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CS SM150 Project

So I was able to get a SM150 for $50. Could’ve got it for free as it was listed going to curb but I offered the sellers $50 to hold it for me and I picked it up after work 30 minutes ago. Manufactured in 2003. Control panel powers on but I didn’t attempt anything as it’s late and once I get started I won’t be able to stop. The seller said they believe something is wrong with the thermostat. Whats the best way to troubleshoot the unit to make sure I diagnose the problem correctly and any...Read More...
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Thanks for the tips! Best ribs ever!

Hi there, two weeks ago I got my new to me SM008 and tried a back rib project. I did the 3-2-1 method, spent most of my day fooling around and in the end I wasn't overly pleased with the result. The advice I got on here was to just leave the ribs in the smoker, don't fool with it and it will turn out great. Today I got some side ribs on sale and decided to do a side rib smoker test. I rubbed then with a basic rub just before putting them in the smoker, dropped in a bit of hickory and let...Read More...
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Fec 120

have had 2 of these for 3 yrs have had to light with gel after 4 months as keeps tripping and burning out igniters bought so many and also had direct o& cookshack USA still dose same bought new motherboard at a cost of £589 pounds uk and it still dose same would no5 recoded these cookshack smokers to any one especially in uk as Americans bbq do not care as long as they get your money advice keep well away from cookshackRead More...
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Advice on purchasing a smoker

Hello- I am planning to purchase an electric smoker in the near future.. I have narrowed it down to a Cookshack Elite 45 or a Smokin It 2D. I want something large enough to smoke 5 to 7 racks of ribs without having to cut them in half. I will also be smoking brisket and pork butts. The Cookshack 025 would probably work for me but I didn’t want to get something to small and regret it later. Temperature where I live usually falls into the 20’s so it will need to be able to hold temperature...Read More...
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Seeking Brisket Wisdom

Forum: Open Forum
I smoked an 11.2 lb Prime packer yesterday and the results were very perplexing. See smoking methodology / details below. 11.2 lb Prime beef packer 3 oz (2 small chunks) hickory wood Total smoke time of 11 hours 40 minutes at 225F... details below Inserted into un-preheated smoker with fat side down at 225F at 11:30pm (was a bit too large for so I folded tip of the flat underneath) Inserted two temp probes into the thickest part of the flat about two inches apart from one-another, and a...Read More...
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First time grilling pizza

I got the Weber pizza insert for my master touch as a present this past Christmas and tonight I finally got to use it. Being that this was my first time grilling pizza, I expected a complete failure but it turned out decent to be honest. Unfortunately I underestimated how difficult it is to transfer into the grill so I had a couple mishaps and also, I couldn't get my temps up as high as I wanted but that was just due to an inssuficient amount of charcoal.Read More...
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FEC100 Using Rib Racks

Question on using rib racks with my FEC100. I cooked 18 racks of ribs yesterday and for the first time tried rib racks that I've had for quite a while but had not tried yet. Set smoker to 260 and cooked for a long time without ever getting them as tender as I would have liked, over 8 hours. Anybody with experience using rib racks have any ideas? Is it because they are so tightly packed in there? Thanks in advance.Read More...
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First Brisket on SM008!

Forum: Brisket
Hi everyone, I'm week one into my SM008 ownership so took a day off work and tackled a brisket. I bought a 12 pound packer but due to smoker size decided to separate the flat and point and just cook the flat today. After a few youtube videos I decently butchered the brisket last night and set out on my brisket flat smoke today. This morning I applied a basic bbq rub, mostly course salt and pepper with garlic powder and paprika. I got the smoker going at 250 with a decent size piece of apple...Read More...
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Cookshack Newbie - First Smoke

Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and give a little bit of info on my first Cookshack project. I live in Newfoundland, Canada which is basically an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for those of you not familiar with it. I've been looking around for a smoker for a while now hoping to pick up something high quality and gently used. To be honest I never heard of the Cookshack brand until I saw a used SM008 pop up on our local Kijiji for sale ads two days ago.Read More...
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problem with SM160

I've had my cookshack for a little less than two years. The probe didn't work when I got it, a year down the road, the door cutoff switch went out, and today, a week before a big event, my smoker just died. Question....if the heating element goes out, will it cut off juice to the display? I powered it up today, and just as it started to warm, the display began to dim, flicker, then slowly fade out. Could it be that the element crapped out, or could it be the control module? It did not...Read More...
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Typing the degree symbol

Hi all- This post is slightly off topic, but in the many posts I see degrees posted as 225F, or 225*. Most computers will allow you to put in a degree symbol, as in, 225º, by holding down the alt key and typing 0186. The only reason I'm posting this is that it took me a while to figure it out, and though it might be helpful. If this is too off-topic, my feelings won't be hurt if it gets deleted!Read More...
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Good whole chicken recipe?

