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New to the Cookshack community

but not new to the BBQ bunch. I picked up a used SM-066 in an auction yesterday and am jazzed to get it cleaned up a little and smoke some meat. I grew up in Garfield County, Oklahoma back when Cookshack started up. If I stood on top of my 49 F1 pickup, I could almost see Ponca City. Heck, I could almost make out Kansas! I worked at "The Hickory Hut" in Enid for the legendary Johnny O Horaney who was the first with patents on a Teflon rotisserie BBQ pit that he subsequently towed behind his...Read More...
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Outstanding customer service!!!

Back in early December, I smoke a number of items to give to friends and such. I went out to start up my oldest FE100(from 2004) and after about five minutes, I got a high temp alarm. Spoke to Tony at CS and he suggested replacing the thermocouple. So I ordered one. In the meantime, I took my other FEC100 off my trailer and proceeded to start it up. Nothing. I opened up the control head and found that a mouse had built a home in there and also proceeded to chew up a whole bunch of the...Read More...

First time grilling pizza

I got the Weber pizza insert for my master touch as a present this past Christmas and tonight I finally got to use it. Being that this was my first time grilling pizza, I expected a complete failure but it turned out decent to be honest. Unfortunately I underestimated how difficult it is to transfer into the grill so I had a couple mishaps and also, I couldn't get my temps up as high as I wanted but that was just due to an inssuficient amount of charcoal.Read More...
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The Forum has Changed - I’m lost...

Forum: Turkey
It’s been many years since I’ve posted here. Are instructions (a link) posted that explain the new navigation? I know Smokin Oakie retired, but I hope that his wisdom is still available. My immediate question. How long should I smoke (per pound) a brined turkey breast? I am shooting for super juicy. Unless I learn better, plans are to smoke with apple wood until the internal temp hits 155F, then wrap in foil to reach the desired 160-165F. Any suggestions? Thanks DannyRead More...
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Forum: Open Forum
I got in the last exchange. I do not know who sent me the package, but I have been working my way through what you sent. You sent me some AlbuKirky rubs. Thank you so much for putting me on to these rubs. They are great. I ran out of the 2 you sent, and have replenished them and bought others. I have even sent them to other people. I love them. I don't know if this will fly but will take a chance. https://www.albukirkyseasonings .Read More...
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Beef jerky

Forum: Jerky
hi, not smoking my beef jerky...prefer to not cure. I have been readying the comments about making sure the meat hits 160 degrees. If I use my air fryer at 160 and the meat totally dries do I still need to check the internal temp of the meat? New to this whole thing thanks!Read More...
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My smoker dies randomly

HI: We love our FEC100, but we've been having some challenges lately. On at least 3 of the last 10 occasions, our smoker comes up to temp and runs well for a few hours but then suddenly dies. On each occasion we've had to use the reset switch to get power back on but I've lost hours of time and it's becoming quite concerning as we don't have the staff to be watching it every 30 mins. Has anyone else had this issue? I am wondering if maybe there's a firmware update I need? ....and if so how...Read More...
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PICS - Bacon Cure Recipe & First Attempt! Featured

Hello all, been a while since I posted, but have been lurking and cooking! I just picked up two Snake River Farms Kurobuta(Berkshire) pork bellies at about 9#s each. I know, I know pricey even on sale (50% off now), but I REALLY DON'T want to FUBAR these. I need some advice: I want a brown sugar cure, rec cure recipe. Hot or cold smoke. Use my FEC100 or SM066, I have A-MAZE-N tube and tray pellet units for cold smoke to use in either. I have better control at low temp on the SM066, 140-150...Read More...
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Strange Forum Behavior

Forum: Open Forum
The last two days, I go to the forum to find all topics marked as "new" (none are) and have to visit all to make sure I haven't missed anything. What gives?Read More...

Dislike of the new forum...

Forum: Open Forum
Is it just me, is is the new forum a step backwards? This seems to be more of a blog format than a forum format. There is a lot of wasted screen real estate. On my screen, I can only see 4 topics before I have to scroll down. On the old forum, and other forums I'm on, I can see a good 15+ topics before needing to scroll. If you post on multiple forums, it is now much more work to post on this forum since the embedded bbcode image links no longer work. Pictures in posts are much smaller.Read More...
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Ground Beef Jerky/SnackSticks

Forum: Jerky
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and jerky/snack stick making. I have read a bit about it and I know that 160F should be the desired "initial" temperature to kill off any bacteria in ground beef jerky or 165F for chicken jerky I do believe. After doing some researches on the internet, I found that the Nesco FD-75A was one of the best entry-level food dehydrator for making jerky as it was keeping a controlled temperature. I am testing mine at the moment, it has been running for about an...Read More...
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Turkey in Amerique

