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55 not keeping temperature up

I have a model 55 (built in 2008) that turns on and starts to smoke and warm up then then the temp drops. This is my first time using the smoker and I didn't have a thermometer when I did ribs a couple of weeks ago and it took a couple of extra hours to get them "done". So, I picked up a good thermometer and thought that I would give it another try and be able to track the temps. Tried to do a pork butt and after 8 hours the meat temp was in the low 140s and the smoker temp was in the 150s.Read More...
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Used Model 50 - What to Check

Hi, I just joined. I saw an ad on Craigslist for what looks to be a model 50 smoker for $150. The add says it "works great". From research on this site, that seems like a great price if its functional, but looks like replacement parts for this 15+ year old model are expensive. What would be the most important things to check when I go to look/buy? I assume it's reasonable to ask owner to put a chunk of wood in and set it to 225 before I come over so I can confirm that it's working, not...Read More...
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Cooking time for 2lb rib rack

My son inherited my Amerique a few weeks ago and called to review his first attempt. He has seen me multiple times over past ten years. However, he did not listen to my advice in trying to get meaty baby backs weighing over 3lbs apiece. Bought 2 pound racks. At 225 how long to smoke these puppies before foil,wrap, and cooler? my time was 4 hours for 3lb racks please help thxRead More...
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FEC 100 IQ4 Took a Dump

Today I was doing eight racks of ribs and a couple pans of bean son my FEC100 and about one hour into the cook the display went blank and the cooker shut down. Checked all of the obvious (cord, outlet, etc.). Dropped the front of the controller and didn't see anything obvious. I'm guessing the control board, but I'm not sure how to verify that. I'm a little disappointed that a smoker that has had less than 25 cooks on it quit on me mid-cook, but stuff happens I guess. Thanks in advance for...Read More...
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Your favorite store-bought meat spice?

Hey, we've talked before in these forums about what everyone's favorite store-bought Q sauce is. But what about meat spices? What widely available store-bought meat spice do you like to sprinkle on your pork or brisket or steak before eating? I'm not talking about a rub unless you also like to sprinkle the rub on the sliced meat after it's cooked. I've read that lots of people like to use Montreal steak seasoning on their smoked meats. Is that a crowd favorite? I've heard others mention that...Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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New slicer.

Forum: Open Forum
I just picked up an old Hobart 1612E slicer. This thing has been in a greasy spoon for 20 years. I doubt that it got cleaned very much if at all. It runs quiet, and there is no blade wobble. It is missing the sharpener, and needs to be deep cleaned. I paid $175 for it. I can't wait to get it cleaned up, and give it a try..Read More...
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Americue SM066 Controller

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I have an Americue unit that has degraded due to a combination of UV light and a tumble in a sever wind storm. The front plastic on the control unit is cracked and has a couple of holes in it. I have it covered, but I don't think it will last long. Quite honestly, I think there should be a shield over these anyway as you can't read them in bright sunlight, and have written about that in the past. Is it possible to replace just the plastic cover? If not, can I get an exchange for less that...Read More...
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Who can tell me a little about this Old Cookshack Smoker from 1989?

So I have come across a very, very old Coockshack and I have never cooked on one. I am looking for some insight if there is any. Here is a pic of the ID plate from it and the production date seems to be 6-26-89. It looks to be similar to the current model of SM360 but I can't find any info on it. It seems to hold a 225 temp well and even has the "Cook and Hold" fetcher and it works. I would expect to soak wood chunks for a day but how many and how often to add more. I come from a old school...Read More...
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after 10 years can't get it to start?

well, here I am, manufacture date 3-30-10, original unsmart controller(never worked as advertised when delivered), have always been able to get it started and adjust the temp which was good enough for me. other day the temp control wasn't working(box filling with pellets). Now won't select briskets/chicken time or start ...has anyone ever converted to the old original "Fast Eddie" rheostat for smoke & temp? Cookshack answer: buy new super smart Q for $2000?Read More...

New owner of ms025.

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Live in upstate NY. Old guy at 82. Been smoking for some time but this is my first CS smoker. Father’s Day gift from my kids. Built a stand for it and seasoned it today. Some BB ribs to go on tomorrow. I’m going to try a brisket for the first time next week..Read More...

Own an SM045, have a chance to buy a used SM025 - thoughts?

