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Spam Attack on Forum

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Well, it appears that with the new platform (or maybe with Dara's departure from CS), there is now a wide-open avenue for spam on this forum. This does not bode well since there is apparently no spam filter of any kind and no one moderating the submissions for content. I have been reporting the posts as they appear, and the response was quick yesterday, but not today, when there were twice as many spam posts. I hope CS can fix this because independent of any other problems with the new...Read More...
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Incredible Brisket Recipe

Forum: Brisket
I took the recipe below from the Brisket archives - and WOW - this recipe made the best tasting brisket i have ever had! I did not have oak - so i used some apple and hickory. I smoked two briskets using this recipe exactly (accept my briskets were about 8lbs instead of 10). The recipe did not say if you were supposed to rinse after the marinade, but i did lightly rinse it before i did the rub. I served 6 adults and 9 young children - and there was very little left - it was incredible -...Read More...
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Smoked Turkey Meatloaf....MMMmmm good!

Forum: Turkey
I bought some frogmats and found that they are wonderful for smoking almonds. So my next test was to try them on a meatloaf. I have been using ground turkey in my meatloaf for several years and decided to give it a try. I used one pound of ground turkey -- I don't use all white meat because it is too dry but rather a 85-15% mix sold at the grocery store. I chopped up some red and green pepper and about 1/2 of a large onion. I sautéd these three things together in a bit of olive oil and...Read More...
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Anyony ever smoked Cajun Boudin?

Has any of you Cajun members ever hot smoked pork boudin in a Cookshack? I know it has a tendency to explode in boiling water and I think it would be wonderful smoked, but don't want to scrape it off the walls of my CS. Also! I'll bet our Mississippi members would know how to cook boudin in a smoker. Looking forward to having some and have a good source for the raw product on my next trip to Lafayette LA. smokemulletRead More...
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Inverter For FEC100

I've been asking questions and looking at different charger/inverters for my FEC100 which is a few years old now but using the IQ5. Some say pure sine wave others say it's not necessary. Generally to be used at the house for unattended times of smoking as occasionally the local power flips off and on shutting down the FEC which makes me nervous about leaving. Appreciate any advice.Read More...
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BBQ Area, show me yours.

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I am going to build a place to BBQ, I am using my porch that I modify by putting up plywood 4' high around the 3 open sides to serve as a wind break, the 4th side is the house. I do use caution and have grill sheets on the ground under the smoker. I live in NW pa so lots of snow, wind and cold during the winter which is when I have a chance to BBQ. I have a Weber natural gas grill and 2 WSM, 1 18 and a 22. Want some ideas on what to build, I do not want it attatched to the house for safety ...Read More...
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Forum Change Again?

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How did "Content Stream" get back on the Forum front page center? Whatever the format was yesterday, it was good, please leave it alone unless you ask members if they want the change. Stop changing just to change, please. You have already lost a lot of members, please stop the changes for a while. And what is "wall post"?? These should have been deleted permanently.Read More...
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19year old pit man

Forum: Open Forum
Hello my name is Nick and I have been selling plates of BBQ and smoked items and every customer loves it I'm trying to start my own place but I want to start small due to my age it's not like I have a lot of money lying around I just don't know where to startRead More...

BBQ Catering Spreadsheet

Mike Trump has graciously posted the update to his BBQ Caterer's Spreadsheet. Hopefully this might be of interest to some. I finally got around to updating my BBQ Catering Spreadsheet. Until it gets officially hosted on the AZ BBQ Assoc. website, my brother has agreed to host it on his site for now... Just click the link below to begin the short download. Holler with any questions. Mike Trump Oakridge BBQ email - OarkrdgeBBQ at hotmail dot com BBQ Catering v3.0 ...Read More...
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Ok guys. Fixing to mount up a FEC300 into a 22ft concession/competition trailer and will be serving lunch and dinner 2 to 3 days a week plus a crap ton of festivals. All of my area are surrounding counties and a short interstate or smooth 2 lane road 12-15 miles away at max. Im assuming that running the rotisserie is out of the question but with it off can the smoker continue to run while traveling? It would be a situation that we open at say 11 am so for a brisket we would need to start at...Read More...
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Drip Mat?

