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good morning everyone
I`m Tommy and I am glad to be here.I have been reading for about one year and I have learned a lot.I tryed my first brisket last spring and that started something. I can`t wait to do more.I look forward to reading and progressing in my bbq adventure.

After my family and in laws ate my brisket,they was ready for more.It`s hard to get bbq brisket around here.Usually we have pork since we are from NC,but after the brisket,the pork can wait.
I would like to thank everyone here for sharing their experiences and helping me.

Now,I am ready for a cookshack!
Hello all!
As you can see I'm new to the forum.
When doing our first comp this year in stillwater, I met some of the cookshack gang.
Cookshack was kind enough to lend the TQJ BBQ Team a FEC300 for the Boots and BBQ comp in claremore ok.
I have to say I'm really impressed with the performace and the high quality of these smokers.
We also managed to take first place in brisket,
But no calls otherwise. half the judges gave us 8/9's The other half 6/7's. Go figure.
It was only our second comp and we are still figuring it all out.

I'm a member of a few BBQ forums and an admin/Webmaster for one of them. I hope to make this one a home as well.

I hope to share my knowledge as well as learn from some of the members here.

When I aint Q'n I'm talkin bout it!
Greetings from the drizzly Pacific Northwest!

I discovered your forum last week, and was impressed with what's available, thanks for offering this.

I discovered BBQ while living in Jonesboro, AR, for 4 of my boyhood years. I've traveled the country and have had the pleasure of sampling a number of varieties, but It wasn't until just yesterday that I discover why people are so passionate about making the stuff themselves. I also realized why southerners consider BBQ such a sacred thing, and why they shun us left-coasters for calling grilled chicken & hamburgers, BBQ. Well, I had printed SmokinOkies tips as well as his serving sauce recipe for pulled pork, and I couldn't have been more happier with the outcome. Thank you!

I realize this site is primarily for Cookshack owners, which I hope to be someday. Right now I'm using a Char-Broil smoker with offset firebox. It works well, but I can certainly appreciate the convenience of a Cookshack; I felt like I had to check my cooking temp every 30 min... which is a pain in the butt when I'm trying to do yard work at the same time.
Hi I'm winesburg bar b q and just purchased a fec300...I'm currently cooking with a southern yankee cooker, I've been cooking for money for 3 years now and think the fec300 will save a lot of time for me...has anyone cooked a 60-70 lb. hog in a fec300, it appears that I can cut the hog in half and it will fit in the much time at what temp thanks, Ralph

As I said in one of recent posts, I am a long-time lurker. My brother back in Connecticut owns a Smokette and got me into this list back in '05. He has raved about his smoker for quite some time.
I learned about real BBQ (as opposed to mere "grilling") when I was stationed down in North Carolina at Bragg. Since then, my love for pork, brisket & ribs has grown exponentially. I've had plenty of different smokers over the years, even a home-made job.
I work at the state health department in Colorado and part of my job puts me in kitchens all over and I get to spend a lot of time talking about food with chefs from all kinds of schools. I like being active, but something tells me I'm going to have to be a lot more active if I keep using my new Cookshack smoker.
I recently purchased a model SM050 and the very first brisket I pulled out of it was spot on and a real sock knocker-offer. I dunno how much I'll actually post on this forum as their are plenty of experts with more info than I have, but if you have any food safety questions, I'll do my best.

I picked up a CS105 at a restaurant auction for really cheap Big Grin. Needed a few things, but I'm finally rolling! I just put in my first butts, and will be posting the results in the open forum. I'm in sunny Phoenix, Az. I've learned a ton reading the forums, thanks for the info! John aka Smokindorf
I'm Keith aka Ringo_54 (cause I like to play drums a lot. BBQ and music, that's 2 of my favorite hobbies. I am a new member, having just purchased my smokette 3 days ago. I have about 7 years experience with 'the egg' and have made two smokers ,and tried other smokers, but always went back to the egg. Frankly, I just wasn't satisfied with it. It's a pain to set up for low 'n slo and it just doesn't hold many pork butts, etc. I heard of the CS smokers before I bought the egg. So I feel I have a lot of experience at pork bbq but somewhat limited on smoking other meats etc. I know I have learned a lot from the forum already and trying to learn the CS techniques. I have chicken parts smoking right now and 4 rubbed pork butts ready when they come out. Great forum and look forward to adding my 2 cents from time to time.
Greetings All,

I'm a wannabee cookshack owner, but in the meantime I'll use whatever else is available. I'm a big fan of spareribs and I'm working on mastering brisket.