Need some advice. I have had my SM045 for about 8 years now - going strong and I love it! Occasionally I need a bit more capacity. I have the opportunity to buy a lightly used (literally used twice) SM025 - includes the stand/cart option. Retail for all is $1325, I can pick this up for $600. What are your thoughts about doing this to add capacity or holding out to eventually buy another SM045 or an Amerique?Read More...
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Learning Curve:

I just recently purchased a new FEC120 and have never cooked with a smoker with a convection fan, I’ve noticed with doing pig candy the way I have always done it on my gravity feed smoker and the Cookshack FEC120 were way different as I had charcoal bacon when I smoked it at 325 degrees for 45 minutes. Has anyone had any experience doing pig candy in the FEC120 and if so what temperature should I set my unit for and for how long? Thanks BuzzRead More...

Display / Operating problem on the Amerique

I am sure at this point you are tiring of my questions about the Amerique I am trying to get my arms around.... after 8+years with a 55 that operated flawlessly. The Amerique I have was built on 11-14-2006 so it is a very early model. As far as I can tell it was used very little by the original owner and he indicated he made no upgrades to the unit at all. It was garage kept and like new. I was using the unit yesterday to smoke some ribs and the outside temp was 88F. I placed the unit where...Read More...
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Pork Steaks

Howdy Everyone - If this subject has been "beaten to death" or is "taboo" to true 'Qers, I apologize, but maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I have searched the CS site as well as others to no avail. I may be doing the search wrong, but don't think so... Does anyone have a good recipe/process for pork steaks in the CS? I don't really need the rub/seasoning or sauce recipes (but would welcome them!). I am looking for the general time, temperature, and wood amount to use...Read More...
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Brand new Amerique. 3rd cook today. Smoking some Dr Pepper and Jalapeño jerky at 200 * with some hickory. 1 minute into the cook the Cookshack thought the 6 hours had gone by and it said "done" and retreated to 140*. This has happened a few times now. Just unplugged it. Is there a way to cook with setting a time so as to bypass this? Or, is there a way to reset it? Thanks.Read More...
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Buck Board Bacon

I’ve just finally smoked my first batch of Buck Board Bacon. I used a pork shoulder roast and cured it with Hi Mountain Buck Board Bacon Cure, following their directions. At the end of the cure I soaked the product for two hours changing the water every ½ hour. After that I let it rest for an hour or so, dried it off and placed in my PG1000 and smoked it until it reached 140 degrees internal. The next day I sliced some and fried it. I was pretty disappointed as the smell and taste of bacon...Read More...
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Overnight Ribs

Hi there! I've recently acquired a couple of SM260 smokers and I'm working on developing my menu. I want to serve st. louis spare ribs for lunch but can't afford to pay a prep cook to come in 6+ hours before we open to give the ribs the 5-6 hours they usually need. My thought was to cook them as low as possible overnight to give them a headstart, and hopefully they'd be partially cooked by the time my morning staff arrives and at that point they could monitor and finish cooking them without...Read More...
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Advice on purchasing a smoker

Hello- I am planning to purchase an electric smoker in the near future.. I have narrowed it down to a Cookshack Elite 45 or a Smokin It 2D. I want something large enough to smoke 5 to 7 racks of ribs without having to cut them in half. I will also be smoking brisket and pork butts. The Cookshack 025 would probably work for me but I didn’t want to get something to small and regret it later. Temperature where I live usually falls into the 20’s so it will need to be able to hold temperature...Read More...
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Grill gloves

Forum: Open Forum
Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been discussed... Need some recommendations on a pair of grill gloves. Something with good dexterity (MUCH better than the oven mitt style I currently have) and something that would protect me if I accidentally touch the grate of my PG. Something I could carry my dutch oven from the grill to the kitchen would be nice, but not necessary. Just did some amazon browsing and seems like there is a crowd of products in the $25-35 range with nice...Read More...
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What pellets do y'all use?

Curious what everyone's go-to pellet brand and flavor is? Some other forums pointed me to Cookin Pellets brand a few years ago. The flavor was great, but man they really built up a ton of residue on the walls of my smoker. A couple of years ago I thought I would give the Pitboss pellets a shot. Sounded too good to be true to get a 40lb bag for less than $20 bucks at lowes/TSC. But I love 'em. Good flavor, not too much ash and definitely alot less soot than the other guys. As for flavor, I...Read More...
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PG500 Insulation

Since I can't travel back in time and purchase a PG1000, I've been daydreaming about ways to insulate my PG500. For smoke mode only, of course... Was wondering if anyone else has toyed with this at all? Maybe even on a treager or some other thin walled poorly insulated beast? Last weekend, I fashioned up a bit of a stocking cap for my PG500. Basically wrapped the top half in some of that insulation that is basically bubble wrap sandwiched between foil. The wind was blowing like crazy and it...Read More...
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SM025 cover: Slightly used

