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Greetings from Springfield, Oregon! Sravaka checkin in here with my first post. I actually just talked the wife into letting me get an AmeriQue, how I did it I'm still not sure, so I'm going to order it Monday before she has a chance to change her mind. I have an outdoor kitchen on a covered deck with a TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp) Sterling G2000 FR infrared grill that I absolutley love and an outdoor gas fireplace all piped into the house gas supply but I have been wanting to get a smoker for a long time and I can't wait to get my AmeriQue! I know my profile says that I already have the smoker but I was just writing it in for the future so I don't have to change it later . . anyways I am so jazzed not just about the smoker but also about joining this fine community I see here, been reading posts all day, and what looks like a fine company as well. I look foward to sharing good Q with you all! When I get a little more settled I'll try and post some pics so you guys can see where the AmeriQue is going to go.

GO DUCKS!!! yes I know we lost to USC in overtime . . I was there . . ouch . . .
Hey guys,
A little delayed in doing this. Been smoking for only a couple of years, but only on little cheap smokers that never seemed to turn out right. I purchased a CS for my Christmas present from the wife. Best thing I ever did. I'm a firefighter from MS, and was introduced to the smoking world by a coworker that competes. He smokes on a backwoods and has taught me a good bit. Look forward to many more smokes with you fellas. Thanks for all the help so far.

hiya-herb here have been a fan of q forever-i can still remember my grandparents smokehouse in s.ill. when i was younger than i am now (69) will be getting an 008 soon- can't wait. we have 2 REALLY good q joints here and i want to see if i can beat them!! i really like the forum-after reading it if you screw up it's cause you didn't read enough. i also make the worlds best jerky. no brag just fact. can't wait to cold smoke some.(i use a dehydrator for jerky) keep up the good work-go ku
Hi treeshaker! What is it you hope will fall out of them trees? Apples? If any apple limbs fall, be sure they are dry and cut up small enough for the woodbox in that Smokette!

Welcome to the forum. Join right in! There is a jerky forum here also where you can post your recipe for others to enjoy!

Have fun!

Carpetride checking in here. I've been reading the heck out of this forum the last several days. I have a 50 on the way and can't wait! I've had all sorts of grills but have been using a Traeger lately (on loan from my father). Really starting to get the smoking bug as an every weekend hobby.

Look forward to learning and sharing.
Greetings from East Texas.

I was born and raised in Norman, OK (Sooner Born and Sooner Bred, and when I die, I'll be Sooner Dead) and currently residing south of the red river. I have several different WSM, but decided to move up to less work, without losing the flavor. I am waiting for my 09 to get here. Looked at several different brands, but when I checked out this site, there was no question. I am coming home to OK. In my other life, I deal drugs for a living (Legally)
Anyone in Norman area know if Lindy's BBQ is still selling their Sauce. Used to use it by the case.

Greetings from San Diego

Born and raised in California, retired lawyer, now a professional wine judge (tough job but somebody has to do it). Regularly get to Kansas City and South Carolina and appreciate real BBQ. Here in Southern California if you grill a piece of meat and lather on lots of sauce they call it BBQ. Argh

