It’s been many years since I’ve posted here. Are instructions (a link) posted that explain the new navigation?

I know Smokin Oakie retired, but I hope that his wisdom is still available.

My immediate question. How long should I smoke (per pound) a brined turkey breast? I am shooting for super juicy. Unless I learn better, plans are to smoke with apple wood until the internal temp hits 155F, then wrap in foil to reach the desired 160-165F.

Any suggestions?



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Danny, Welcome back to the new, not-so-improved forum. I'm not aware of any instructions or tutorial, and the layout is certainly not intuitive. The search bar at the top of the page can be helpful.

On the turkey breast, I'm not sure I can be much help. I've done them in the oven, but not smoked them. I'm pretty sure your time will depend on temperature, which you did not specify. For the oven, I do around 350 - 375, and a whole brined breast can take 2 - 2 1/2 hours or more to get to 165, which I recommend as the max to keep it from drying out. I usually cover the breast with foil until the last hour to keep moisture in, then unfoil it to let it brown. Not sure how that would work in your smoker. My SM-066 only goes to 325.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

Thanks, Jay! I smoked the bone in breast in a Smokette @275F for a couple of hours. Odd thing is one side of the breast hit the target of 155F and other side was only 143F. Tented with foil, cover with towels and placed a n small cooler for 45 minutes. I used a Fireboard setup with a probe in each breast. I pull the meat and checked both sides again with a Thermapen, got the same readings. The turkey came out exactly as I wanted. Boths sides tasted great. Juicy was the goal and it didn’t disappoint.

As many have said, I miss the old format...


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