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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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Warped Divider wall

I've had my PG 500 since May and have went thru 5 bags of pellets. I really gets used more than my FEC 100. A couple of weeks ago, while trying to remove the offset side grate, I noticed the steel divider wall, which separates the direct and offset side is badly warped, obviously from the heat. It's really difficult to get the offset-side grate back in without using a screwdriver to pry the wall over. Has anyone else experience this? Maybe I'll call cookshack. Works fine otherwise. I do get...Read More...
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Baby Back Ribs Smoke Temp

<accidentally deleted my prior post... so reposting here!> Hi everyone! I've read through every single forum post on baby back ribs and the general consensus seems to be to smoke at either 225F (will take around 4-6 hours) or 250F (will take around 3-5.5 hours) with 2-3 oz wood. Has anyone experimented with both temps, and which did you prefer & why? Also, in case it's helpful for those looking for baby back guidance I've copy and pasted my notes from all of the various members on...Read More...
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Wireless (wifi-not bluetooth) thermometer

I am looking for a thermometer that will send the readings to my iPhone through the internet. Would like to monitor long smokes while at work and not be tied to the smoker all day which will allow me to smoke more often during the week. I have read the reviews on Tappecue. Does anyone heave any experience with it or any other wifi capable thermometer? I searched the forum and didn't see anything dealing with wifi...just wireless Bluetooth devices. Thanks in advance.Read More...
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Grill gloves

Forum: Open Forum
Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been discussed... Need some recommendations on a pair of grill gloves. Something with good dexterity (MUCH better than the oven mitt style I currently have) and something that would protect me if I accidentally touch the grate of my PG. Something I could carry my dutch oven from the grill to the kitchen would be nice, but not necessary. Just did some amazon browsing and seems like there is a crowd of products in the $25-35 range with nice...Read More...
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FEPG vs Traeger

Hello guys, So I'm choosing between these two models: FE PG500 and Traeger TFS60LZC I really don't know which one, cause FEPG has proven its durability, but the Traeger one is on a good discount at the nearby vendor... Could you please clarify the pros and cons of each one? I'd really appreciate REAL user experience Thanks a lotRead More...
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Wagyu Brisket

Forum: Brisket
I'm smoking a 12 lb packer Wagyu brisket tomorrow morning. This is my first time doing Wagyu so I was just wondering if I should approach it differently than regular Prime? For example, I read that it finishes quicker and should be pulled around 185-190 (or whenever it passes the doneness test!). I normally wrap my prime briskets at stall, but should I even bother wrapping a Wagyu? Any tips would be much appreciated!Read More...
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Costco, Sam's or BJ's?

Forum: Open Forum
Hi all! Yup, still alive and have recently settled in beautiful Rock Hill, SC...just south of Charlotte. Hope everyone's doing well these days. I've been out of the BBQ game for quite some time and now looking to hook up with one of the above club stores. Who's having good luck with packers, PB's and ribs? The closest store is Sam's (15 minutes) I wandered in last week for a peek at the cold cases and wasn't overly impressed. That said, it was right after 4th of July. Thanks for the replies.Read More...
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New Business, advice

Hello! New to the board here, waving a hand at y'all. I am sure you have fielded these questions on more than one occasion, but please bear with me. I am starting a mobile BBQ concession trailer. I plan to put this in a semi permanent locale. I am trying to decide on a great smoker for my business. As a newbie to the BBQ business I have been educating myself as much as possible. I have looked at Southern Pride and Ol' Hickory smokers. I stumbled on the Cookshack today and would love to hear...Read More...
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Hang Your Chicken Out to Dry

