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PG500 and MAK 2 star

Does anyone own or has owned a PG500 AND a MAK 2 star? These are the 2 grills that I am looking at purchasing and I'd really like to be able to get a good side-by-side comparison of the 2. From my research, I feel that the PG500 will be a better griller, but that the MAK will be a better smoker. I'd like to do a bit of both and for the most part, I'd be cooking for just my family (5). Also, I've seen several posts on here about the PG500 blowing a lot of ash. Is this common? I know the "this...Read More...
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Disappointing Craftsmanship

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Hello, I am new to the Cookshack Forum and joined a week ago while I was waiting for my new Cookshack SM025 to arrive from Amazon. The first unit was delivered on the 12th and had a fist size hole in the side of the box. I took pictures, opened the box and discovered a dent in the left side next to the lower door hinge. The dent was actually about 6" lower than the hole in the box, but still thought something had hit the smoker. I promptly returned the unit and received my replacement on the...Read More...
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Dislike of the new forum...

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Is it just me, is is the new forum a step backwards? This seems to be more of a blog format than a forum format. There is a lot of wasted screen real estate. On my screen, I can only see 4 topics before I have to scroll down. On the old forum, and other forums I'm on, I can see a good 15+ topics before needing to scroll. If you post on multiple forums, it is now much more work to post on this forum since the embedded bbcode image links no longer work. Pictures in posts are much smaller.Read More...
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Original Amerique meat sensor is bad

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I have one of the original Ameriques and my meat thermometer unit has gone bad. Does anyone have an extra they want to sell? I looked on the accessories page and they only have the new style thermometer plug. I would need the whole new assembly with the new thermometer. I know they used to sell it but I don’t see it anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations where I can get either an old assembly or the new assembly with the thermometer? Just for clarification the plug that my thermometer...Read More...
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looking for a good bacon brine recipe.

I just bought 2 pork bellies on sale. The price was right, and I got to sort through 2 bins. I like my bacon on the lean side. I have done bacon before, but it turned out way to sweet. There was enough maple syrup that I had to microwave it to keep the sugar from burning. I am looking for a good old fashion brine recipe. Not to sweet, not to salty, with a little pepper. What woods are you all using when you smoke them? Any help would be greatly appriceated.Read More...
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A Few Good Knives

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For years I used our good kitchen knives for fixing outdoor food, outdoors. Not a good event should a knife fall to the ground or loose an edge slicing into a steak on the grill and encountering a grill grate. But a good set of knives is important. And they need not be expensive. Old Hickory to the rescue. Made in America. Very good quality. Bought a set a couple of years back and really like them. From prep to serving, this kit covers it all. A good set at a very reasonable price. Keeping...Read More...
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Got a New Slicer

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I recently outgrew my decades old Rival Slicer. It had a 6 inch blade. My quest for something larger took me from the obscenely large and heavy commercial units to the more reasonable home style units. I looked at units with a bad diameter of 8 to 10 inches and finally settled on the Chef's Choice 665. I own a Lem Big Bite #8 grinder and the LEM MaxVac. For whatever reason, I could not justify getting a slicer from LEM even though the quality of their products is first rate. The CC 665 is a...Read More...
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Amerique probe- solution for broken plug

Hi all- like (possibly) everyone else owning an Amerique, I found out that the plug connector on the meat temp probe was its Achilles Heel. After buying 2 new probes (and they ain't cheap), I decided to see if I could just fix it. Voila! The plug is a Switchcraft EN3C2M16X This one is a crimp type. They also make a solder type. Mine is also a slip-on outer ring as opposed to the screw-on that came with. I don't see where the screw-on is offered. Here is the link:...Read More...
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LHt/HHt 101 - Temp Control on the PG1000

Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack Pellet Grill Model PG1000 Controlling the Pit Temperature on the PG1000: This grill comes equipped with a controller board which lets you digitally “dial in” the temp you want for your cook. This controller is very simple, an up arrow, a down arrow, and a digital readout. For many these are all the controls you will ever need. However, there are more advanced settings you can adjust in order to further refine the temperature control. The grill has settings called LHt...Read More...
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SMO25 not coming back to temperature after opening