Do you guys have any good whole chicken recipes for the FEC-100? I read about smoking whole chickens in the other forum here but they seem to base much of their technique on the non-FEC smokers extensively (low temp maximums, water pans, etc.) I'm not new to smoking meat, but I've actually never smoked chickens (or turkey) for whatever reason. Do you have any suggestions?Read More...
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The FEC was feeling neglected

Been using the Big Joe a lot recently, and the FEC was calling out this afternoon looking for some attention. My ribs always turn out better in the FEC anyhow... But, will there be enough rub for the ribs? Yes, yes there will. There's always an extra stash of Memphis Mud in the house. My favorite Rib Rub. Some trimmings for the chef too. And some Bourbon while we wait. If you can still find this, get some. Good Stuff. Finished off a bottle of Code 3 Spices Patriot Sauce. Thanks for looking.Read More...
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Another handy gadget

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In addition to the Thermapen. I also have an infrared, thermometer with laser pointer. I got mine at Harbor Freight Tool Co. and have found it to be almost as handy s the Thermapen. Here's the link to the product. I use it for measuring the surface temperature of a skillet when pan searing steaks or chops. I use it to measure the surface temperature of my pizza stone which I get to about 650 degrees, the surface temp of the interior of my smoker, and, best of all, I use it to amaze my grand...Read More...
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Caulk on moisture shield

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I'm trying to replace the heating element on my small (SM025?) smoker. I watched the on line video. However on MY smoker the moisture shield is caulked (silicone) at the top, whereas in the video, the tech just unscrews it and removes it. I'm a 64 yo woman who's pretty handy, but I am struggling with getting this blasted cover off. Am I missing something? Help!Read More...
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FEC240 Over Temp Error after new board install

Bill sent me a new IQ5 power supply and FEC Varistor. I've installed both according to instructions, updated firmware to 224-M. The unit powers up, but the Over Temp Error appears after pressing start. I've pushed the green button on the back of the unit, even held it down, but the error doesn't clear and I can't use the smoker. Suggestions? Is there an Over Temp by-pass or other switch on the mother boards to clear this error?Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall Featured

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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From the America's Test Kitchen 2019 episode "Chicken & Biscuits" comes this "Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce" recipe: 1-1/2 cups ketchup 1/4 cup molasses 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 Tablespoon hot sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper Combine all ingredients. No heating/cooking/reduction required.Read More...

Wet Aging Beef

Forum: Beef
Nothing beats a well grilled, dry aged Delmonico steak. Unless you have a separate fridge with temp and humidity controls, it's impossible to do at home. However, wet aging comes close to delivering the same flavor and tenderness...think of a Lexus vs a Mercedes Two things are needed for wet aging, beef packed in Cry-O-Vac and a packing/slaughter date. The C.O.V. must be flawless - no holes or punctures or separated end seams. Meat properly sealed in C.O.V. will have ni air pockets and...Read More...
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Succcess with Wings (Not How I Expected)

Forum: Poultry
I've been trying for months to find a method to do chicken wings in my Amerique that would produce tender, tasty wings with skin that was not rubber. I tried low temps, long times, higher temps, shorter times, more smoke, less smoke, brine, not brine, smoke then grill for crisp skin, etc., etc. I always wound up with pretty tasty wings that were not really pleasant to eat because the skin was just not done right. I know those with smokers or pellet grills that can go above 300 F can do this...Read More...
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Not powering on

Hey guys, I was going to do an overnight butt for the family on the smokette (sm025), but when I tried to power on the smoker, no signal at all. Tried a few different outlets. Cracked open the top so see if there was some kind of reset switch, but nothing...measured power to the terminals on the top underneath the control panel, but not sure what else to do. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas...going to have to prep the egg instead for one of my weekend cooks, but still would like...Read More...
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PG500 won’t hold temp

i started an overnight cook for a couple butts. At 225, this should be a 12+ cook. But I can’t get me PG500 to hold at 225. What am I doing wrong. I even dropped the set temp to 175 just to see what would happen. It was between 260-270. My LHT and HHT we’re both set to 25. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Any suggestions?Read More...
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Crispy chicken skin and legs