Forum: Poultry
I smoked a 12 lb. Butterball turkey in my Amerique. I've smoked several turkeys over the years but this was the first time using the Amerique. I put it in at 275 degrees. The breast temp reached 165 degrees at about the 3 1/2 hour point. It took a couple of hours until the thigh temp got to 175 degrees. Flavor was good but the breast meat was a little on the dry side. Is there a trick to getting the thigh meat to cook faster? Thanks, JimRead More...
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Jerky Fan/Dryer

Forum: Jerky
Hi Guys— Two of the “other companies” sell a small portable fan that sits over the top vent hole. This is to move air when making jerky. I’m a bit curious as to the effectiveness of this method. CS does not have a device like 5his. That surprises me a bit. Has anybody any experience with these small jerky fans? I have tried the door open/close thing. I’m looking at different ideas to minimize moisture...ThanksRead More...
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Glossary of Terms for New Users Featured

Forum: Open Forum
A glossary of terms for new users (and old). Changes and additions should be added to this post and are gratefully accepted. ============================================ ABT - Atomic Buffalo Turd - a jalapeno pepper filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then smoked. Beinks or Boinks (see also Burnt Ends and Moinks) - Burnt ends wrapped in bacon, slathered with BBQ sauce and smoked till sauce is tacky. Brining - a mixture of water, salt, and sugar/seasonings to immerse poultry,...Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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Working on Salmon.

Forum: Open Forum
I am working on Salmon using Mr. T's recipe. I have wanted some of the Frog mats for years, so started looking for mats that would fit the grill grates on my SMO66. These things are darned expensive when you need 6. I did a search for grilling mats that fit my grill size. I located some at Bed BB. These are Yoshi, and are copper infused. They fit my racks perfect. and are $9.99 for 2. We will see. I have 8 filets on these mats and headed for the smoker.Read More...
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A-Maze-N pellet smoker

I picked up one of the A-Maze-N pellet smokers thinking I would use it for cold smoking in my SM-045. I have the cold smoke baffle, but thought I would give this a try. The instructions say you can use saw dust or pellets. I didn't have either. I used some chips which are like course saw dust. I started the box outside of the SM-045. I could get it to produce smoke for more than 15 minutes at a time. I know that I have seen mention of using these things in the SM-025, and or the SM-045. What...Read More...
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FEC100 Using Rib Racks

Question on using rib racks with my FEC100. I cooked 18 racks of ribs yesterday and for the first time tried rib racks that I've had for quite a while but had not tried yet. Set smoker to 260 and cooked for a long time without ever getting them as tender as I would have liked, over 8 hours. Anybody with experience using rib racks have any ideas? Is it because they are so tightly packed in there? Thanks in advance.Read More...
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Feet for Amerique

I just bought a second hand Amerique to replace my Smokette, which unfortunately rusted out. The Amerique I bought was missing the temperature probe, drip pan and casters. I paid CS their outrageous price for a new probe. I was relieved to find out that the drip pan is a standard 1/2 size steam table pan, which I found for less than half the $32 that CS charges. I keep my smoker on a stainless steel table next to the grill, so I was not interested in replacing the casters and worrying about...Read More...
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SM160 Not going over 230F

Hi, My name is Yann, I m French so please excuse my english ..I ll do my best. I smoke chicken since 2 years already but was using a handmade Caribbean island type of is my instagram catering account : Now that I m opening a company dedicated into smoked food I bought a SM160 to be able to : Fit hygiene laws , cook better and faster. I m going to explain my process to try to get the best answer from you guys. I marinade my chicken for 6 to...Read More...
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New Heating Element bent upon arrival

So I've posted in the past about my 009 model tripping the GFCI often. I received suggestions, but never really did anything other plug into a normal outlet to which it worked. This past weekend I did the same bypass, but this time the unit never heated up. I called Cookshack and was told I needed a new heating element. I ordered and received today. To my surprise, I opened the box that included my 5lb bag of spicy chicken rub and the heating element was not protected by any wrapping and...Read More...
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Erratic display and temp.

I have an SM025 that, after turned on and set temp. , display jumps erratically well above and also well below set temp. and does not heat correctly. Setting to fully high temp brings heat up, but display still erratic. Problem developed after cleaning and I suspect I may have damaged oven probe, even after being careful to not molest it. Any suggestions? I'd like to be relatively certain before purchasing something that will not remedy my problem. Thank you in advance.Read More...
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Advice on purchasing a smoker

Hello- I am planning to purchase an electric smoker in the near future.. I have narrowed it down to a Cookshack Elite 45 or a Smokin It 2D. I want something large enough to smoke 5 to 7 racks of ribs without having to cut them in half. I will also be smoking brisket and pork butts. The Cookshack 025 would probably work for me but I didn’t want to get something to small and regret it later. Temperature where I live usually falls into the 20’s so it will need to be able to hold temperature...Read More...
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Thanks for the tips! Best ribs ever!

