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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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Temps all over the place FEC 100

Had 18 pork butts in the smoker friday/saturday and the temperature was all over the place. Had it set for 220 and the air temperature overnight was low 60's. I've used it a few times this year and the temperature would go up/down a few degrees but Friday it was bouncing 15 to 20 degrees above and below the 220 set temp. I'm going to call customer service tomorrow, (which from past experience are AMAZING ) but just wondering if there is something that I may need to replace that's on it's way...Read More...

True confession: I deep cleaned my Cookshack!

Forum: Open Forum
After many years of briskets, butts and salmon -- after which I wasn't always super-diligent in my cleanup routine -- my SM025 became so "seasoned" that nobody wanted to look at it, much less eat anything out of it, and it sat unused in the back of the garage for two years. The boss eventually said I had to use it or lose it, so, back against the wall, in a fit of desperation, I gathered several cans of oven cleaner, a jumbo pack of paper towels, a plastic scraper, a garden hose, a 3M scour...Read More...
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Going from Green Egg to a 66

Forum: Open Forum
Hey guys, I’m just about to make the change to a 66 electric smoker. I do like my egg but it is very time consuming doing long cooks. The 66 is far bigger investment than my Egg. I just really like the convince of a set it and forget it smoking machine. A couple of question is it really set n forget till it’s done? I’ve heard that electric or pellet smokers in general do not have the same results as a lump charcoal or wood burners as far as smoke flavor or bark on different meats. True or...Read More...
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Clogged Auger PG1000

The auger on my PG1000 got clogged. The only way I could clear it out was to back off the screws that hold the pellet hopper. I wasn't able to remove the hopper, but it somehow helped. I put all the screws back, but now pellet pieces are dropping below into the area that houses the controller, fan and auger. These self taping screws don't see to allow precision assembly of the hopper to the feed chute. Anyone have any ideas?Read More...
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Cookshack Smokette Elite SM025 Electric Smoker - Digital Controller Issues

I've owned a Cookshack Smokette Elite SM025 Electric Smoker for about 9 years now and have had multiple issues with its Digital Controller head. I have already replaced the original controller twice over the years and eventually have the same issues recur over time...intermittent controls, inability to set temps, partial screen outages, etc. The smoker has been dissassembled, all wiring checked (including signal continuity) which then eventually results in replacement the controller. The...Read More...
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time sensitive help needed! smoking 4 small pork shoulders simultaneously

I'm smoking four boneless pork shoulders for my father-in-laws church event tomorrow on my SM025 Smokette Elite. Each is very small... they range from 2.9 to 3.8 lbs each, for a grand total of 12.9 lbs. How would this impact expected smoke times, and would it impact how much wood I need to include? I generally just do one massive pork shoulder (around 12 lbs each and smoke for roughly 12 hours on the top shelf), so this is a bit of a curveball for me. Would appreciate your guidance, my...Read More...
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Coffee-Rubbed Ribs Recipe

At the start of my barbecue career I fumbled through a few rubs before finding Mike Mill's Magic Dust recipe . There's now a mason jar full of it in my cupboard at all times. Keeping a steady rub constant allowed me to focus on how to slow-smoke a piece of meat to perfection, and after seven years, I'm now feeling pretty comfortable with that. But I'm back to playing around with rubs, and finally tried one I've always found intriguing: a coffee rub . Not a coffee drinker myself, I wasn't...Read More...
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Smoked Almonds

Forum: Open Forum
It's been a while since I smoked any almonds and I'm wanting to do a batch or two. I've listed the last two batches that I've done and am considering to repeat. I thought I'd check to see if there were any newer and or better suggestions..... Pags @ CookShackI smoke almonds quite a bit and have had success with this recipe: 4 lbs Almond 6 TB Worcestershire sauce 2 TB granulated garlic 2 tsp salt or sea salt In a large bowl and using a large serving spoon, mix the almonds with the sauce until...Read More...
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PG500 Fast Eddy in Houston?

