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This is my first lengthy cook on my new SM066.   Every BBQ channel I watched on You Tube said pork loins take around 3-4 hours at 225.  I cut the loin into thirds and seasoned each piece with a different flavor rub.   

I just pulled mine at 2.5 hours and the temp was reading 150 to 160.  I checked all three with my Thermapen.  They have been FTCd.  I have ribs on there as well.  They by all accounts seem to be cooking properly.

I am trying to learn this smoker without all of my BBQ accoutrements.   This thing is way more efficient than my Webber. 

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I reckon if you had left the loin in one piece you might have matched the youtube timing, give or take a few minutes.  But I see you need for the trip-sect and using 3 different rubs.  And yet, these smokers are efficient.   For the ribs, use the tooth pick test (between meat and bone looking for resistance).  Very efficient. Enjoy!

@jay1924 posted:

With loin backs, I never wrap, and just wait till the toothpick test works and look for around 1/2 inch pull-back on the rib tips. Depending on the meatiness of the ribs and whether some loin meat was left on, the time can vary some, but usually 4 - 5 hours at 225. Bite-off, not pull-off, the bones.

This was a boneless pork loin.  I was surprised how quickly it was done.

My ribs were on there for 6 hours.  One rack probed like butter.  The other rack was a different story.  Half probed like butter the other half never did.  I wrapped these after 3.5 hours.  I used brown sugar, honey, and squeezable butter.  First time for me on that.  They were really tasty.

When I do ribs on my Webber it takes about 4 hours and they are pull off the bone and dry rubbed all the way.

@idahomike posted:

I would invest in a good remote read leave in thermometer.  I really like the Thermoworks Smoke.  I run my probe wires through the top vent hole so I am not pinching the wires in the door.

I have the Fireboard 2 Pro with fan and the Meater Block.  I have a Webber Kettle that is set up with the Slow N Sear.  I can smoke on it blind folded. 

I am trying to learn the smoker.   

I think the sweet spot on the SM066 is 250.  When I smoked my fattys on there at 275 they were great with a lot smoke.  Same thing with the shotgun shells.  I noticed at 225 there was a ton of moisture.   

Next is Salmon.  I have a recipe that calls for smoking at 150 for one hour and then 175 for the final two.  I have the cold smoke baffle.  Is 175 too hot for that use?

With salmon, I do about 35 lbs a year when Sockeye is in season. I use Mr. T's brine (look it up here) overnight in about 8 oz pieces, then dry with a fan on racks for about an hour to form pellicle. Then smoke over alder chunks (traditional Pacific Northwest) at 200 for about 90 minutes for an IT of 140 - 145. Then cool on racks and package to enjoy all winter. Make your own and good luck!

Note: This is hot smoke not cold smoke, I've never done cold smoke.

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The way the cold smoke baffle is supposed to be used is to put it in the freezer for 24-48 hours before the cook.  Once it is frozen, you start the smoker until you see a good plume of smoke coming out of the vent.  Turn the smoker off and let things smoke for an hour.  They are for cold smoking at temps below 90 degrees. 

Ok! Guess you're a neophyte then! 😁 Kidding, but I'll ask: I have a 8 inch tube pellet smoker (gives me about 1 1/2 hours of light smoke on my weber gas grill), and a larger one that extends to a much greater length for more smoke time. How much smoke, say, for a 4 lb block of cheddar? Does the tightness of he Amerique cause problems keeping it lit? Thanks!

Jay:  I do not do big blocks of cheese.  I break all of mine down into snack size pieces.  That 4 pound block would make 8 sticks the way I do cheese.  I have a 6" and a 12" tube.  In the 066 I get a little over 4 hours of smoke, and the 12" gets around 7 hours of smoke.  When I do harder cheese like chedder, I go with the long tube, and use the short tube for softer cheese like Havarti or Guda.  You are right about having a hard time keeping the tube lit in the 066.  I pull the wood box out, and place the tube right over the lower drain/vent hole.  You need to get a good burn going on the tube before you put it in the smoker, or it will go out.  I bought a wood clamp that is long enough to go over the top of the smoker and it holds the door slightly ajar while using the tube.  I place a big pan of ice on the bottom rack and position it right over the tube.  I turn my cheese every hour or so so that I get smoke on all 4 sides.  When the cheese comes out of the smoker and cools down to room temp. I put it in a zip lock and into the fridge for several days.  This seems to get a better smoke flavor deeper into the cheese.

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