Forum: Open Forum
Hi, Ladies and Gents. I have a cover for my almost brand new SM025 (catalogue/stock # PV031), less than two weeks old and honestly in like-new condition. Never rained/snowed on. Bought the stand for the smoker after a couple of inconvenient cooks--to much bending over for a scrawny old guy with a crummy low back. Works much better for me. Also bought a new full-length cover for the cooker/stand setup. So... Will sell the shorter cover described above in original shipping packaging for ½...Read More...
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FEC100 Temp Swings, "Please Jump in and add your comments"

Hello Fellow Pellet Heads, Today i had a long talk with Tony at CookShack about my FEC100 temp swings, I have owned this unit for two months now new from CookShack with the IQ4 Controller and cooked on it about ten cooks now i seem to see when i am cooking on this unit @ 224F I see a high of 50+ degrees and a drop of 30+ degrees , after emailing Tony my pictures of where the unit lives he seems to think its a venting issue, now bear in mind I live in California and I really haven’t smoked on...Read More...
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New owner, experience smoker, probably dumb question

Ladies 'n' Gents. I'm not new to smoking and barbecue, nor to electric heat, having started with a cheap off-brand hardware-store electric UDS and using a cast iron skillet as a wood box. That was a long time ago. I learned to get good grub from it and better when I graduated to a Pit Barrel Cooker and helped other folks with their stick burner. Furthermore, I'm scientifically trained, so should understand the physics involved. 025 as instructed in the YouTube videoI, used the recommended...Read More...
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FEC 100 Temp Won't Ramp Up During Cook

I have had several instances lately with my FEC 100 not letting temp ramp up during a cook. My last cook I started with ribs in smoker and set temp to 235* and everything was going along fine. After a couple of hours I then tried to increase temp up to 275* as I wanted to put some chicken in it also. I increased the temp setting up to 275*, but after 1 hour the temp still only registered about 240*. I had not yet put the additional chicken load in it, so no reason for it not to have come up...Read More...
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Smoke ring

Forum: Brisket
I’ve had an AmeriQue for nine years and use it pretty consistently with good results, however I’ve always wanted to have a more noticeable smoke ring on the briskets and I can’t seem to get one. Does anybody ever read load the wood tray after the initial wood burns out? Any other tips or tricks to achieve this would be appreciatedRead More...
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Pics-Smoked Salmon from Go to Show Featured

Forum: Seafood
Mr.T’s Smoked Salmon Salmon has always been one of my favorite items to smoke. All types of salmon have been in my smokers at one time or another. From the Kings and hard to find Sable Fish or Black Cod to the small Blue Backs always in search of that one recipe and technique that people would crave for. After over 20 years of experiments expressly working with salmon, they now say “Don’t screw with the recipe anymore” and yes I am going to share the very sought after recipe for the first...Read More...
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New Amerique

Just got my new Amerique. Could not have been easier to set up. Doing my seasoning smoke today. 2 large pieces of Hickory as the owners manual said. 275* for 4 hours. Smoke was pretty cool and going at a nice clip but stopped after about 45 minutes. Is that OK? I am going to let it do its thing for 4 hours but was not sure why it stopped.....Read More...
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SM025 blowing GFCI fuse

My smoker has been under cover for the winter and wanted to smoke today but it keeps blowing the GFCI fuse in my house. I have not had this problem before. After several attempts I've moved the pork butt to the oven but need suggestions on what to check. Once it cools I will look at the heating element to make sure its not loose. Anything else to check? When I removed the cover this AM the smoker was dry and no sign of moisture.Read More...
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PG1000 Hot Spots

I've had my smoker for a while and I do really like it. Am starting to use it even more and for different things such as jerky and now sausages. I seem to be having an issue with some of the food getting over done and some not done enough. For example I did some snack sticks the other day, kept it as one big long rope. The outside got done but the middle was still undercooked. Also when doing jerky, is there a way to even out temps for that too, so you don't have to open it up and rotate the...Read More...
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SM025 Temperature Holding Issues

Looking for wisdom from anyone... Long post warning! I've owned my SM025 for going on 3 years now. In general, all has been well except a problem at the beginning with not enough oxygen getting into the firebox and I would end up at the end of a smoke with charcoal bricks out of a wood piece instead of ash. On to a current issue that I cannot understand. I do not like how it controls temperature some of the time. 2 Examples: 1) A long pork butt smoke at 225 F - taking 14-16 hours - it seems...Read More...
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