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I was all set to make the brine and purchase some salmon from Costco. Seems now they only carry farm raised as opposed to wild. Any thoughts on farm raised versus wild?

It's been my experience that the wild is more solid than the farm raised salmon. Handle it a little more carefully as you don't want it to break.

That being said, it is better than nothing.

Well you are correct. It is better than nothing. Will get some from Costco next time and will try your recipe which I am very interested to try. Just smoked some snack sticks which came out fine. Prior to that about two weeks ago I smoked a prime packer brisket using Franklin BBQ's recipe. Wow, was that ever fabulous. Thanks for the hand holding.

Yes I had noticed your mention of TQ in your original recipe, but had (perhaps conveniently) forgotten it. Thanks for your reasons for your choice of cure over salt. I wasn't aware that the dose (so to speak) was so low; I'll have to do my homework on that. For me, shelf-life is not so important since we freeze everything we can't eat within a week.

As to the question about farm-raised, I have not tried to smoke it, but cooked fresh, we really don't like the flavor, even the "Norwegian" salmon that Whole Foods has on sale here now for $8.99 a lb. Having said that, I will admit that I occasionally have "Honey Smoked Salmon" out of Colorado (Atlantic farm raised), available here in Sam's Club, for breakfast, when in the depths of winter I can't get or make the real thing. It is really pretty good, although loose and fatty. Thanks again - all your posts are instructive!

Hope I don't violate some forum rules by posting this, but the following company sells wild salmon (and other seafood products) direct from Alaska. I use them frequently.

Wild Salmon
Looks great and thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it is a little too rich for my blood. Will have to keep perusing the aisles at Costco.

Mr T, another winner! Just tried this and it was AMAZING!  Can't believe I haven't done this sooner.  Thanks for sharing. 

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