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Smiler Washed 40 chicken wings. Cut off small pointed part and left the rest intact. Rubbed liberally with olive oil, then rubbed liberaly with a product called Chic Dust. I think it is available from a company called Townsend. I ain't sure cause it was give to me in a ziplock bag. Anyway, let stand in airtight container in fridge for approximately 36 hours. Put on bottom and middle racks in smokette on 225 for 2 hours with 2 oz. each apple, cherry, and hickory. Opened smoker and switched rack positions. Let smoke for one more hour. Took out and let air dry on kitchen counter while I cleaned things up. Put in airtight containers in fridge until time to eat tonight at work. There will be no complaints! Razzer
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Hi GLH!!!

Was there much fat left on the wings after they were done smoking? I find that if I leave my wings in for 3-4 hours they come out with most of the fat rendered off, but lots of grease drips out of the bottom of the smoker, so I have started leaving a disposable foil drip tray underneath the hole in the bottom of my smoker. This eliminates a lot of the clean-up afterwards.
I often toss my wings on the grill for a few minutes afterwardsto crisp them up, and then I put them in a bowl with a lid with some buffalo wing sauce and shake them up. They come out sensational!! I don't put a dry rub on when I do this, I just let the smoke flavour and the wing sauce speak for themselves.

Wing sauce:

1/4 to 1/2 cup margarine
1 cup hot sauce (Crystal or Tabasco, but I prefer Tabasco)

dash of garlic salt
dash of white wine
dash of apple cider vinegar

Mix ingredients in a saucepan until margarine is melted and ingredients are well mixed and sauce is hot.

The sauce solidifies when it cools, just reheat it in a microwave and stir well to mix and it is ready to go.

To adjust the heat to your liking, adjust the ratio of hot sauce to margarine.


Micah Cool
I am doing some wings this weekend .. I am doing about 15 just as a test .. I was going to do them as Cook Shack suggested however from what you guys are talking about is a lot more wood then I was thinking of using along with a lot longer cooking time ..

Could you maybe explain to me what the difference is between cooking them a Cook Shack has said in the book for 45 minutes vs. 3-4 hours .. as well as the huge amount of wood GLH was taking about 6 oz vs. all I was planning to put in was about 1 oz of apple ..

I am also going to make that Smoked Bologna that has been posted here . at the same time ..

Any help I would appreciate trying to understand the differences ..

Smiler I think an hour would cook 15 wings at 225 as long as you preheated for 30 minutes before putting them in. Also, an ounce or 2 of apple would certainly be enough smoke and would probably not even burn up in 1.5 hours. The 6 oz. is not all the way burned up in 3 hours. Keep in mind, my 3 hours cook time with 40 wings is opening it after 2 hours long enough to switch rack positions around and without preheating. does this help? Smiler
Yes you are helping me understand this a little better .. do you think I would need more then 1 oz of hickory for both the wings and bologna .. since I was planning on putting them both in at the same time .. meaning starting them both from a cold cook shack

Thanks again for your help .
Wink Yep. I think an ounce or two will be plenty. You need to experiment with different amounts and kinds of wood with different spices and different cuts of meat so you will know exactly what everyone including yourself really likes. TAKE EXPLICIT NOTES! That will help more than anything down the road. Fix plenty at a time. It seems like it just gets better in the fridge a day or 2 later. Especially poultry. Smiler

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