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FEC240 igniter issues

So when I first got my 240 I was not properly cleaning the ash which resulted in igniter failure but since then I have been cleaning it vacuuming it and taking care of the ash cup properly and I believe my igniter went out again? Pellets are dropping in but no fire anyone have any ideas or suggestions?Read More...
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Pork Brisket Bones

Forum: Open Forum
Hi all, I saw a cryovac package of "pork brisket bones" at BJ's today. My quick search says these are basically rib tips. Lots of grilling recipes but not much for smoking. Has anyone ever done these? I'm thinking it would be a great foundation for a Super Bowl party meal. I thought I'd treat them like loinbacks, but not as long in the smoker. Any ideas/experience welcome. Thanks!Read More...
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Pizza FLATTY (fatty)

Forum: Open Forum
I wanted to cook a breakfast fatty but decided against taking a loan out to buy some eggs. I had all the other ingredients on hand to make a pizza fatty. This one cooked faster because I could not roll it closed. I over stuffed with cheese, onions, and pepperonis. It cooked pretty quickly compared to my cheeseburger fatty. It was very delicious according to my coworker. He is my test dummy while I get used to the new smoker. I used skewers to try to hold it together. It didn't work so well...Read More...
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SM066 - Probe not connected, but probe temp says 200 and can't use time

This is the first issue I've had with the smoker since getting in for Christmas in 2020. I'm trying to smoke some pork butts for the championship games tomorrow, but I can't get my SM066 to hold temp. When I turn the unit on, even with the probe disconnected, it says probe instead of time and the probe temp shows 200. This causes the smoker to hit DONE in just a few minutes and switch to hold mode at 140. This means I can't smoke the butts even with a third party temp tool because the smoker...Read More...
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It thinks the probe is connected

I cooked this morning with the probe. When that was done I put something else in the smoker but wanted to do time instead of probe. I disconnected the probe and turn the amerique off, waited 30 secs and then back on. Came up showing that it was using the probe. Tried a few times but it still thinks the probe is connected.Read More...
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Amerique Controller

I just sent an e-mail to Cookshack. I own a stainless steel Amerique smoker. It is 9 years old and even though I store it in a Cookshack Cover on a covered porch the controllers either do not work, the original controller, the LED lights burn out, the second controller, or just quits working not showing it has power after about a year, the third controller, so I will have to purchase a 4th controller. Also I have to run an extension cord to a non GFI plug as from the get go it as always...Read More...
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Controller Problem?

Forum: Open Forum
We bought a Model 45 quite a few years ago, it was made in 2011. It lives outside on our covered deck, with the cover on. I've been trying to smoke goose pastrami and am having difficulty controlling the temperature. I set it to 160F yesterday, expecting about 4 hours to reach the target of 140F internal. Didn't happen, and the oven temp dropped to the mid 140Fs for no reason, and the internal temp only got to 123F after 6 hours. I ended up trying to increase the oven temp, but it was all...Read More...
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Not Enough Smoke From Green Mountian ....Looking at SM045...will it have more smoke flavor?

I am on my second Green Mountain pellet smoker and still am not happy with the amount of smoke flavor in the meat. I have tried several things and am just done. I think its time for a new machine. The Cookshack SM045 looks promising but before I go even deeper in the hole I want to be sure that I will be happy with the amount of smoke flavor it produces. Being that it uses real hard wood and not compressed pellets Im hoping this is the right direction. Any information is greatly appreciated.Read More...
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SM 150 cleaning and door function

I have had my SM150 for some years now it is a 2001 model. Still looks great, but I do like to clean it up really good sometimes and I can never seam to get it looking really clean on the inside. Usually I spray it down with degreaser and pressure wash the inside. Do not know it that is a good idea or not but it has never seamed to affect the working of it. On the door function I have never gotten the error message that the door is open. It appears to have a magnetic type of switch. Just...Read More...
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Used SM250

Hi all. New member/first post. Been catering barbecue since 2012 with an ugly drum and a stick burner. We are now doing a ghost kitchen and launched a food truck. Looking to streamline the labor side of our operation at the smoker. I found an SM250 from 2005, and they are asking 2k. Any advice or opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!!Read More...
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Forum: Open Forum
Any one tried to smoke Picanha? ( It's the main attraction in Brazilian steak houses, and is usually spit roasted. I've "reverse seared" one (in 275* oven until internal is 120*, rest 15 min., then sear in cast iron skillet (I lay mine directly on charcoal) about 2 min. per side--really good!. I've thought of using the smoker instead of the oven, but also wonder about skipping the sear and letting the Picanha go to 140*Read More...
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Maiden smoke on my SM066

Forum: Open Forum
I decided to make a cheeseburger fatty as the initial cook on my SM066. I have never cooked one these before. I've done briskets, ribs, chicken, and butts. I figured the bacon weave and rolling would be more difficult than it actually was. I set the smoker for 275 and cooked until the ground beef was 160. The cook took under two hours. The Cookshack probe was within 1 degree of my Thermoworks. It looks good and smells good. I did not eat any because I'm going to take it to work with me...Read More...
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Heating element

