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Time to revisit the "HOW" to do it (cal, I saw your post). In the headline, please use PIC or PICS (depending on if it's one or many photos) Option 1. You can upload your photos directly into the forum when you start a new thread. At the bottom there is a line that says "add attachment" click on that, browse to your LOCAL computer for the file name, then in the file description block, put a descriptive title. Advantages. This is the easiest to do Disadvantage. It shows up as a paper clip,...Read More...
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Venison Sausage - Natural or Collagen Casings? Pork or Beef fat?

Forum: Sausage
The title says it all. I am making venison sausage but I guess these questions would apply to sausage in general as well. Natural or collagen casings? Pork or beef fat. I know that a lot of people use pork but fat is free at the market and I'm trying to save money. Also what is your preferred fat to meat ratio? I see that 30% seems about the norm. Your thoughts please. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas!Read More...
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BBQ Trailer with FEC300 and Full Mobile kitchen

Hey guys. Not sure if I can post this here or not but we are having to sell our brand new full mobile kitchen complete with FEC300. Its a 24ft interior with 8' ceiling. Capable of serving 1500+ at full capacity. 2 refrigerators, one food, one beverage. 36" grill, 36" oven/6 burner range, 50 lb 2 basket deep fryer, cold well, warming oven and full function bathroom. Works awesome at festivals and would be great for competitions. Email me for more pics and price. hammerdowngrill@gmail.comRead More...
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Dry Ribs

Have had the 009 for several years and love it. One of my problems is the baby back ribs seem to always come out on the dry side. I have been dry rubbing the night before and leaving them in the refrigerator over night. The next morning there seem to be a lot of liquid in the pan. Could this be part or all of the problem? BillRead More...
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CS Cabinet Smokers vs. the PG Series

Forum: Open Forum
I have seriously been thinking of moving from my PG500 to one of the cabinet smokers (SM025-SM066). I would just get a gasser for grilling and have the cabinet smoker as my smoker. I welcome your thoughts. My thought is: A more traditional smoke profile (smokier) would come from the cabinet. A gasser is an easier grill to use than the PG500 which is tight and hard to see inside. Please tell me if I am crazy or if this makes sense.Read More...
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Used SM250

Hi all. New member/first post. Been catering barbecue since 2012 with an ugly drum and a stick burner. We are now doing a ghost kitchen and launched a food truck. Looking to streamline the labor side of our operation at the smoker. I found an SM250 from 2005, and they are asking 2k. Any advice or opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!!Read More...
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Dirty Smoke

Hello all! First time owner of a smoker (SM25) EVER and so stoked to start smoking! So, I’ve been reading a lot of posts on here and some folks don’t preheat their smokers. They just load the meat and the wood at the same time. Is “dirty smoke” only a concern with charcoal smokers? Sorry if this is a dumb questionRead More...
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New to cookshack

Hello, I'm new to Cookshack, it's not here yet but it's on it's way. Wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any suggestions prior to it's arrival. I bought the Smokette Elite. I used to have a Bradley Digital before it died. I tried Rec Tec bull pellet smoker and it's just not for me. Thought i'd give this a shot as I saw many posts about this being better than the Bradley on here. Biggest reason I didn't like the bull was there was hardly any smoke flavor. Tried the xtreme smoke setting...Read More...
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White Chocolate Ice Cream

White chocolate Ice Cream 4 oz white chocolate chopped ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk ½ teaspoon vanilla extract plus one vanilla bean scraped Pinch salt 1 1/4 cups heavy cream ½ cup milk Melt chocolate and condensed milk in the microwave Stir every 10-15 seconds until chocolate is melted about a minute or two. Add Vanilla, vanilla bean scraping and salt and milk In a mixer whip heavy cream to soft peaks about 2 minutes on medium high. Whisk 1/3 of the whipped cream into the chocolate. Then...Read More...
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steaming a brisket

Forum: Brisket
i have and 11lb. brisket. I will smoke it to in internal temp of 160 F. After it cools completely do you think that I can put it back in with a pan of water and steam it up to an internal of 190 F.? If I turn my machine up to it's max setting of 250? Thanks everybody. Paul Irving. TorontoRead More...
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PG1000 heat box side-wall issue

I have an PG1000 that I got for Father's Day in 2012. I do love the grill but a couple months ago the v-shaped mounts inside the fire box that hold the flame bar crumbled to rusty-dust and fell away leaving large holes in the metal walls exposing the insulation within. Has anyone else experienced this? I am somewhat stumped on what to do for repair. Anyone have ideas? See pictures enclosedRead More...
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PIC: Removing Broken Hinge Pin