Sitting in a chair, tending whatever is cooking and sipping on a variety of of appropriate beverages with friends and figuring out how to cure the world's problems is pretty much the point of life to me.

Looks like lots of good things happening here and I hope to contribute to the forum in a positive fashion. I tend to believe you only get out as much as you put in.

Lurker present and now accounted for. Just getting into smoking. Love to all things cooking. I am here to learn how, and why. If I come out of the blue and ask questions from my lurking perch, it's because I'm a sponge right now. I'll be witty later! Can't help the good looking part! Jamey Big Grin
Hey you'll, hailing you from Charleston, South Carolina.My name is Susan and I'm transplanted from the north while hubby(Russell)is from S.Texas. This is a good in-between spot to live except for one thing- no brisket- South Carolina is a pork state and those pits that say they sell brisket just ain't had Texas brisket. So the search was on for our own. Happened on Cookshacks name is a BBQ cookbook and after reading 90% of this forum and looking at a ton of reviews, bit the bullet and ordered the smokette 008. Of course it arrived in a monsoon with the power down- poor UPS man while I struggled to manually get the garage doors up. Sunday got it together and in place and seasoned. This AM put a 7 lb brisket in at 225*- no peeking but I am dying to know whats going on in there- will check at 8 hour mark and go from there. Thanks to all the posts on remote thermometers- we are off to see what can be bought locally- if not then will order on line. Will let you'll know how my very first smoke came out.
Hi to all on the Forum from a new Smokette owner. Great people on this Forum, great information for the beginner or seasoned veteran.
I am Mike and I am an Appalachian American (Hillbilly!) from west- central West "byGod" Virginia. Not a huge region in the art of smoking but there is always hope! Glad to be a part of this culture..
Hello. My name is Mike. I live in Alaska, and am an International cargo pilot. I have been smoking salmon for a number of years in a home made smoker that looks like a small outhouse. I usually fill it up and let it rip. I have been wanting to do smaller loads in a more controlled environment. And also some cold smoking. So after doing some research, and stumbling across these forums, Cookshack took the ring. I have a brother that does a lot of smoking, and have had his pulled pork a number of times. I like it. Since he lives in MD, it is hard to come by. Not any longer. I bought a Smokette 009 and am liking it. It's time to start smokin'. I appreciate the information on these forums.
Originally posted by AndyRoo:
Hi, my name is AndyRoo. I live in Canada and I am a smokaholic.........I am planning on smoking my first whole hog and need ideas on the best way of doing it, for example, with or without skin.

Welcome to the group.

I'd suggest a new thread about the hog. Tell us what smoker your using, size of hog, if you have a background in smoking (just not hogs) and we'll help you out.

Hi to everyone,
I am a new smokette owner (2 months) and I can
't believe the results (did I cook that?). I am an
ex professional horse trainer who now consults on training and rehabs injured horses. My wife is a veterinarian who specializes in equine sports medicine. We live in Arizona. I have been a lurker for some time and can't believe the amount of incredible info available on this site. Thanks to all for the patience to post these remarkable tips and recipe's.
Hi - John here. Been lurking for a few weeks after a miserable showing at a rib event. The perverbial "taking a knife to a gun fight" syndrome. Actually gave up on my ribs 1/2 way thru the event and concentrated on the captain morgan. How sad!

Walked away mad at the others because they all had smokers and I brought a turd. No I went online here & there and looked around to try to figure out what I wanted to get. I made my decision a couple days ago and was waiting for the paycheck to order. Was...because I found a used 50 and will be driving 175 miles to pick it up tomorrow morning.

Just for grins, I dropped a nice rack onto the ol' weber today and enjoyed my final "great" ribs... (pretty good too) but I cant wait to do it right!!!!!!!

Glad to be part of this whole thing and really looking forward to what is ahead for me with the CS.

John - a soon to be formerly frustrated smoker

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