Second cook and noticing a few more things, the heating element is tweaked a little one side is higher than the other I noticed when putting the wood tray back in it is actually pushing down on the raised side of the heating element, So is this nothing to worry about? Not sure if the element can be straightened or do I need a new element or just leave it alone, I did notice it's leaving a mark on the element where it touches.Read More...
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SM066 and the rain

I know that water and electricity don't mix at all when combined. My smoker sits on my back deck under and eight foot overhang. It does not get rained on directly but gets hit with the mist or overspray. My power outlet is a GFCI and is inside a waterproof cover. If I cover the control panel of the smoker with a plastic tub or bag, is that safe enough to use when it's raining. It is raining today (which I'll take all day. it is 39 out. Normally it is 0 or single digits). My thoughts are...Read More...
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Replicate Seasoned Brisket from Sam's Club

Forum: Brisket
Hi All - I picked up the seasoned brisket flat shown in the attached picture from Sam's Club and it was really good. I smoked following the directions on the package (250 degrees in smoker for 2 hours, wrap in foil, and cook until 201 degrees, which probably took 3 or 4 hours wrapped if I had to guess) except I didn't bother with using a small container of water in the smoker. I used hickory wood. It had a nice level of spiciness (probably a little bit too salty though) and I want to try to...Read More...
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SM066 purchase

I am in the market for a new smoker. I have been looking at the Amerique SM066 for a while. I discovered the Lone Star Grillz (LSG) Pee Wee on accident. I really like the SM066 for the set and forget and temperature holding capabilities. I do not care about the lack of a smoke ring concern using an electric smoker either. But with that said, I have some minor concerns about the SM066. 1. I've seen posts about the smoker tripping GFCI outlets. It's going on my porch and both sets of outlets...Read More...
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smoked cheese

I am getting ready to fire up the 066 to finish up my cheese smoking. I didn't do much cheese last year and it bit me in the rear this year. I told my wife that I was going to cut back on the normal 50 some odd pounds of cheese I usually do. I have been buying cheese over the last couple of months and storing it in the fridge. When I finally started to get everything out, I had just over 110 pounds of cheese. I have done everything except the Jarlsberg, regular Swiss, and a new cheese from...Read More...
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Wheels on the SM066

Can the wheels be removed easily on this smoker once they are installed. I just replied to another post about carts. I am thinking of using this steel wagon from harbor freight. It's plenty wide and I hope the I can just mount the smoker down to the cart with threaded rods through the wagon floor. Thanks.Read More...
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AmeriQue SM066 work table?

I currently have my SM066 on a heavy-duty rolling cart. I am not able to invert the top of the cart to provide a flat surface for the smoker to sit on so I have it on 2x6" pieces of wood that raise it up enough for the door to open and the pan to fit underneath. I am looking for/trying to think of a suitable flat work surface that I can lay across the cart and in front of the smoker that I can set pans on and that can catch meat and drippings from when I am pulling from the smoker. So a...Read More...
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How does Famous Dave's prepare their brisket?

Forum: Brisket
I recently ate at Famous Dave's and really liked their brisket. It tasted different than the brisket I usually make in my smoker because the smoke taste in FD's brisket wasn't just concentrated on the edges of the slices ... it seemed to go through the entire slice, and the slices didn't have much bark on the edge. Does anyone have a guess as to how FD's prepares and smokes their brisket? What internal temp do you think they take it to? What kind of wood do they use? Do you think they add...Read More...
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Crispy chicken skin and legs

Forum: Poultry
I need help with my chicken. No matter what cut of chicken I use I can never get the skin crispy when I smoke it. When I groll it turns out perfect, but I need advice. My skin is always rubbery and I have tried rubbing oil, cooking spray, etc on it before the smoke but nothing. Any suggestions? My other question is on the legs, the exposed meat always get hard and over smoked. Has a thick smoke taste that isn't pleasant. Any advice is greatly...Read More...
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Prime Rib for XMAS- SM025 / Smokette.

I purchased the SM025 on 5/21/2022. It's been used several times a month with great success. Yesterday (Christmas Day, 2022) I smoked a very expensive 7.76 pound prime rib, this was a prime grade cut of meat. I ordered it from my local butcher without asking about the price - I probably would have gone with choice if I knew prime was 24.99 a pound! Caveat Emptor and all that. - but a frick'n amazing roast. Anyway, put it on the smoker at 225* at 10 AM. Used about an once of cherry and...Read More...
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Smoked cream cheese stuffed jalapeno bacon wrapped poppers.

Forum: Open Forum
Wondering if anyone has done these. We had them from a caterer at a function last week and they were phenomenal. I want to try them. I have looked at several recipes and the main difference is the smoke time and temp. It ranges from 60 - 80 mins at 225 to 300F (the max for my AQ), and I want the bacon pretty crisp. Any tips would be appreciated. BTW, based on my one experience, these are worth it!Read More...
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Can’t decide.