Hi there - I'm seriously considering the PG500 Fast Eddy for my next pellet smoker, but I've never actually seen one in person. I've checked with cook shack and they do not have a dealer in Houston and/or any on display anywhere in Texas. Anyone in the Houston area that would be willing to let me have a look at yours and ask a few questions? Cheers ConradRead More...
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A-Maze-N pellet smoker

I picked up one of the A-Maze-N pellet smokers thinking I would use it for cold smoking in my SM-045. I have the cold smoke baffle, but thought I would give this a try. The instructions say you can use saw dust or pellets. I didn't have either. I used some chips which are like course saw dust. I started the box outside of the SM-045. I could get it to produce smoke for more than 15 minutes at a time. I know that I have seen mention of using these things in the SM-025, and or the SM-045. What...Read More...
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PG 500 recommended his temp for smoking.

Looking at another web site and found a high temp recipe for pickle brined mock fried chicken and wanted to give it a try. My concern is the temp of the cook requires 450 to 500 degrees. Will running at these temps cause any problems or bad idea to even attempt? For anyone who might be interested here is the recipe using a Weber kettle . 8 bone-in, skin-on thighs 10 oz dill pickle juice 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 3 teaspoons celery salt 2 teaspoon cayenne 2 teaspoon Kosher salt 2 teaspoons...Read More...
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Swapping Pellets on the PG 500

This might be a dumb question, but I'm wondering the best way to swap pellets on the PG 500. I just got mine about a month ago & the pellet drain door isn't really located in the best place. What have other PG 500 owners done to funnel their pellets intoa bucket?Read More...

Lessons for new users Featured

Forum: Open Forum
Hey Forum, here is a challenge to you who have been members a while. We have lots of new members joining in. Tell us, what are your most valuable lessons, to give to the new owners of Cookshacks? My first thoughts: 1. Read the forum, especially the archives 2. Keep good notes, you're own experiences will help you the most 3. Remember, this isn't a cake time and temp are now the only way to judge when it's complete. And try to appreciate what BBQ is all about and understand what...Read More...
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Dino Bones for one

Forum: Open Forum
I finally acquired a couple of racks of dino bones that I need to vacuume pack. The issue is that I’m the only one in the family that will eat them. So the question obviously is how many bones should I put in each package. I’m thinking one bone per package might be best but I wonder if I left several together if they might cook better. Then I could separate them and reheat at a later date. What do you think?Read More...
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Jerky in a pg1000/500

Has anyone done jerky in their FEPG1000/500? I want to start doing jerky but have many/many questions…. Can you hold the temps to 160 to 180 in the PG? How many pounds of beef can you do in a PG? Do you do wet or dry? Did you use a seasoning kit or a recipe and if so which one? Any thoughts as to where I should go next? TNX mmRead More...
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Pretty close to saying I am sorry I bought it.... FEPG500

Ok, so I thought I did enough homework to justify buying the FEPG over a Traeger Crapco roadshow Chinesium special. Well I am at about 10 cooks in. the FEPG is a good grill above 300 degrees. I can't get it to go low and slow, e.g 170-180. Tried the factory set 10-50, and changed that to 10-30. Got 6o degree overshoots on 170 degress turned some $15/lb wild salmon into Jerky. Low and slow is important to me..... Any suggestions are appreciated. The other problem I have is bridging, Running...Read More...
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New PG 1000 just arrived.

I spent a day watching videos on the PG 1000 while waiting for it to arrive. The grill arrived yesterday late and today was the first time I had a chance to unwrap it. The first thing I noticed was that there were no holes drilled for the side shelf. The videos show that the holes were drilled and the screws had to be removed before the shelf could be installed. I opened the lid and discovered that one side of the hinge wasn't working. This is a pin that slips into a bushing. The pin is not...Read More...

Selling an SM160

I hope I can post this here, I had purchased an SM160 in early 2017 (build date 12/19/16) I no longer need it for my business and I’m looking to sell it. Has around 250 hours of cook time. Located in CT Comes with SM160 cover, meat probe, extra heating element, cold smoking kit with insulated baffle. Looking for $4,000 OBO if you’re interested, please send me an email at blackcapblades@gmail.comRead More...
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Help with reaching cook temp

I just received my PG1000 last week. I’m having issues reaching the desired cook temp. I’m using cook shack hickory pellets. LHT 10 HHT set at various ranges from 40 to 150. Set temp at 375 with hht at 100 digital gauge on grill gets to about 350 then backs down then back up but never gets to set temp of 375. With hht set to 150 Temp gets to about 365 then backs down. I’m having the same issue with “lower temp set at 275 and hht of 40. I’ve tried adjusting the flue cap from all the way down...Read More...
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FEC100 Auger starts to turn then stops

Hello! Condensation got into the hopper causing the pellets to breakdown and clog it up. I think I've cleaned out everything, but the auger starts to turn then stops. I read the trouble shooting guide that the shear pin may need to be replaced if it's not turning but it turns slightly then stops. So I'm guessing that's not it Could it be the motor? The draft fan? I have no idea what I'm going but we need to use it in 6 weeks for a fundraiser so any suggestions are appreciated. Please and...Read More...
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FEC 120 Pneumatic Caster Stability???

