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Okay, so I did not want to annoy everyone by the oft repeated question so I searched and searched on this forum for an answer AND I called customer service. (weekend, so no luck) I just got my new smoker and was in the process of seasoning it last night. Two chunks of wood, and after 25mins got great smoke coming out of the beast. Left her alone when the temperature gauge was showing 120 or so. Checked back in 5 hours later and the digital readout only showed the temperature at 130. (never opened the door during this whole time) Shut it down and restarted, again without opening the door. Never got above 128 over the next 10 mins or so. Wood turned to complete white ash and the temperature FELT to be at the 200 level or so. So (sorry so long winded, but I really want some cue this weekend!) my question is, is this simply a faulty temperature sensor?
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Boy, in my Elite, my wood would never char at 130* let alone turn to ash, so, therefore, I would say it sounds like a faulty temperature sensor. I'm assuming you had the oven set to smoke at 225* or whatever.

If you want to cook this weekend, buy a cheap oven thermometer so at least you can determine if the smoker is heating properly. If it is, you can still smoke something. Ribs--do the toothpick test. PB, chicken, turkey, or something large, it would be helpful if you had an instant read thermometer or remote probe so you can check the product for doneness. Only the experienced guys can tell if something is even close to done.

Call Cookshack Monday. Whatever the situation, they'll take care of you.
Get the thermometer, check the temps against what you have. I have the AmeriQue and like Pags said, my wood won't start to smoke before about 110*. Use your new therm and probe the different shelves. If you stll have problems call Cookshack Monday morning!
I have the AQ set up and ready to go this evening for a 9.65# select packer brisket.I already have it cleaned, rubbed and in the fridge ready to go. Good luck.

Geaux Tigers! Razzer

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