Figured the only way to get decent BBQ is to make it myself. Got the Smokette, assembled it (with only 2 calls to customer service!)and am waiting for the weekend to season it and then start cooking. The notes on this board have been a super help in learning what to do and what not to do. I know, I know, when it's done, it's done.
Hi Everyone,
My name is Ray and I hail from Slave Lake Alberta Canada. I'm a relative newcomer to smoking with taking up the hobby maybe 6 months ago. I started out with a GOSM but with our rather harsh Canadian winters (-50F just awhile back) I found myself looking for a smoker that would fullfill my needs and be able to be used in the garage. Being that we have lockers with snowmobile clothing and a classic car, I was looking for something that sealed well, was easy to maintain and relatively big. I will be rigging up an overhead hood to expell the smoke. I received a tip about Cookshack and their smokers from another BBQ website and low and behold after reading the forums and hearing of the quality and customer support, my new Amerique is due to arrive any day. Bought all the goodies, fish racks, extra wood, cover, cold smoke kit etc. Have snooped around here a bit but thought it was time to introduce myself as I would imagine that I will be leaning on a few of the experts on the board as from what I have been reading, the style of smoking that I am used to will be different using the new Cookshack. I absolutly enjoy ribs of all kinds and am looking forward to a feast once I get the new unit all seasoned up. I received a lot of flack over the amount of money I spent on our new unit but the sceptics have been known to mysteriously show up when they know I'm smoking something. Its as thou they have a remote sense of when my que is almost ready! LOL. Hopefully the new addition will be the one that I am expecting it to be and will provide me the results I have been able to acheive with my GOSM. Counting the days now and watching for the truck to arrive. Can hardly wait....haven't had anything smoked for 3 months and I am a smokeaholic and near going into seizures for some smoked ribs!!!Cheers everyone!
Hello all I am new here. I have had a 50 model in my shop for three years that I got for free and just now decided to see if it worked. This thing works like a champ. I cannot believe I had not tried this out sooner. It is almost idiot proof. I have been reading many posts over the last couple weeks and thank everyone for the wealth of information. Now off to post a few questions to the masses to make it that much better.
Brad A.K.A. HoosierQ smoking...checking in! I have a shouler in, a chicken on deck, and two racks of ribs in the hole. I've been smoking in my 008 for 3yrs. I've read many threads, taken copious notes, and worked brisket, ribs (spare and babyback), chicken, and shoulders to their best. My project for this summer is sausage. Any and all suggetsions are appreciated! Thanks for all the tips everyone. I hope to make some contributions soon.
Hello everyone. I'm Russ Davis from way down south in Slidell, Louisiana. I love to cook, fish, bowhunt and ride my Harley. Favorite food, Bar-b-Que! I've got a FEC100 coming that is to be delivered this Friday morning. Man, the wait is killing me. Before Katrina rolled over us, I was just about to purchase a Dave Klose pit at around $5K. Sure glad I didn't as I think the FE will be more suited to me. Can we say "Set It and Forget It"?? Ya got to love the Cookshack folks and the great people on this forum. I've not posted much, but read and learned tons and look forward to learning much more. Attended my first BBQ Comp as a spectator last weekend. Man, I love BBQ smoke!
Hi everybody, my name is Mike and I'm a barbecue snob. Oh, I come by it honestly enough. There's a certain reverence of all things "cue" here in Georgia and on up into North Carolina that I think is somewhat unique. I think we've got vinegar in our blood or something.

My whole family loves barbecue, and looking back it seems like my old man kinda casually hunted out the good spots to hit on road trips, etc. and we'd wind up in Fayetteville, GA about halfway to grandmama's at lunch time and HAVE to stop at Melear's for lunch.....stuff like that.

Also, some family friends had a big farm about 30 mins south and they had a campground that would fill up every Easter weekend and Labor Day weekend with friends and family from all over. There was a huge cinder block pit that some of the older gents would use to roast 5 or 6 whole hogs over oak and hickory coals all night.

These southern gentlemen, like Ed Cash and Bill Johnson, they'd sit up all night and smoke cigarettes and drink, alternatively, beer and coffee and shoot the sh*t, and they'd let me stay up with 'em, as long as I could keep my eyes open. For me, 11 or 12 at the time, it was fascinating, and I didn't necessarily do it to *learn* how to cook pork right, but by god I picked it up along the way!

To me the real deal is hickory-smoked pork - sliced, pulled, chopped I don't care as long as it's smokey as a Carolina morn. Ideally served with a slightly spicey, slightly sweetened vinegar and mustard-based sauce on a bun, with a couple of cheap pickles or sometimes a dollop of cole slaw. On the side, a big ol' bowl of brunswick stew with some Tabasco sauce poured on it and Saltines crackled in. All tied together by a giant glass of iced tea, sweeter than god's own mercy, with a piece of fresh lemon squeezed in.

Please do not attempt to misuse the term "barbecue" or any of its variations to indicate to me that you are grilling something, or you will be severely reprimanded.

Now I'm 44, and I've always had a love for cooking. I think that to feed people is noble - period. And I love to feed people! The wife and kids remark pretty often that they'd rather eat here than go out to eat (lol).

