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So it finaly arrived, after much drama with UPS. The end result. A cute little young lady tossed the 90 pd package in the back of her pickup and delivered it herself. The box was damaged all to hell but the smoker was unharmed. Here are some pictures of the smoker and a few misc. other things I got going on.

It's Seasoning! Visable smoke at around 220 degrees.

One of the packages of PB from CostCo.

Lawrys SS and the Rib Rub that came with the smoker.

Ahhh relaxing with a beer waiting for the seasoning of the smoker to finish and for midnight so I can put the PB's in.

Loaded and ready to go! Both bigger ones on the bottom fat side down and the two smaller ones on top.

7 hours in @ 225 and at 175 degrees.

Pulling after 13 hours in the smoker and 3 hours in FTC. I only left it in there that long because dinner was at 5:30pm. Meat was still hot!!

Added Smokin's mop sauce as a finisher.

The plate! The finishing sauce was outstanding and got awesome reviews on the whole meal. The meat was moist when we pulled it and had outside crispy parts that were my favorite part.
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If you have one of the lower ones probed, I would leave it alone and don't open until it hits your target temp. That could be as low as 192-195 to as much as 200-205. In my Amerique, the right temp is the lower range most of the time. If you pull at a lower temp and FTC, the PB will still be almost too hot to handle for as long as 6-7 hrs. The FTC period allows the meat to continue to cook and break down the meat fibers making it tender and allowing the juices to redistribute.
Thanks Mike. I did decide to open it dang it. But I learned something. I had it right. The picture must be misleading. When I picked up the right one 1/3 of it seperated. This gave me reason to taste a little bit at 175 degrees. OH MY GAWD!! I could eat it now!! I shut the door and am going to let it get to that range and FTC until my guests arrive.
I am seriously trying not to worry. Cause everything I have read sais I am in plateau. The cookshack probe that is in the smaller PB on the top shelf has been at 168-173 for 5.5 hours now. The larger one on the bottom is at 180. Is it common to be in the plateau this long? My temp is 225. Thanks for responding.

I also noticed I am leaking out of a weld in the rear bottom part. Is this common or not a big deal. It isnt flowing but a drip every once in a while.
Made 4 racks of loin ribs yesterday. 3hrs on the nose at 225o. They were outstanding and my family really enjoyed them. Got comments like "the best I have ever tasted". They were not "fall of the bone" but the bone was clean when we were done. I slathered them in mustard, rib rub from cookshack and some Lawrys SS. I finished them on the grill after applying some bbq sauce.
Thanks Mike, I have had my eye on that one and will try it very soon.

Question to anyone- I was glad that I was able to move the top shelf up onto the top of the shelf bracket and slide it in. It gave me just a half inch or so of more clearance that I needed. You can see in the picture how the top sheld is sitting above the bracket. Was this made by design?
All 4 LBs were just under 2 lbs. I knew that what most of what I read was people using 2.5 lbs+ so I thought I would just be safe to check at 3 hrs and monitor for 20min intervals. But they were done at 3. I used the toothpick test and it slid in like butter on 2 of them. So I pulled them all and finished on the hot grill for about 2 minutes each side after I coated them in sauce. I also used a 6x rib rack on top of the lower rack with the top rack out.
Originally posted by cal:
I see! Most folks would call those ribs Baby Back ribs. You'll not gain much cooking time by opening the cooker at 20 minute intervals, but it looks like that was not needed anyway. Good job.

Actually Cal the package said Loin Back. I know what BB's are. These were cut funny. Almost in an elongated triangle. If that makes any sense? I bought them from a place called Food 4 Less. I don't usually buy meats from them but these were on sale at a decent price.
Does it make sense? Nope. It can all be very confusing to me and just to think Smokin' says not to over think Qing...LOL.

Good example, I bought a case of IBP Supreme Baby Back ribs from Sams, it says so right on the package, and I GUARANTEE that if I cook these 3 lb LB's,opps I mean BBs(it says so) for 3 hrs at 225* things are gonna be tuff.

Just cause a company/store puts it on the package doesn't mean anything. I like to think that BBs and LBs come from the same cut/area. It just seems some folks will call the small size BBs and the heaver ones LBs. It seems that the LBs will have more loin meat on the top side and the BBs have been trimmed closer.

Maybe it all has something to do with marketing, who knows? It is a very good idea to keep good notes on the weights of the ribs when cooking them, that I do know!

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