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I ordered the SM025 directly thru Cookshack. Karen was very helpful answering a few questions. Previously did my smoking indirectly on my gas grill using a smoker box. Mainly smoking baby backs or chicken legs or wings. Looking forward to some pork butts and beef briskets, whole chickens. Looking forward to the CS smoking experience!

Spartyon:  I would call Cookshack direct.  They are very good about helping out.   You will be talking directly to the people that built your smoker.  They will walk you through how to diagnose what the problem is.  I don't know how long you have had your unit, or how clean it is.  I have been running mine for a long time and need to clean it up again.  There is a little probe that sticks out of the inside back of the smoker.  Every time I have had any problems with temps, I either needed to clean the probe, or I had something to close to it.  

I think Mike is on to something. You either have a probe problem, or a controller problem, or a heater problem . Something is telling the heater to shut down with an actual internal temp that is less than the set temp. Or, all the heat it can put out is not enough. For my AQ, I've never tried to cook as high as 300, so I can't say what my cooker's response to that is. It might be that that's the best it can do if your doors don't seal well and insulation is old. Best call CS.

Hi Jay,

I used to spend a lot of time online browsing the forums and life kind of got out in front of me for awhile, along with a desire to lose some weight, so I haven't used the smoker much.  I love my SM066, but I am going to have to see how well it maintains temp now that the "bomb cyclone" blew it over onto it's face last year and bent  the alignment of the hinges.

BBQ around my area seems to be Famous Dave's or Dicky Betts.  There was one local independent a few years ago but I didn't care for their product.  Apparently not alone in that as they lasted about six months.

Baby backs in the menu for today and gonna throw a pork butt in overnight.

Have a good weekend


Good morning,  I'm Ron from Aurora, Colorado, and I started with a CS SM 045 about 10 years ago before upgrading to an SM066 several years ago.  I probably don't use my smoker anywhere near as often as most customers, but when I do I enjoy it very much.  I'm a 40+ year engineer in the telecom and broadband industry, and in a few years I hope to be doing a lot more Q-ing as every day will be a Saturday.  Lisa and I are empty nester's who enjoy wine, cooking, travel and music.


Hi...   have been with this forum since 2003 but not really getting the hang of this new forum.  Think this is my first post in about 6 years.  Have a model 55 which is built like a tank and has been working without a hitch for the last 15 years.  Do most everything with it including salmon, double smoked bacon, turkey and the usual ribs and brisket.  If you haven't tried it, look for the recipe for "Smokey Joe's".  Very good for serving to groups.  Would like to try a meatloaf but wife says she doesn't want smoke on her meatloaf.  I guess that's ok but maybe I'll do one just for myself some day.

Hi Ho Neighbors!

Long time no see, lost my password and the lost password link here doesn't work very well. But I finally found the elusive password. Popped in to see what's new. Not much has changed with me, FEC100 still going strong, although I'm thinking of replacing the controller.  How's everyone been?

@Jeeeensy posted:

Been lurking  for a while on n off,  about time I surfaced and said hi,, HI.,...

Have SM 160 ( that's packed up ) will get to looking at is soon to see what the problem is.

Best Regards


HI,., Problem solved,, door switch was gunked up,, a quick spray with electrical cleaner and a pair of long nosed pliers , a few tugs on the button to release it and works perfectly now,,

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Hey All, I've had a cookshack for about 15 years, but haven't been active in the forum for quite awhile.  I only smoke a couple times a year.  I do the usual, pork shoulder, chicken, brisket.  I have recently acquired two sons-in-law that have a competitor's brand smoker that starts with a T******.  They use their smokers a couple times a week for all kinds of stuff.  I felt that I was being "challenged" and now am smoking more often.  Love my smoker and now wonder why I let some much time go by.

Thanks for reaching out.  I have an oldie.  It is a smokette.  Not sure if it is the 020 or the 025.  It is in great shape.  I bought a 5# prime rib to smoke for tomorrow.  I have a couple friends coming over.  I am going to rub it with spices tonight, wrap it,  and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  It is hard to find a recipe for a portion of a prime rib.  After reading several posts, I think I am going to let it come to room temp, and then smoke it at 225F for about 2 hours.  I will use the meat probe and pull it around 100F.  Then, maybe put it in a 450 oven for about 20 min to bring the temp up to 125F.  Does this sound about right?  I am shooting for rare to medium rare.

I sort of do what you are talking about.  I do a salt, pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion fresh rosemary and thyme rub the night before.  I don't wrap the PR while it is in the fridge.  When I am ready to start it I put the cold PR in the cold smoker and set the smoker temp at 225 degrees.  When the PR reaches 110 degrees internal temp I pull it out of the smoker and put it in a 375 degree oven until it reaches 125 degrees internal temperature.  I pull the PR out of the oven and wrap it in foil and then into a warm cooler for an hour or more.  The reason for doing the cold PR and cold smoker is to get as much time as possible in the smoke.  Give this a read also:  NEW 2010 Prime Rib 101 | Cookshack .

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