I've tried and/or been around pretty much all the options for smoking over the years. That whole pig thing is a remarkable experience, but it is a lot of work, and it's sad to say that we don't seem to get together that way much as a culture anymore.

Knowing how to cook good pork has enabled me to have pretty good results all along with whatever tools, but when I got serious a couple of years ago I did lots of research and settled on a Smokette and DAMN I love that thing! I'll upgrade at some point. Getting more and more adventurous all the time, moving to briskets, and hams and pastrami from scratch most recently.

The family are always pushing me to open "Big Mike's Barbecue". That Miguelito (little Michael) thing is a bit of a joke as I'm 6'8", 270 lbs. Sadly, the handle "BigMike" was already in use here, but I digress........

Anyway, glad to be here!
Welcome! Sounds like Miguelito and I had the same kind of BBQ upbringing! Right down to being about the same size(6'7" and 270ish here). Take out the mustard based sauce though. Regional differences and all. Born and raised in Hickory,NC.

Yep, that means bbq, grillin' and racin' anything on 4 wheels. Big Grin
Love the handle there, cronyism! Ne'er truer than today.

Actually, I'm not a *strictly* mustard sauce kinda guy, in fact, if I could only have one sauce it would be a tomato-based, something very much like Williamson Bros. if you know them. Very good all-around flexible sauce, can be used on anything.

I wouldn't eat anything but tomato-based sauce on poultry or brisket, ribs I can go either way, pork too, but tend to lean towards the mustard-based there.
Hey all! My name is Ken and I'm from what's known as Green Country, in NE Oklahoma. I think we named it that to let people know that Oklahoma is not all dust and flat. And too, this area of Oklahoma has more miles of shoreline than just about any other state. Lots of lakes, rolling hills and trees.

The great movie "The Grapes of Wrath" left everyone but us Okies, thinking Oklahoma is home to a bunch of Hillbillies. Well I'm here to tell you that I personally know 3 or 4 Okies that are not Hillbillies Big Grin And let me tell you, Hillbillies can do "Q"

Seriously, I love food and I love to cook it. I've had a Weber Kettle for over 20 years and I've smoked turkeys, pork loins, country-style ribs, wings, veggies, balogna....well you get the idea. Couldn't do without my Weber. I also have an off-set wood smoker that I've done everything from turkeys, hams, balogna, brisket, ribs....well, again you get the idea.

About a month ago I bought a CookShack 008 Big Grin Big Grin I absolutely can not say enough about the CS. It is sooo EASY and the compliments I've been getting is enough to make a man Red Face

I want to thank everybody on the forum for the great topics, information and recipes. I hope I will eventually be able to add some productive and informative posts.

In the meantime....
Welcome to all the new forum members! We are tickled to have you here and hope that you will stick around and participate.

Old Rookie, I am an Okie, too, but not a hillbilly. Smiler Not that there is anything wrong with being a hillbilly! I am glad to hear that you like your Smokette. I have cooked on Smokettes for years and they do such a good job.

Now, let's get out there and talk Q!
Just wanted to check in, the UPS guy dropped off my SM009 this morning, I ran a seasoning pass thru it, and my first Smokette-boud rack of ribs is waiting patiently in the fridge until tomorrow morning. I have been making ribs on a Weber gas grill for years now, was always frustrated by the inability to maintain a constant low temperature. I expect I will be pleased by the Cookshack, if my inaugural run does not go well look for me to start asking lots of questions! Otherwise I will probably just lurk, watching for advice and recipes on what else to try.
Howdy All, I'm Jack from South Central Iowa ... Albia actually. I go by Briggsy. I'm a new owner of a FEC 100. Bought through Rod with Pellet Envy (Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction with Rod and Cookshack). I'm looking forward to being a pellethead.
I'm more of a back-yard BBQ / smoker. However, I've done 1 KCBS and a few non-sanctioned.

my name is smokechop i live in jackson,ms. i have a AmeriQ. I had a hard time deciding at 1st until i read from Tom its the cook not the cooker and over time learn to ajust your technique to get the results your looking for. i have a lot to learn but have had some suscess too. i really enjoy the forum i have a nephew that smokes also. i mean half the fun is trying to out do each other and EAT of course. see yall on the forum Smokechop

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