Forum: Poultry
I'm doing some chicken parts (breasts and thighs), and natureally I'm brining. I found this Drunken Chicken brine recipe, thought I'd try it and adjusted it so much I can't give credit to the author: Jack Daniel's Poultry Brine 1 gallon water 1 cup Kosher salt 15 tablespoons sugar 2 cups Jack Daniels Whiskey 3 bay leaves 1 TBL garlic 1 TBL pepper 1 tsp cloves 1 tsp sage Thoroughly mix all ingredients until the salt and sugar dissolve. I used refrigerator cooled distilled water and partially...Read More...
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Moving from Traeger to SM160

I have been cooking 100's of rack in my restaurant on a Traeger, and had them dialed in. I switched to a SM160 to place indoors, under my hood. I cooked my first batch and they were WAY to smoky, I backed of on the amount of apple wood, and they were better. Here my issues: I used to smoke at 275 after a dry rub and membrane removal. I spritzed with Apple Juice after 45 mins, then spritzed again after another 45, flipping them bone down for 30 minutes. I would wrap for another 1 hour. They...Read More...
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Overnight Ribs

Hi there! I've recently acquired a couple of SM260 smokers and I'm working on developing my menu. I want to serve st. louis spare ribs for lunch but can't afford to pay a prep cook to come in 6+ hours before we open to give the ribs the 5-6 hours they usually need. My thought was to cook them as low as possible overnight to give them a headstart, and hopefully they'd be partially cooked by the time my morning staff arrives and at that point they could monitor and finish cooking them without...Read More...
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Rubber lining (falling out)

Good afternoon Everybody! I inherited a PG1000 that was sitting in a garage for a while and am not sure what the storage was prior to that but I noticed the rubber lining on the bottom of the grill are letting go (grease dripping was how I found it). Also noticed Grease under the Ash Pan. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks for the help!Read More...
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Brisket Injection Issue

Forum: Brisket
Hi! Despite having watched several youtube videos / reading this forum on proper brisket injection technique, every time I try to inject as I'm removing the needle from the brisket the injection juice sprays all over the place. It almost seems like the juices aren't getting released into the meat properly. As I've read, I've tried to insert the needle and only as I'm pulling out press the plunger to release the liquid. I've also tried covering the top of the needle as I inject to catch any...Read More...
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Submerge in Brine or garbage bag?

Forum: Turkey
I plan on making the brine and placing it in double wraped bags and puting it in fridge. Seems easier than a large container. Is it the same result? I plan to have the bag looser and not skin tight so liqiud will contact exterior of bird. What's a good answer? Also plan to cook it to 165f (internal) makes sure its not pink. Is that a great idea or risk being dry?Read More...
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Fec 120 Venting on a food truck

I have just ordered an Fec 120 this evening to be installed on a food truck. I was hoping to get some dos and donts for venting from underneath the hood? I have read the vent hood may cause some issues. Any tips would be much appreciated thank you.Read More...

FEC-120 stand

Hey all. I have a call into Cookshack with this question but I'd like to check with the user community also. I've purchased a 120 for installation in a food truck (had a 100 in my last truck before the fire...) Because of tight space requirements, I must get the smoker up off the ground, the firebox access panel must be just above our prep counter. Has anyone installed this smoker on a stand? I've drawn up specs for one to be welded but I'm looking for suggestions. Maybe there's even a...Read More...
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so66 Kielbasa

Need a new smoker and I smoke Kielbasa by hanging in smoker . How many pounds of kielbasa can i do at a time in the s066 hanging them????? Im torn between buying the smoker from the sausage maker or the cookshack they both say 50lb smokers but the sausage maker demisions are bigger for sure and it is 220v. I really want to be able to hang 30 lb at a shot or more but dont want to pay 4800 to do it Any advice would be great GregRead More...
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First Cook on PG 500

Well Delivery day came – on time and in good condition. The hardest part of it was removing the protective plastic which coated the stainless steel. Put the side and front shelves on easily. Poured in 20 pounds of the included pellets, prime the firepot with a small fist-full of pellets and in 13 minutes, I was up to 400 degrees. Ran it for about an hour and shut it down for a couple of hours. Restarted and cooked 5 rib eyes. Grill was very easy to use. I love the different zones. I was...Read More...
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Not Enough Smoke From Green Mountian ....Looking at SM045...will it have more smoke flavor?