Forum: Poultry
I need help with my chicken. No matter what cut of chicken I use I can never get the skin crispy when I smoke it. When I groll it turns out perfect, but I need advice. My skin is always rubbery and I have tried rubbing oil, cooking spray, etc on it before the smoke but nothing. Any suggestions? My other question is on the legs, the exposed meat always get hard and over smoked. Has a thick smoke taste that isn't pleasant. Any advice is greatly...Read More...
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PICS - "Mock Tender" Chuckie

Forum: Beef
Following up on a previous post, I found a "Chuck Mock Tender Roast" at BJ's. About 3.3 lbs. I found that "mock tender" is another name for chuck eye roast, and is apparently named because it looks like a tenderloin roast. It is a very lean cut of meat. I decided to do it as the previous chuckie I finally figured out with help from andyj. My plan was to smoke it for a few hours, then finish it by braising it in the oven in a dutch oven. This worked great last time, and I wanted to see what a...Read More...

HOT message on temperature box

Just used brand new new cooker for the first time. After some time the thermostat box on top of cooker starts to say HOT. I'm thinking-yes, it is hot. IT'S AN OVEN. Then, unbeknownst to me, the cooker shut itself down at some point and my cook was ruined. Super disappointed. This is an expensive piece of kit. I had very high hopes for it. Now it’s basically an expensive and oily piece of scrap metal.Read More...
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6 year old PG500

I am considering purchasing a 2nd hand PG500. It is 6 years old. Are there any areas of concern that I should focus on with a unit of this age? Mechanical parts that tend to wear out? I'm told that nothing has been replaced or repaired in the last 6 years. How long do the auger motors and controllers and such usually last before needing replacement and are the parts that generally fail expensive or hard to obtain? Cosmetically, the exterior is nearly perfect, so I am certain it was well...Read More...
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First Try at a Chuckie - Pretty Disastrous.

Forum: Beef
Hello all, looking for some ideas and interpretations of this disastrous cook (so far). I have wanted to do a "chuckie" (a smoked beef chuck roast to result in "pulled beef") for years. I reviewed methods by Smokin' Okie and andyj on the forum, and got a nice 3.2 lb pretty thick choice roast from the local BJ's. The idea is to add rub, smoke at low temp for smoke flavor until IT of around 170, then break or cut apart into large chunks. place in a foil pan with au jus or stock, and put back...Read More...
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Got a New Slicer

Forum: Open Forum
I recently outgrew my decades old Rival Slicer. It had a 6 inch blade. My quest for something larger took me from the obscenely large and heavy commercial units to the more reasonable home style units. I looked at units with a bad diameter of 8 to 10 inches and finally settled on the Chef's Choice 665. I own a Lem Big Bite #8 grinder and the LEM MaxVac. For whatever reason, I could not justify getting a slicer from LEM even though the quality of their products is first rate. The CC 665 is a...Read More...
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Buck Board Bacon

I’ve just finally smoked my first batch of Buck Board Bacon. I used a pork shoulder roast and cured it with Hi Mountain Buck Board Bacon Cure, following their directions. At the end of the cure I soaked the product for two hours changing the water every ½ hour. After that I let it rest for an hour or so, dried it off and placed in my PG1000 and smoked it until it reached 140 degrees internal. The next day I sliced some and fried it. I was pretty disappointed as the smell and taste of bacon...Read More...
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4 zones Quick guide.

Ok I have read on many forums that have talked about the PG500/1000. There always seems to be someone that says they use the 4zone quick guide to know what temp to set it at. Anyone know if this actually exists, if anyone has it, if this is BS or something that one has to create on their own. I do not mind doing something I just hate reinventing the wheel. Thank you. 2 day New PG500 owner and very impressed so far.Read More...
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Warped Divider wall

I've had my PG 500 since May and have went thru 5 bags of pellets. I really gets used more than my FEC 100. A couple of weeks ago, while trying to remove the offset side grate, I noticed the steel divider wall, which separates the direct and offset side is badly warped, obviously from the heat. It's really difficult to get the offset-side grate back in without using a screwdriver to pry the wall over. Has anyone else experience this? Maybe I'll call cookshack. Works fine otherwise. I do get...Read More...

Competing with a FEC300

Fixing to compete in a small hometown bbq comp this weekend and we have a FEC300 in our BBQ trailer. We are doing Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs and Chicken. I know chicken is not supposed to be cooked above the other meat but its a rotisserie so how is that supposed to work health wise? And has anyone on here competed with a FEC Rotisserie model and what are your suggestions for temp probes besides turning off the rotisserie?Read More...
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