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Has anyone come up with an inexpensive drip mat that I can use under my Amerique? It sits out in the sun, get's warm/hot and the accumulations of grease, etc drip and discolor the concrete patio? Currently using a piece of cardboard.. but, that won't work well when it starts to rain. I was thinking a neoprene mat that's about 2'x2' It should weather well in the sun.. but, I'm hoping for any other replies on this. I also need one under my Lil Tex Traeger pellet BBQ/smoker.Read More...
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PG500 Soot/Creosote Flaking Off Top

I have had my PG500 for about 3-1/2 years now and use 3-5 times per week, usually at low (225* -275*) temps for smoking followed by brief 300* or so temps for finishing meats. Lately the inside top has started flaking off small pieces of soot/creosote onto the food. I have scraped top off and then wiped down with a damp paper towel which helped stop this issue temporarily. My question is how to keep this from coming back?? My old Amerique and my FEC 100 have also experienced this to a much,...Read More...
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Forum Homepage Survey

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Dara M
Hey all! We found the options available for the forum homepage! In order to make this forum as user friendly as possible, we have created a survey with the options available. This survey will be open for about a week and will close Friday, September 14, at 8 a.m. I am planning on getting into the forum that morning to get the updates made based on everyone's responses. The pictures are a little smaller than I would like but hopefully it at least gives you an idea of the options available.Read More...
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Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall

Forum: Open Forum
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call". Tell us who you are? I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.Read More...
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After buying, using and having them break several MB electric smokers I'm ready to spend the money on something that will last for years not months. I'm sold on electric and controls. I also would prefer one that a whole hotel pan will fit in. I frequently will cook two butts, 40 chicken thighs and sausage all at the same time so a little smoker wont work. I was looking at the Amerique but two 2018 reviews showed controller failures where years past never had that problem. Did they change to...Read More...
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Dislike of the new forum...

Forum: Open Forum
Is it just me, is is the new forum a step backwards? This seems to be more of a blog format than a forum format. There is a lot of wasted screen real estate. On my screen, I can only see 4 topics before I have to scroll down. On the old forum, and other forums I'm on, I can see a good 15+ topics before needing to scroll. If you post on multiple forums, it is now much more work to post on this forum since the embedded bbcode image links no longer work. Pictures in posts are much smaller.Read More...
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Smoke and moisture in fec120 hopper

Been doing alot of winter cooking of briskets/butts and recently noticed that a good amont of smoke has been coming out of hopper and there is also condensation building up on the underside of the lid. The outside temps have been dipping down near 0degres at night and i been cooking around 250 all night. I have looked down exhaust tubes and both have a little flake buildup but no obstructions. Has anyone else encountered this when cooking at low outside temps or might there be another issueRead More...
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Vacuum Sealer/Bags

Forum: Open Forum
Hi guys, I asked a question a while back about Vacuum Sealers. Time was finally right and my old FoodSaver finally started to go. I wound up with a Cabelas CG-11 pro-series. Just arrived yesterday and so far I love it. If anyone is interested I can answer more questions anytime. I wanted to let everyone know about some vacuum bags I ordered off of eBay. I did what I think, was extensive research all over the net and wound of with...Read More...
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Questions on planning ahead....

Up until now, all my ventures with smoking have been day events: cook, and sell off what you have. Now, I'm getting ready to start up a brick and mortar, and have a couple questions: Although I would absolutely prefer to serve daily prepared fresh out of the smoker, we all know that's pretty difficult. So, for back up, how do you re therm frozen product? Sous vide? Any other methods working for you out there? B&M will have around 40 seats plus take out. Have an SM260 and an FEC120. Menu...Read More...
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Steak question

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My bride has a retreat coming up this weekend with 24 attendees. One night they are having Steak and Baked Potatoes. Not sure what kind of steak but my question is this. Would it be possible and safe to SV the steaks ahead of time up to say 125, either freeze or refrigerate them below 40 and then open up and put on one of the two grills that will be available for them to finish up to their desired temp. They would remain in Vacuum Packages until time of finish. I think that would be 2 days.Read More...
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Another Change? Why?