Hi there, two weeks ago I got my new to me SM008 and tried a back rib project. I did the 3-2-1 method, spent most of my day fooling around and in the end I wasn't overly pleased with the result. The advice I got on here was to just leave the ribs in the smoker, don't fool with it and it will turn out great. Today I got some side ribs on sale and decided to do a side rib smoker test. I rubbed then with a basic rub just before putting them in the smoker, dropped in a bit of hickory and let...Read More...
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Thermistor replacement

Hey All! Got a model 150 and need to replace the thermistor. It is from '97 and the color coding is not making it apparent as to what type of thermistor it is (type K, B ...) Any help would make my customers super happy! We have been mcGyvering it in our line oven in the meantime (coating our dining room with a lovely smell but less lovely soot) If anyone out there has an old 150, I may be interested in buying it if anyone wants to give one up. Thanks Smoker fanatics!Read More...
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Smoke and moisture in fec120 hopper

Been doing alot of winter cooking of briskets/butts and recently noticed that a good amont of smoke has been coming out of hopper and there is also condensation building up on the underside of the lid. The outside temps have been dipping down near 0degres at night and i been cooking around 250 all night. I have looked down exhaust tubes and both have a little flake buildup but no obstructions. Has anyone else encountered this when cooking at low outside temps or might there be another issueRead More...
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The FEC was feeling neglected

Been using the Big Joe a lot recently, and the FEC was calling out this afternoon looking for some attention. My ribs always turn out better in the FEC anyhow... But, will there be enough rub for the ribs? Yes, yes there will. There's always an extra stash of Memphis Mud in the house. My favorite Rib Rub. Some trimmings for the chef too. And some Bourbon while we wait. If you can still find this, get some. Good Stuff. Finished off a bottle of Code 3 Spices Patriot Sauce. Thanks for looking.Read More...
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First cook on a SM 150

I’ll be posting a blog about me fixing and cleaning up my sm150. Simple oven temp probe fix and cleaning. About 15 years of grease and gunk she has a new lease on life. But tomorrow I plan on doing a brisket, two pork butts, 4 racks of ribs, and possibly beef ribs. On my main smoker, a Myron mixon, is do it at 275 until done. I want to try doing it at 225 since I have the ability to with the cookshack Any suggestions on the maiden voyage?Read More...
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Huli Huli Ribs

I was recently on Maui and had some absolutely amazing spareribs from a roadside stand in Kihei that were advertised as "Huli Huli Ribs" They were marinated and cooked slowly, turning frequently, over a low fire on what looked to be charcoal or wood coals, although there was not a pronounced wood flavor. The ribs were amazingly tender and flavorful, but I have not found what seems to be an accurate way to reproduce them. The recipes I have found on line seem to all want a sweet sticky glaze...Read More...

QDogg Jerky Method? - All I can find are broken links

Forum: Jerky
I recently got a Smokette 008 and going to try some beef jerky. I see GLH's method here and read a lot of Qdogg's method, but for the life of me, I cannot find it anywhere. All I get are a bunch of broken links and references to Qdogg's method, but nobody has it listed anywhere. I've been looking for it everywhere, read through dozens of posts here, etc. Can someone please just list Qdogg's method or post a link that works? I just want to compare both GLH's and Qdogg's methods before I give...Read More...
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CS SM150 Project

So I was able to get a SM150 for $50. Could’ve got it for free as it was listed going to curb but I offered the sellers $50 to hold it for me and I picked it up after work 30 minutes ago. Manufactured in 2003. Control panel powers on but I didn’t attempt anything as it’s late and once I get started I won’t be able to stop. The seller said they believe something is wrong with the thermostat. Whats the best way to troubleshoot the unit to make sure I diagnose the problem correctly and any...Read More...
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FE PG500 vs FireCraft Q450

Considering first pellet grill purchase. Now leaning towards PG500 over MAK, largely due to price, but also due to more readily accessible direct grilling. Now came across FireCraft Q-450. Stainless steel with direct grilling available and significantly cheaper than PG500. Also has PID controller and built in probe port and can stop cook when meat reaches temp. PG500 lacks the meat temperature probe. Overall quality of PG500 appears superior and it is American made bs Chinese. Thoughts? By...Read More...
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