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If I were to get a pellet grill, it would be from Cook Shack. The main reason is that it is stainless steel so no rust and definitely no paint to blister and peel over time. And they have a great reputation, minus a few folks who have a tough time mastering a different way of preparing Q. Try googling pellet grill forums, pellet smoker forums.  You will find some good info, as well as the sour grapes I just mentioned.  The CS forum will be your best source of info and you are already here. Two other places to are lets talk bbq and smoking meat.  Youtube will have lots of owner videos and they are quite honest about the pros and cons. Good luck!

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Not sure Jay.  I long ago quit talking about my smoking adventures here, at smoking-it, smokingmeatforums, letstalkbbq, and one or two others. I decided to chime in and help folks rather than boast and brag and post photos.  There are plenty of people doing that.  As for this forum, I really do not know.  I truly believe it is the format. A couple of forums I belong to use simple machines.  Here is a link:

Please don't get me wrong. Posting recipes and/procedures are very helpful to many and a photo or two of the results can give people the confidence they need. Posting an epic failure is not only humorous but instructive. It keeps people from making a similar mistake or overthinking something simple.

In 2012, I acquired the Amerique. My first butt was a massive failure.  I have stated before that I belong to many forums.  Most of them emphasize the need for a continuous flow of smoke, thin blue when possible. Same procedure I used with my offset stick burner. Long story short I ignored the instructions from CS regarding the amount of wood to use. 3 ounces? Great.  I will add 3 oz when the smoke dies out.  I did that 4 times till the meat hit 195. Smelled great. But it was coated with what can best be described as creosote. Not edible. Major difference between an electric and a wood fired smoker.  Second butt, also in 2012, came out perfect by following instructions. And sage advice from CS forum members.  Here is my 2d butt and that is the end of my bragging.  Ribs, brisket, butts, all great.



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Cook Shack would be my first choice for a pellet grill. The major reason is that it is stainless steel, which means it will not corrode and will not blister or peel over time. And they have a good reputation, with the exception of a few people who are having trouble learning a new technique of cooking Q. Googling "pellet grill forums" or "pellet smoker forums" can provide results. You'll discover some useful information as well as the sour grapes I mentioned before. You've already arrived at the CS forum, which will be your finest source of information. Let's discuss barbecue and smoking meat are two additional locations to go. There will be a lot of owner videos on YouTube, and they will be extremely candid about the benefits and drawbacks. Best of luck! More Details here.

I am still here Jay.  I just haven't been doing much smoking this summer.  2 major surgeries will do that to you.  I finally did get the new PG 1000 seasoned today.  Big temp swings during the hour long smoke at 400 degrees.  averaged out to a 60 degree swing.  I will call Cookshack tomorrow and see what they have to say.  I plan on doing Brats Saturday and chicken Sunday. 

Hi! Your article is very helpful for me. I got a lot of knowledge from your article. Pellet grill designs tend to be pretty similar, Lampe explained. Are Your Looking Pellet Grills for Searing with Cooking details then its ample cooking space and searing box are fabulous? “You’ll find a little fire pot down in the bottom of your cooker and a delivery system that sends the pellets in as required, this is all controlled by a thermostat and a little fan to blow on the fire.”

Well, that ignores that many people, including myself are using VPNs to disguise IP addresses to avoid spam every day. Anyone who sees my IP address thinks I'm in NYC, which I'm not. Unless I choose to be seen. I still think a more robust sign-up page with lots of questions to answer and lots of options to choose would be a deterrent. Just my $.02.

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