I am on my second Green Mountain pellet smoker and still am not happy with the amount of smoke flavor in the meat. I have tried several things and am just done. I think its time for a new machine. The Cookshack SM045 looks promising but before I go even deeper in the hole I want to be sure that I will be happy with the amount of smoke flavor it produces. Being that it uses real hard wood and not compressed pellets Im hoping this is the right direction. Any information is greatly appreciated.Read More...
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Fish smokers

Forum: Seafood
What is your favorite smoker? What chips do you like to use? Also what temp do you like to smoke at and for how long. I have a Bradley Smoker, I smoke at 160ish degrees and for approx 6-8 hours depending on the thickness of the fish, but I found on the good smokers for fish and thinking to buy new. I was just curious on all of your little tricks. My Grandmother has an old metal freezer converted to a smoker, this old thing can smoke about 80lbs and always seems to have...Read More...
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New owner: SM045 Can you give me a rough idea how long for smoker to reach 225

I have done 3 smokes (2 great results, 1 user error) and I am putting the meat in before starting the smoker. I haven't done exact timing but it seems like it is taking a long time to reach 225. Tomorrow, I will turn it on with nothing in it and check the time but unless I am missing something, seems like it takes over an hour to get up there. Once there, it maintains a pretty close to perfect temp.Read More...
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sm025 vs sm025 elite

i am looking at buying a sm025. i would like to know the following, difference between the elite and non elite versions temp fluctuation between the 2 models, what can i expect from a set temp at 150 degrees +/-. If i understand the models i will assume that the elite has a pid system for temp control and that should take care of large temp fluctuations??? thanksRead More...
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PG500 Question for the experienced

It seems on long cooks like Ribs, and brisket my product tends to dry out and get a bit crispier on the edges than I like. I am a fan of low and slow and try to cook at 225 to 275 or so. HHT is set at 30 and I am satisfied with the temp variance ranges I see with my Smoke X4. I have always used a Large Big Green Egg, and never had a problem drying out meat. (Yes ceramic is kind of nice.) I have never used the crutch, and would prefer to avoid it although I do think I will try Malcom Reed's...Read More...
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Using SM025 in cold weather

I'm trying to decide if I should purchase a cookshack SM025. They look like a very good product. My question is how do they perform in cold weather? I live in Northeast North Dakota. Our temps get down to 2o below and colder. I would like to use it in temps at zero or a bit below. Would I have a problem with using it in these temps? I would be cooking pork butts, brisket and maybe a turkey in the winter. Thanks for the help.Read More...
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Baby back and St. Louis simultaneously

Forum: Open Forum
I am a new owner and have to say that in our first 5 cooks, the results were terrific (except for one user error). This may be my best appliance purchase. I am planning to make baby backs and st Louis simultaneously at the same temperature. I gather from reading that the baby backs take less time. If I start the baby backs an hour later than the St. Louis should they both be done at approximately the same time (say 5-6 hrs for St Louis and 4-5 for baby back). Anyone have experiences to help?Read More...
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Babyback Ribs - Cookshack Beginner

I want to cook some baby back ribs for my first cook on the SM045. I have watched and read numerous instructions but it seems that all use different temps. and times. Is there a simple easy to use recipe to get me started. What temp, and how long to cook, and do I put BBQ sauce on the ribs at some point? Thanks for your help!Read More...
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Pulled pork is dry

Hello, I would like some help. When ever I cook a butt ( in a Cookshack ) The next day coming out of the fridge or later out of the reefer, it is dry? Very dry. I do not use a mop, just put some dry rub on it. A second question. I vac pack the butts. There seams to be alot of grease inside the bag. Do you all clean and reuse the bag? Any reply would help. Thanks.Read More...
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