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Hello, Just received my elite thursday. Friday seasoned unit for 6.5 hrs. @ 200 degrees 2 chunks of wood. Checked wood box this morning to prepare unit for ribs this afternoon and found wood did'nt burn or charred. Checked heating element and it appears to be touching bottom of woodbox. Is this normal?
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Some have had difficulty. Where was your wood located in the wood box? Some have had to move the wood to the front of the woodbox (closest to the smoker door) to get the wood to ignite.

I'd give it another shot. My unit is older and my wood usually begins smoking within 10-20 minutes.

Are you getting any heat at all?

What temp did you set for the initial seasoning?
Thanks for answering,Had wood towards back, unit did get up to temp @ 200 degrees will try again.
Originally posted by Wheelz:
Some have had difficulty. Where was your wood located in the wood box? Some have had to move the wood to the front of the woodbox (closest to the smoker door) to get the wood to ignite.

I'd give it another shot. My unit is older and my wood usually begins smoking within 10-20 minutes.

Are you getting any heat at all?

What temp did you set for the initial seasoning?
I also had this issue yesterday when I seasoned my new 025. The wood was chared and the unit did smoke at 225 for 4 hours. Visible smoke from the vent stopped about 2 hours into the process. When it was over and I checked the wood it was chared and blackened but definately not ash. I'll try moving it to the front next time.
I wonder if adding some wood chips into the mix might help. I just seasoned the Masterbuilt (it requires chips) and was getting smoke at well under 200 degrees. I'm thinking of adding a small amount of chips to the box in the CS to increase the initial amount of smoke. I seasoned the Masterbuilt for 3 hours (2 small loads of hickory chips) and the interior is nicely browned.

I was going to try to sell the Masterbuilt since I'd bought the Cookshack, but I was getting offers of 75 to 100 bucks, and it was new in box. So I said I'll just have 2 smokers. I don't need 100 bones that badly. And it's a good smoker for smaller items.
I dind't see it mentioned; did you add a pan of water in there? I believe the smoker gets up to temperature too fast when it's empty and the heat element cycles on and off at a rate that won't stay on long enough to burn the wood.

Add a pan of ice and water, turn the heater up to 250 degrees and try that out. You will notice right away that the heating element stays on for a long time to get up to 250 when there's something cold in there.

Hope that helps.
2nd try to season unit sat. morning, moved wood towards front of wood box ran for 3 hrs. @ 200 degrees not much difference just a little of tanning to wood. I don't see where wood placement should make a difference. Tryed bb ribs 1 rack 2.42 # that afternoon @ 225 degrees 1 chuck hickory meat side down for 2 hrs than flip over, Checked at 3 hrs not spilting, or pullback, @ 3.5 hr. mark tryed taste test ok, need more kick had used cs rib rub. Took out after 4 hrs ribs to me appeared on the dry side, wife said they were ok to her. Side racks in low position, grill in low position. hickory chuck a little more charred. Spoke with cs today they did mention to try pan of water in smoker next time, mentioned that 1 rack ain't really much of a load for it. After 13.5 of running time just a slight of amount of seasoning on door and i mean slight. Hopefully better luck next time. thanks for the advice.
Originally posted by Tom:
We found out that CS had started mentioning a water container at the breakin-only.,so guess that is ok.

If the cookers have a small problem,it is that they cook TOO moist.

Gotta agree with wheels-call Cookshack and let them sort through it.

No reason to use tricks,when we shouldn't have to. Smiler

Interesting to see mention of a water container, the Masterbuilt is a water smoker but I didn't fill the water pan with anything. It just browned up like the rest of the smoker.

Water is NOT necessary. I don't advise using water as a heat sink, the unit holds moisture in just fine and adding water will just degrade the BBQ itself (the rubs and such will never set).

As for the element getting to temp to fast, it works fine that way, I wouldn't agree with adding water to make it do something different.

You're trying to mix what happens in other smokers with this smoker.

If you use chips, they'll burn up too quick. I only suggest chips or pellets if you're trying to cold smoke.

If the wood is not burning, and you're putting it in the front, and the unit has been checked at it's up to temp, then it's the wood.

Keep in mind, that unless it's a really long cook, it MAY not turn to ash ever. The wood isn't burning to create heat, just smoke. So having unburned wood is only an issue if you never got any smoke at all.
Nothing like experience Smokin. I called Cookshack Friday and talked to Tony. I wasn't getting much smoke especially on lower temperatures. At times it would hardly char. Tested various temperatures for an hour at a time from 160* and in 10* increments. Didn't even get minor discoloration on the wood until 200*, and minor charring at 225*

After going through all the checks that we've discussed on this forum, we determined my wood probably isn't seasoned enough. That's really was what I thought before the call, but wanted to talk to Cookshack for confirmation. I left the wood in the plastic bags it came in tied shut, and little droplets of moisture had formed inside the bags. Took them out of the bags on Friday.

I guess that will teach me to go online and buy special smoking, culinary, heart of wood. If you check prices on wood precut to smoking size, then you'll see Cookshack has the best prices on it, which you and Tom have stated. Live and learn. And, I guess I have to admit it, I couldn't tell the difference between the culinary delight and just plain ole wood (this is for Tom).
Yeah, it's SO tough trying to diagnose problems here. We've discussed many of them over the years, but you still have to look at every potential problem.

Given we've been here 10 years, there will be a percentage of the smokers (they are electric) that don't work for some reason, but that's why we say call CS first.

Given they've been working as designed for so many years, they're work, but sometimes we have to get to individual things that might not work.

One other option. Don't use BIG chunks. Keep in mind the wood has to burn to create smoke. Sometimes cutting the chunks in 1/2 will help.
If you see something you think is an issue, or design question, call CS. You may have some great ideas or issues and CS' expressed method of contact is for you to call them up and let them know direct.

They do not regularly monitor the forum, especially during the busy summer months.
Can someone tell me how much seasoning I'am suppose to see in elite? Just did 3rd seasoning after a rib smoke, took 2 pcs. of cs wood chucks split those 2 into 6 pcs. in front of wood box for 4.5 hrs. @ 225 deg. A little amount of more seasoning on door nothing on sides to speak of. bottom of wood pcs. sitting on wood box were chared about 1/4" deep.Thanks
Your unit should be anywhere from a honey-gold to black inside.

What do you mean you did a 3rd seasoning after a rib smoke?

Each time you use your smoker it's seasoned a little more. If your meat is getting smoked, don't be concerned.

Don't try to out-think your smoker, just learn how it works - "learn your smoker." Relax and enjoy it. Big Grin

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