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That's what I was thinkin. Never underestimate the power of the Pags!! All kiddin aside I do think (was it Smokin?) got his box like the next day, and sent out another one right after that.

I took a look back at the Feb exchange to see what my new recipient recived last time. Holy Smokes!! I'm lookin at this picture of what he got last time and this wimp little pile of stuff I've got gathered up and thinkin maybe I should send him patio furniture, outdoor kitchen something!!

There were some very nice boxes last time. I got one myself. I think I will see if I can round a little something more. (Kegarator?)

Hope everyone has fun with this. I know I will!!

Thanks Padrefan for your time and trouble to put this together.
Originally posted by cal:
Originally posted by S&H:
I was thinkin Pags shipped out the day before!! :-)

Yeah, I'm thinking it may have been a West Coast conspiracy....LOL!

It's good to be the Sauce/Rub exchange moderator. I wouldn't buy into the conspiracy theory though. I haven't even sampled Pags almonds yet, though I have used his recipe. Wink
Oh darn S & H, now I gotta search thru that Feb. exchange post and figure out if my recipient was in the last one!!!

By the way, IF anyone is sending me a T-Shirt, please make it and XXL. I shrink things.

BTW, we try to stick to sweet rubs and sauces, but there are always exceptions to the rule, last time I got Apple Jalapeno Rib Candy, WOW, that stuff is awesome, but I have yet to put it on meat, I use it on toast and bagels Big Grin
Steve u r too kind. I have been trying all sorts of hi-mtn combos and adding spice here and there, it all comes out edible. I think it is the smoking technique more than anything. Yes I am sending jerky this time as well and I believe I promised to send you more as well. If I cant find your address somewhere Ill pm u.
Originally posted by S & H:
AndyJ hope you get to feelin better. Holly knows when I hit the NyQuil it's bad.

Actually, just got off the phone with my hillbilly sister in law. Just down a ways south of you in Benton. Don't know why I didn't know about this "cure" earlier? Tea, lemon, honey and Jack! I'm loving this stuff!!!
Originally posted by Padrefan98:
I think I am all caught up on the shirt size requests. Please let me know if I missed anybody.

I know I have no room to talk cause I am a 2xl and shrinking, but there must be some relationship to our shirt sizes and cookshack. Nobody has said they are a medium or small. Hahah. Big Grin
Everone knows the old sayin don't trust a skinny cook, sounds like this bunch is very trustworthy. I'm an XL today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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