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If I have to reheat, I like to place it in a pan with a lid or foil (tightly sealed). I will also add something like apple juice to it or a little sauce if your into presauced meat.

I don't want to heat it very high. I don't want to recook the meat.

Several small batches will work better than a large batch.

As with anything there are a number of ways. This is mine.

Good Luck.

One way I do it is to buy 6 oz. "squat" styrofoam cups from Smart and Final. They are very short(not drinking cups) and you can get lids for them. I put 4 or 5 oz. of pulled pork in each one and freeze them. This allow quick freezing/cooling for safety. Then when I want some I can just microwave and throw on a sandwich. Read this from others on the site and it has worked well for me. It also makes great sandwiches if you just microwave enough to thaw then throw it on a hot grill or pan with a little sweet basting sauce. The sugar carmelizes a little giving a little crunch and inhances the flavor a bunch.

I think Tom is trying to say that reheating pulled pork is not that involved to do. If the pork is already pulled, I just put it in a dish with some plastic wrap over it and pop it in the microwave for maybe 45 seconds to a minute at the most. This heats it up just enough for me without recooking the meat.

When I sell whole smoked pork butts to people, I instruct them to leave it in the foil and put it in a 275F oven for about an hour until the internal temp comes to 140 and then it is ready to take out and pull. Never had a complaint from any of my customers.
After reading the different ways suggested for re-heating pork, I wanted to share some knowledge regarding the act of using styrofoam in the microwave - don't do it!!! It breaks down the toxins and releases them as a gas. These chemical poisons can contaminate both the food and the air you breathe.

Other plastics do similar things when heated and that is why Nalgene has been banned in Canada for use with any consumable liquids.

Glass or stoneware works well in the microwave...

Uncle Al
I'm not wanting to make light of all the health issues involved,and there is probably a fine thread that can be covered at length,"somewhere else".

Charcoal ,smoke,standing outside in so. Ca,or MX,or the NE is not good for us.

I think we may be discussing how to eat a couple "happy meals" from Mc D,and a quick way to reheat the last 3,or 4 ,1/4 pounders.

Yes,there is probably a risk to eating anything,eating it with any condiment,washing it down with anything.

Wiping your mouth with any type knapkin.

Put stuff in a microwave,cover it with something,so it doesn't make a mess,eat it ,and move on.

Move ahead,go buy something,prep it someway,cook it somehow,serve it someway,eat the leftovers,or throw them away.

Man,if folks ever studied an ol' bbq joint-we wouldn't have bbq.

Thankfully,I'm old enough to eat stuff that seems good,and gamble on the remaining time.

That may be bbq and chili. Cool

Just my strong $0.02.
Amen on the Foodsaver. After I heat the frozen, sealed package, I empty water, open the bag and put it in the pot.Then I pull the pork to proper eating size over low heat and depending on moisture level, add a touch of Carolina vinegar sauce, if necessary. Taste as good as it did, right out of the black barrel!!

Over Dunn
we have a small steamer we use.It is cheap and holds just the right amount for us.We put water under the tray and in 20 minutes or less,you have moist,warm, bbq ready to eat.You could use other liquids if you want.I might try apple juice the next time after reading how some of you folks here use it.Just a thought.
Our steamer is just a small "Sunbeam Instant Steam" model for household use.
Apple juice is a cure-all for any BBQ. We like to take smoked BBR's and finish off at our tailgates for Kansas City Chiefs football games in the fall. We have a Coleman Roadtrip Grill, and we put the ribs in a foiled pan with apple juice and just heat up; nothing better and so easy.
I have this same thing coming up later in the week. I am smoking four butts, two bone in and two boneless in my 08. The smoke begining Wed night and going till finished on Thursday. I plan on using two shelves with the bone in on the bottom. I'm going to probe one of the upper butts and pull them all when it's done. (195). Foil them all and go to the fridge. Friday I am going to heat the 08 back up to 160 or so and put the foiled butts in with a probe in one of them. Pull them all @ 140? and shread the meat. This going in a foiled roasting pan and back in the box to keep warm (drop the temp to 140) until I serve.
Is my plan OK?
Hey Tom,
I've got a few hours do the reheating but I'll go to 200 as suggested.
Am I on the right track keeping them whole then reheating, then shredding? Or,shred right after smoking, then reheat the shredded meat?
I have to do the same thing with a few turkey breasts.
Also, I just received my Thermopen thing so I'll check each butt to make sure they are done.
Yep,keep all whole,until you have to stay ahead of the serving line.

Pull as you need.

Slice enough to stay ahead.

You can spritz your sliced turkey with apple juice.

If the pulled pork starts to look dry,mix in a little 50/50 apple juice/sauce and mix well.

If you really have to: put your prepped product in a foil half pan,moisten,cover with plastic wrap,and then foil.

Hold at 140*,until you serve.

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