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Yes, I know opening the smoker is a no-no, but today I had to. I am experimenting with wrapping 2 butts in butcher paper, and, when it was clear on my temperature probes the butts had reached 165* and the stall had begun, I opened the smoker long enough to get the butts out to wrap them. I closed the door, wrapped the butts, and opened the door again to put the butts back in the smoker. Previously, the smoker was holding the set temperature of 225*, but after I did the above, the temperature...Read More...
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SM025 Sale

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Hi Folks..I have been gone for a long time. Disappointed in the forum setup, but I am certain there is a reason. Can’t find any posts or search function, I will probably search for a more user friendly site. I purchased a new SM025 on Amazon for $650 today. I am jazzed beyond words. I had been searching for a new smoker, my ST died awhile back. I saw these on Amazon marked down and pulled the trigger. Anyone know why they are marked down?Read More...
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A-Maze-N pellet smoker

I picked up one of the A-Maze-N pellet smokers thinking I would use it for cold smoking in my SM-045. I have the cold smoke baffle, but thought I would give this a try. The instructions say you can use saw dust or pellets. I didn't have either. I used some chips which are like course saw dust. I started the box outside of the SM-045. I could get it to produce smoke for more than 15 minutes at a time. I know that I have seen mention of using these things in the SM-025, and or the SM-045. What...Read More...
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Loin Back Ribs Question

Hello All, For Super Bowl, I did a large rack of loin back ribs from Sam's Club, like I've done countless times in my SM066. However, this time I ran into a wrinkle that left me less than satisfied with the result, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen. As usual, I rubbed with Memphis Mud. While prepping, I noticed the rack was particularly meaty, which I was happy about at the time. After about 5 1/2 hours at 225, the ribs passed the toothpick test and I pulled them. Most of...Read More...
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Costs to open a small BBQ Joint? Your best guesses?

Looks like I'm going to be laid off in July 2009. My wife has told me to follow my passion and finally open a BBQ Joint / Premium Spice Shop. I want to focus on takeout but still have maybe 10 - 12 Tables. The spice part will require 800 - 900 SF of space. That part aside, I have no idea how to figure out what to budget for a kitchen. I do think I will be using one of the larger Cookshack units. If any of you have started a BBQ joint similar in size to what I am thinking, can you share what...Read More...
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New FEC 100 Owner. Auger/igniter not working

Received my new FEC100 on Wednesday from Cookshack. Last night attempted to run it a few hours. Loaded pellets Powered up Set time/temp Hit start , fan kicked on, but that’s all Auger and igniter did not engage Thoughts/suggestions? I left customer service a voice message but pebbly will not bear from then until Monday. Thanks. JeffRead More...
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I've smoked single pork butts before on my SM025. I have 3 to smoke for the Super Bowl. 10lbs, 7 lbs and 6lbs. Is this volume/weight of meat too much for my smoker? I was thinking one on top and two separated on the lower rack. Any perspectives/advice? Any guesses at approximately how long this might take at 250F?Read More...
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Hold it all

I'm wondering if anyone has set up their operation to cook all of their meats (brisket, ribs, chicken) the night before and holding in a CVAP until service. There are a lot of questions on here about holding unused product but I’m talking about all product. The reason I’m asking is that with employees being the way they are today (“show up, don’t show up, I don’t care”) I don’t want to come in and find no meat on the smokers if I’m not the one doing it.Read More...

Model 025 Temp probe

I just received my Smokette Model 025 a couple weeks ago. My first smoke seemed to take too long. I did have an issue with our sweltering temperatures causing the control unit to overheat and display "hot" until I was able to get it in the shade and cooled down so I figured that added a bit of time to the process but the 8# boston butt still took 22 hrs @ 225*. I ended up pulling it out a 190* and it was excellent. Anyway, I decided to do a test to check the smoker internal temperature and...Read More...
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Birds and cows

I have a process question for you. If I’m using one of Cookshacks rotisserie smokers do you have a suggested process for simultaneously smoking long smoke items like briskets and pork butts along with chicken and turkey when having both a lunch and dinner service? How do you recommend keeping the fresh poultry from contaminating the other items that may need to come off while the birds are still raw.Read More...

Brisket and Pork Butts at same time?

