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Cookshack Smoker Owners forum is a great place to ask questions when you want to learn about your smoker and how it works. Questions about how to smoke something should be posted in the Open Forum. If you just want to learn about your smoker and how to operate it -- this is the forum.
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Anything 'que! This is the place for cooking and technique posts.
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Twoof the most frequently asked questions. Some good info here, maybe a few testimonials.
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Fast Eddy Cookshack Owners forum is a great place to ask questions, compare notes, and get more information about your FEC.
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Welcome to the FEC Open Forum where you can post general Q discussions about Fast Eddy's by Cookshack pits.
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Welcome to the FEC Contest Forum where you can read and post about Fast Eddy's pits in barbecue cook-offs.
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Welcome to the Cookshack Professional Charbroiler Forum, featuring the finest Restaurant capable Grill using 100% wood.
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Welcome to the Fast Eddy Grill Forum, featuring the finest pellet grill available.
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Welcome to the Grill Forum hosted by Smokin' Okie(TM) all about direct & indirect grilling with specific recipes
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Post your Brisket questions here
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Have questions about Pork? Butts, Shoulders, Hams, Bacon? Post your questions here.
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Have questions about Pork Curing? This is for Hams and Bacon. Other questions about curing should be in their specific Protein folder (Beef, Seafood, etc)
Last Post: looking for a good bacon brine recipe.
Have a question about Pork Ribs? Post it here.
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All things poultry post your questions here. Just not Turkey, it has it's own forum.
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For question about all other Beef Topics (not Brisket or Prime Rib), post your questions here.
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Post your favorite recipes, with the name of the recipe in the subject line so it's easy for the rest of us to find it!
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When we find a really good thread, here's where it goes. LOTS of great reading and info. We hope you enjoy.
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One of our MOST popular Topics. All things about Standing Rib Roast/Prime Rib, so post your PR questions here.
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This has become such a big topic, we're giving it its own forum. Enjoy
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For question about all other types of meats that don't have their own forum this is the CATCH ALL forum post your questions here.
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If you are in the foodservice business, this is the forum for you. Open to chefs, restaurant operators, caterers, deli operators, meat processors and markets ... anyone in retail foodservice. Welcome!
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Select Jerky Topics from the Cookshack Forums.
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Select Sausage Topics from the Cookshack Forums.
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Post your Seafood questions here.
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Have questions about Thermometers? Check here
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Have a question about which wood to use? Have a look here
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for all you new Owners, check here for some frequent questions about using your New CookShack Smoker.
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Another Change? Why?

Forum: Open Forum
I might be wrong but it looks like CS changed the forum format again, just in the middle of everyone getting used to it. Please collapse the forum categories again on the "home" page, and bring back the recent posts and replies regardless of forum topic. You have just made a change, without announcement, that messes up how people want to use the forum, i.e., see all new posts and replies first on "home."Read More...
Last Reply By jay1924 · First Unread Post

new unit

Hi to everyone. Just put our fec 500 into our new place. customers and owners alike are loving this thing. im very proud of the product that we are putting out with this unit. I have a couple questions for other owners out there . are there some parts in particular that i should have on hand. if it goes on the fritz . im assuming the ignitor is a must, but does any one have any suggestions for other parts to have on hand as our only back up is a stick burner , and it doesnt have the capacity...Read More...

FE PG500 vs FireCraft Q450

Considering first pellet grill purchase. Now leaning towards PG500 over MAK, largely due to price, but also due to more readily accessible direct grilling. Now came across FireCraft Q-450. Stainless steel with direct grilling available and significantly cheaper than PG500. Also has PID controller and built in probe port and can stop cook when meat reaches temp. PG500 lacks the meat temperature probe. Overall quality of PG500 appears superior and it is American made bs Chinese. Thoughts? By...Read More...
Last Reply By padrefan98 · First Unread Post

Hickory-Smoked Beef Tenderloin

Forum: Beef
Hello! Just wanted to share my recent adventure smoking tenderloin (we also did T-bone steaks) so simple and so delicious! I hope it's ok to include a link to my blog (I do not monetize it, it's just my hobby of nine years!) More...

Dislike of the new forum...

Forum: Open Forum
Is it just me, is is the new forum a step backwards? This seems to be more of a blog format than a forum format. There is a lot of wasted screen real estate. On my screen, I can only see 4 topics before I have to scroll down. On the old forum, and other forums I'm on, I can see a good 15+ topics before needing to scroll. If you post on multiple forums, it is now much more work to post on this forum since the embedded bbcode image links no longer work. Pictures in posts are much smaller.Read More...
Last Reply By Dara M · First Unread Post