I currently have the large Kamado Joe and it’s a great cooker. I’m just tired of messing with charcoal, and buying charcoal. But I do love the taste of the food that comes out. I also need more space. I thought about buying an expander rack, but Mike I said, I’m getting tired of messing with charcoal, and periodically checking on temp. I’d rather sleep, or play with my kids. Lol. So I was looking at the cookshack sm025. That’s what my budget allows. I’m after the same wood fire/smoke taste I...Read More...
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First cook tonight 9 LB. pork butt

So tonight is the night for the first cook on the sm 045. I have 2 questions, is 3 oz of apple wood too much? Also does anybody put a drip pan under the butt or just line the bottom with foil and let it drip? I usually don't trim the fat cap much, but was thinking maybe the juices dripping on the smoker box might produce some flavor. Thank youRead More...
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Beef Cheeks Again!

Forum: Open Forum
OK, I'm a broken record on this. I'm encouraging folks to try beef cheeks if they haven't already. I get mine from Sam's Club, where they come in a cryovac package of 5 - 6 lbs. I split the package in two and try to separate as much of the gristle, fat, and silverskin as I can before repackaging in foodsaver bags for later use. I usually end up with 2 - 3 lbs of cheeks (three or so cheeks per package). Freezing them trimmed makes it so much easier to use later. Today I started with a package...Read More...
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PICS First Belly Bacon w/Recipe Featured

After a successful buckboard outing I gave the belly bacon a try. Ingredients: • 2 oz. Kosher salt • 1 tsp. Cure #1 (aka pink salt, InstaCure #1, Prague Powder #1) • 1/4 C. Maple sugar or packed brown sugar • 1/4 C. Maple syrup • 5 lb. fresh pork belly (Makes enough for a 5 lb. belly) I live in the boonies but did find a frozen 1/2 slab at the local meat market, seems a little more than I see others paying but its 75 miles to the nearest Sams Club. Applying the cure: They were too long for...Read More...
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Scams and Spam

Forum: Open Forum
Hello Valued Forum Members! Forum members may receive a personal message from someone selling gold. The person has been banned. I also took the extra measure of deleting this person from the member list. However, this person has added another letter to the name and somehow has slipped through again. I will keep working to keep this forum safe. In the meantime, click on no links in any PM you may receive unless you know that person. Notify me if you have problems. DaveRead More...
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Life on the river is about to get a lot better. I finally got around to putting together my AmeriCue SM066. I have a BGE but I am looking forward to the simplicity of the CookShack. Today, I will season the smoker for about 6 hours at 275 with 4oz of hickory. Tomorrow, I plan to smoke some chicken thighs for the first meal.Read More...
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SM260 Temperature Monitoring

Is there a way to record time and temperature with the SM260? We have a requirement from the state to record specific time and temperatures while smoking. We have found the current export from the smoker to be unusable. Ideally we could just have an export of date, time and temp at set intervals. We have contacted Cookshack and the fix was to manually enter the times in the spreadsheet, but that defeats the purpose for us. If anyone is using some type of monitoring device that can provide an...Read More...
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Coffee-Rubbed Ribs Recipe

At the start of my barbecue career I fumbled through a few rubs before finding Mike Mill's Magic Dust recipe . There's now a mason jar full of it in my cupboard at all times. Keeping a steady rub constant allowed me to focus on how to slow-smoke a piece of meat to perfection, and after seven years, I'm now feeling pretty comfortable with that. But I'm back to playing around with rubs, and finally tried one I've always found intriguing: a coffee rub . Not a coffee drinker myself, I wasn't...Read More...
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Smoker Turning On By Itself?

Okay, odd question. I have a model SM025. I've had it for 10 years. Probably my best outdoor kitchen appliance, have smoked hundreds and hundreds of times, all kinds. The other day I was outside cleaning my kitchen area and I noticed the cover over my unit was quite warm, warmer than a black cover should be (it's a heavy cover). I took the cover off and to my amazement, the smoker was on! I usually unplug it but sometimes I guess not. I can't imagine accidentally turning it on while putting...Read More...
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Sm 350 for venison snack sticks

Anyone done them in this smoker? Did you hang them or put in racks? Gonna use sheep casings not collagen casings. Made them before but not with sheep casings and not in this smoker. Any help would be appreciated! ThanksRead More...

Glossary of Terms for New Users Featured

Forum: Open Forum
A glossary of terms for new users (and old). Changes and additions should be added to this post and are gratefully accepted. ============================================ ABT - Atomic Buffalo Turd - a jalapeno pepper filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then smoked. Beinks or Boinks (see also Burnt Ends and Moinks) - Burnt ends wrapped in bacon, slathered with BBQ sauce and smoked till sauce is tacky. Brining - a mixture of water, salt, and sugar/seasonings to immerse poultry,...Read More...
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