I have an issue similar to the OP here . In my case, I got distracted for a few years (three kids!) and while cleaning up outside, rediscovered my old Model 08. The top door pin had sheared off, leaving a piece inside the door hinge and the rest inside the smoker hinge. I called up CS and they suggested I drill it out and replace it with a bolt. I managed to drill out the pin from the door, but the smoker itself is a unique challenge... The drill chuck prevents me from getting a clean angle...Read More...
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SM150 Question Temperature loss

I have noticed something in the SM150 that I recently bought. On two occasions now when I have opened the door to test for doneness, after closing the door the temperature continues to fall for about 30 minutes. One time the program was set for 4 hours at 225. I opened the door at 1.5 hours. It was a meatloaf. On the the other occasion the program was set for 5 hours and I opened the door at the 4 hr mark. These were ribs. Both times the temp fell from 225 to 150 in a span of about 30...Read More...
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Auger Jam

I've been using pellet cookers for 13 years. 6 years with my current FEPG 1000, 5 years with an FEC 100 and 2 years with a CS-570 during this time I've only had this one auger jam. I've just reassembled my FEPG 10000 after clearing the jam. To clear the jam I had to manually move the auger back and fourth multiple times to loosen the pellets and remove them. The pellet bin was full of dry cookshack pellets and there was some accumulated dust in the bottom, I'm not sure if this was a lot of...Read More...
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SM160 Schematic:

I was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase a schematic of the circuit board for a SM160 with a IQ4 controller? The schematic in the manual does not show any signal,voltage,etc, outputs. As a electronic technician with 30+ years of experience working on various circuit board I would like to be able to troubleshoot my circuit board to determine what once the temperature drops to around 40 degrees I can’t regulate the temperature or cook time on my IQ4 unit. Thanks. BuzzRead More...
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Smoked sausage on the SM009-2

I’m considering buying the SM009-2. My primary use will be for smoked sausage (summer sausage). Looking for input from others that have that same unit. A couple main questions for me are: 1. Does the unit generate enough smoke at the relatively low temps required for smoked sausage (ie, 160 - 170 degrees)? And... 2. What’s the max length sausage that you can hang in the unit. Thanks in advance and if anyone has personal experience I’d appreciate your input. Thanks again.Read More...

Display / Operating problem on the Amerique

I am sure at this point you are tiring of my questions about the Amerique I am trying to get my arms around.... after 8+years with a 55 that operated flawlessly. The Amerique I have was built on 11-14-2006 so it is a very early model. As far as I can tell it was used very little by the original owner and he indicated he made no upgrades to the unit at all. It was garage kept and like new. I was using the unit yesterday to smoke some ribs and the outside temp was 88F. I placed the unit where...Read More...
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Smoked sausage on the SM009-2

Forum: Open Forum
I’m considering buying the SM009-2. My primary use will be for smoked sausage (summer sausage). Looking for input from others that have that same unit. A couple main questions for me are: 1. Does the unit generate enough smoke at the relatively low temps required for smoked sausage (ie, 160 - 170 degrees)? And, 2. What’s the max length sausage that you can hang in the unit. Thanks in advance and if anyone has personal experience I’d appreciate your input. Thanks again.Read More...
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Russell concession trailers

Forum: Open Forum
Russell Concessions 3 reviews Unclaimed Trailer Dealers Edit Closed Write a Review Add Photo Share Save COVID-19 Updates Edit Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Photos & videos Add photo You Might Also Consider Sponsored Brakes For Less Fast and fair auto repair! Lifetime Brake pads! Premium oil change! Discount tires! Free alignment check! Free brake check! Diagnostics! Shocks! Struts! Tune-ups! Ac repair! Free ac check! read more in Auto Repair,...Read More...
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Selling an SM160

I hope I can post this here, I had purchased an SM160 in early 2017 (build date 12/19/16) I no longer need it for my business and I’m looking to sell it. Has around 250 hours of cook time. Located in CT Comes with SM160 cover, meat probe, extra heating element, cold smoking kit with insulated baffle. Looking for $4,000 OBO if you’re interested, please send me an email at blackcapblades@gmail.comRead More...

Not Enough Smoke From Green Mountian ....Looking at SM045...will it have more smoke flavor?

I am on my second Green Mountain pellet smoker and still am not happy with the amount of smoke flavor in the meat. I have tried several things and am just done. I think its time for a new machine. The Cookshack SM045 looks promising but before I go even deeper in the hole I want to be sure that I will be happy with the amount of smoke flavor it produces. Being that it uses real hard wood and not compressed pellets Im hoping this is the right direction. Any information is greatly appreciated.Read More...
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PICS: Barbacoa

Forum: Beef
So I decided to use the beef cheeks to make some Barbacoa. 6lbs of beef cheeks meat, VERY red: Does not look very appetizing once you open it up: Quite a bit of fat and gristle: Simple rub all over, into a disposable pan, and into the smoker at 225 with two chunks of mesquite and a chunk of pecan. Now we wait...... About 4 1/2 hours in, ready to foil it to let it steam cook. 7 hrs later... Waiting for it to cool a little bit before I shred it. But I had to try a piece. OMG the taste is...Read More...
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Beef Italian Smoked Sausage