Hello everyone. New to the forum. I just acquired a well used FEC 120 it needs some TLC, but I should have it running like new with minimal effort and cost. One thing that immediately became apparent is that I will need to add some 10-13 inch pneumatic casters because I will occasionally need to be able to move this thing through grass and up a trailer ramp. I was hoping that I could hear from someone who has either done this themselves or has seen it done and can speak to the stability of...Read More...
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Forum Format

Forum: Open Forum
I have been a CS Forum member since 2012. The forum and many members helped me with making a decision to go electric and then to purchase the Amerique. The format was simple and friendly. Lots of great back and forth with the other members. I have tried to like the new format. I have tried REAL hard and while I am getting used to it, I dislike it a lot. I belong to many forums, whether guns or BBQ or woodworking, and I have to say the current CS forum is the most difficult. Actually, all...Read More...
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Grill gloves

Forum: Open Forum
Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been discussed... Need some recommendations on a pair of grill gloves. Something with good dexterity (MUCH better than the oven mitt style I currently have) and something that would protect me if I accidentally touch the grate of my PG. Something I could carry my dutch oven from the grill to the kitchen would be nice, but not necessary. Just did some amazon browsing and seems like there is a crowd of products in the $25-35 range with nice...Read More...
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Unit turns off after 15 seconds

I have a SMO25 that has issues. I plugged it into my front porch exterior socket, which is a 15 amp circuit, and it runs for about 15 seconds and shuts down. The unit is about 10 years old BUT it’s never been used. Can you help? I thought about plugging into a 20 amp circuit but that would require a pretty lengthy extension cord, maybe 25 feet.Read More...
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Temp drops while cooking

Forum: Brisket
HI, When I cooked both a butt, and a brisket, the meat temp goes up to about 185, holds there a while, and drops back to 182. I have read info about this in another thread. Is there a correlation as to time after the temp drops till it is done? (I know, I know, when it is done it is done) Maybe I am just watching the thermometer too much! I should go open a cold one, and stop babysitting.Read More...
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Fresh Salmon for Smoking 2021

Forum: Seafood
Has anyone found fresh salmon yet in places like Costco or Sam's? I saw Copper River Sockeye (my absolute favorite) in Sam's a week ago, but they wanted $25 per lb. Outrageous! I've never paid that much for even fresh King (Chinook) salmon. The past few years (even last year), Costco near me has had fresh sockeye, about 1.5 lb per side, for around $12 per lb, which is pretty good. Last week, they had it, but only about 1 lb per side and not very nice looking, kinda chewed up by the pin-bone...Read More...
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Selling CookShack SM160 Used But In Excellent Condition + FEC100 Brand New Smoker (NEVER USED ON PALLET)

Forum: Open Forum
Hi Everyone I bought for personal use a Cookshack SM160 Smoker and have used it at home probably 20 or so times. Its in great condition with Cold Smoke application. I also own a FEC100 Smoker that is brand new sitting on a pallet. It has never been used and in their shrink wrap. This was purchased for our work office/warehouse, but never opened or used. We were going to cook for employees but that never matured as the company has planned lunches. So I am selling the Cookshack SM160 and the...Read More...
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Does your sweet tooth ever kick in? Then, this is the recipe for you and very easy to make. Lemon Marshmallow Cream Meringue Pie I cheated and bought a frozen deep dish shell and 2 cans of Lemon Pie Filling. (It took 1-1/2 cans) I baked the pie crust before filling. Hint: Fill it with dry beans before baking and it won't puff up in the middle. OR you can make your own filling Ingredients: 3 egg yolks (Save the 3 egg whites for meringue; let egg whites sit at room temperature.) 1-1/2 cups...Read More...
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