Coming from a pro chef I tend to agree. Even someone with a degree from Culinary Institute of America may or may not have a sense of flavor profiles relevant to BBQ. Now if the chef were familiar with KCBS judging criterion, that's another story. Of course we know there's a lot of comp judges who aren't qualified to cook hot dogs on a gasser Smiler

What I have noticed, beginning with Pitmasters I, they always include a pompous chef on the judging panel who's seemingly scripted to be a curmudgeon.

While I was disappointed overall with "Best" I'll probably stay watching to see how Chris Hart finishes...and to gawk at Brad's sisterBig Grin

Side note: I don't believe for one second Chris Hart mistakenly started his chicken 2 hrs early

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