Forum: Sausage
Did 35 pounds of Italian smoked sausage for church a couple of weeks ago. Began with 35 pounds of home-butchered ground beef, about 80/20. Mixed my Italian sausage recipe, the required amount of instacure #1 and some butcher packer special meet binder. Mixed completely and let set overnight in the fridge. The next day, stuffed into 35-37 Natural hog casings and tied at about 24’’ length. Put back in fridge overnight. Smoked on the FEC 100 using pecan pellets running at 160 degrees for about...Read More...
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Temperature Probe

Forum: Open Forum
I have a SMO25, never a problem. Put a brisket in last night and got up this morning and probe reading “HI”. In plugged the probe and re inserted it several times with no better result. Put a remote probe in there and internal temp reading 200. Good news the brisket is going to be great. A little stumped on the smoker probe reading HI. Appreciate any help. Also is there a way to search the forum, maybe I’m missing something.Read More...
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Wagyu Brisket

Forum: Brisket
I'm smoking a 12 lb packer Wagyu brisket tomorrow morning. This is my first time doing Wagyu so I was just wondering if I should approach it differently than regular Prime? For example, I read that it finishes quicker and should be pulled around 185-190 (or whenever it passes the doneness test!). I normally wrap my prime briskets at stall, but should I even bother wrapping a Wagyu? Any tips would be much appreciated!Read More...
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Grill gloves

Forum: Open Forum
Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been discussed... Need some recommendations on a pair of grill gloves. Something with good dexterity (MUCH better than the oven mitt style I currently have) and something that would protect me if I accidentally touch the grate of my PG. Something I could carry my dutch oven from the grill to the kitchen would be nice, but not necessary. Just did some amazon browsing and seems like there is a crowd of products in the $25-35 range with nice...Read More...
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Pellet backup/thick white smoke FE240

So, just purchased a fast eddy 240 and loved it for the first 2 weeks. Last cook, came in to find a THICK white sour-smelling smoke coming out of the chimney. Opened the burnbox and pellets poured out of the door. 5 briskets, 4 shoulders later...oh well, stuff happens. Clear out burnpot and box, unplug and reset smoker for tonights cook. Starts fine, running a good temp and nice clean smoke. Come back 4 hours later to check on the smoker, and same thing happened. Can anyone help?Read More...
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Chicken Thighs on SM025

Forum: Poultry
I'm going to be smokin' some chicken thighs on my SM025 this weekend. I've read several forums on the subject and the biggest "issue" is the rubbery skin. From reading the forums, I realize that you can finish the thighs in the oven or on the grill to crisp up the skin if needed. My plan is to marinate the thighs in Paul Newman's Olive oil and Vinegar dressing, then rub with Cookshack Chicken rub. I'm planning on using 2 oz apple wood in the smoker. My questions: The SM025 can get up to 300...Read More...
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Lessons for new users Featured

Forum: Open Forum
Hey Forum, here is a challenge to you who have been members a while. We have lots of new members joining in. Tell us, what are your most valuable lessons, to give to the new owners of Cookshacks? My first thoughts: 1. Read the forum, especially the archives 2. Keep good notes, you're own experiences will help you the most 3. Remember, this isn't a cake time and temp are now the only way to judge when it's complete. And try to appreciate what BBQ is all about and understand what...Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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pics of smokers

Thought I'd share how we 'built in' our 500 smoker a few years ago in our outdoor kitchen.. Wasn't a lot of info anywhere so we had to experiment a little, but it works out great. A side wall has hidden hinges and the whole wall rotates for maintenance and access to drip pot underneath. In a back room, another secret door discussed as a shelf unit is a double door access to the hopper and ash door. A local kitchen fab shop created the shroud around the surround of the smoker.Read More...
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Turkey smoke

Hi all. I've been away from smoking for 5 years! I have a cookshack and kept a detailed log of smoking while I was actively smoking meats. However, I am now going to resume smoking and plan on smoking a turkey this week. I have smoked many turkeys but reviewing my smoking journal, I left out one important detail which for the life of me, I can't remember what I did. So, here it is Do I place the turkey directly on the rack in the smoker, or do I set it on a cookie sheet? I ask because I...Read More...
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PELLETS - Useful Flavor Life

How long are pellets still good to use? Taking proper packaging, storage, pellet firmness, etc out of the equation. My main concerns are flavor and proper burn time. While catering for years and owning a BBQ restaurant, this wasn’t a concern as I went through the pellet supply regularly. However, I’ve been out of the BBQ business for a few years due to my wife’s health. I’m going to start cooking just for us at home and don’t want to use what I have on hand if the flavor diminishes after a...Read More...
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