Hey Everyone, I have two bbq restaurants that myself and a few business partners took over about 6 years ago. The company has been in business for almost 50 years and has built a very local, loyal following over those years. As brisket has really grown in popularity over the years, we have decided that it might be time to add it to our menu. But, the problem is, is that we have no experience smoking it and would really like to put it in with our pork butts over night since they are similar...Read More...
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Question about making whole meat jerky

Forum: Jerky
Started making my own jerky back in november, but only with ground beef and ground deer meat. Working in food service, I know the risks of meats not being properly prepared so I bought cure #1. Been wanting to make some whole meat jerky, but not sure how much curing salt to use in the marinade. When I make ground meat jerky, I mix 2 oz of whatever liquid I use to flavor with 1/4 teaspoon curing salt #1 per pound or meat (8 oz liquid to 1 1/4 teaspoon per 5 lbs.) and mix that into the meat...Read More...
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PG500 Pellet "Life" (Overnight)

Does anybody have any data (or even anecdotal recollections) about how long a 20-pound bag of CookShack pellets would "last" during a 225 degree PG500 cook if the temperature in the back yard is roughly 50 degrees F? I'm kicking around smoking a large brisket overnight, and wondering how likely it would be that I would need to re-stock the bin with pellets when I should be sleeping! Would you anticipate any appreciable difference using BBQrsDelight or CookinPellets rather than CookShack...Read More...
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Customer service

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just got a new FEC-100, replacing one that was recently stolen, called customer service this past Tuesday, have yet to be called back. No problem with old cooker, no need for customer service. New smoker cut off and I can’t get it to come back on. Manual says to press reset switch on back of panel box, no reset switch. There is a hard button type device on the back but it is fixed. There is a horizontal slot, thought maybe small screwdriver provided was to be inserted in slot to reset switch...Read More...
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FEC 100 trips, shuts off within minutes of startup.

i have a new 100 and have tried to use it twice. First time with chickens at 325, went out to check on them, the unit had shut off. Cooked chickens in the house in the oven. Yesterday intended to smoke a pork loin, set temp at 250 and it shut off before reaching temp. This is my second one. First was purchased in 2007, finally figured out the rack placement, it had two levels for suspension. My brand new unit only has the one set of studs to suspend the racks. Has anybody had this issue with...Read More...

Not powering on

Hey guys, I was going to do an overnight butt for the family on the smokette (sm025), but when I tried to power on the smoker, no signal at all. Tried a few different outlets. Cracked open the top so see if there was some kind of reset switch, but nothing...measured power to the terminals on the top underneath the control panel, but not sure what else to do. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas...going to have to prep the egg instead for one of my weekend cooks, but still would like...Read More...
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New to me Model 55

I got this from an estate. I've noticed two things; the temp setting dial is way off. I need to set it to about 150 to get a wide, IMHO, temperature swing of 185-250. A brisket I cooked yesterday got rave reviews but took far longer than I expected. I'm wondering if it is the amount of time the cooker spends below 225. Is that swing normal? The previous owner had it at the edge of her covered deck in Florida, so it got a ton of rain from hurricanes and that everyday Florida rain. I also need...Read More...
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SM160 as Cook & Hold oven?

I'm trying to delay buying an Alto-Shaam cook & hold oven (or similar) to be used in an area without a hood exhaust. I'm wondering if anyone has used their CS SM160 (or comparable) smoker to do the same tasks with any degree of success. Thanks in advance.Read More...

New PG500 & Ash

New to pellet smoking. Received my PG500 yesterday and was super excited to get smokin'... Had an issue where the fire pot when out and temp dropped to 112 degrees. Smoker lit again and temp raised to 330 degrees before coming back down to my set point of 225 degrees. Noticed a big temp swing and loosing temp, so I adjusted the LHt and HHt a few times until I had constant temps. LHt 25 and HHt 50 (problem solved I think). Went out this morning to get my brisket and wrap it up after being on...Read More...
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I am thinking about getting either FEPG 500 or 1000.

I am thinking about getting a Fast Eddy's 500 or 1000. From the specifications I can't see much difference in size. I live in an area that tends to be on the humid to wet side of things. I also like to be able to change the woods I am using depending on what I am smoking, grilling. I already have a Cookshack SMO 66 and 45, and a gas grill that is sort of a no brainer grill. So for right now, my questions are How much bigger is the 1000 then the 500, and how easy is it to dump the pellets out...Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall

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We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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