Forum: Open Forum
I might be wrong but it looks like CS changed the forum format again, just in the middle of everyone getting used to it. Please collapse the forum categories again on the "home" page, and bring back the recent posts and replies regardless of forum topic. You have just made a change, without announcement, that messes up how people want to use the forum, i.e., see all new posts and replies first on "home."Read More...
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Poke test / what to do when brisket is done REALLY early

Forum: Brisket
I am cooking a 14.75# (weight was untrimmed; I trimmed some, but not a lot). Put it in my smoker at 8:30pm last night (meat closer to room temp). I went to check it at 9:30am. Polders showing a range of temps (192-202), but my Termapen was showing low 190's in most spots. The flat passed the poke test (although really need to try it in thicker spots in hindsight), but the point had resistance. Does this make sense? I am worried about pulling it as I expected it to take longer. Do you care if...Read More...
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Installed the SM025 in my Outdoor Kitchen

Decided to build an outdoor kitchen and wanted to make the Cookshack SM025 part of the design. I built the main unit into an inset in the stone cabinet. Drilled 2 holes in the granite, 1 for the smoke stack and the second for the control panel wiring harness. Cooking a Pork Butt tonight for the first time since the install and so far, all is well. Here's a pic of what I came up with. [IMG:left] [/IMG] [IMG:left] [/IMG] [IMG:left] [/IMG] [IMG:left] [/IMG]Read More...
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FEC 100 LCD Screen weak

Anyone had problems with a weak LCD Screen on your FEC? I spoke with Bill and he advised me to turn the pot that controls the brightness but it was already at its highest point from the factory. I cannot see the screen anymore to set times and temps making it useless till I can find a replacement LCD or as Bill advised replace the board for $1700.00+. Anyone know the part number of the LCD? I am sure it is a $2.00 part if I can find the number. Thanks for any assistance you can give.Read More...
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new unit

Hi to everyone. Just put our fec 500 into our new place. customers and owners alike are loving this thing. im very proud of the product that we are putting out with this unit. I have a couple questions for other owners out there . are there some parts in particular that i should have on hand. if it goes on the fritz . im assuming the ignitor is a must, but does any one have any suggestions for other parts to have on hand as our only back up is a stick burner , and it doesnt have the capacity...Read More...

Beef back ribs - success (Pics)

Had done beef ribs a couple times with variable results. Impulse buy at grocery store for some good looking beef back ribs. Came home to read up on the forum and found some folks discouraged beef back ribs due to lack of meat and difficulty removing the membrane. Membrane was difficult to get started but came off relatively easy once it was started. Rubbed with Mccormicks garlic pepper and Butchers premium rub. Same basic combo I use for brisket. Into cold AQ smoker set to 225 with hickory...Read More...
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Grease deflector shield for PG500

I have had a smokette for 10 years and it is going strong... so I decided to add the PG 500 to my arsenal. It arrived today and all is good after seasoning for 1hr. However, I am concerned about 1 thing, shouldn't the grease deflector shield spread across the area below the zone 4 grates? The one that has come with my PG500 does not stretch across all the way. If I were to put meat across the entire rack, some grease would go into the warming box. Is this the normal grease deflector size?Read More...
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FE PG500 vs FireCraft Q450

Considering first pellet grill purchase. Now leaning towards PG500 over MAK, largely due to price, but also due to more readily accessible direct grilling. Now came across FireCraft Q-450. Stainless steel with direct grilling available and significantly cheaper than PG500. Also has PID controller and built in probe port and can stop cook when meat reaches temp. PG500 lacks the meat temperature probe. Overall quality of PG500 appears superior and it is American made bs Chinese. Thoughts? By...Read More...
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Fast Eddy PG 500 vs MAK or Rec Tec

Interested in purchasing first pellet Grill. Want something that I can grill and smoke on. First considered Rec Tec Bull—seems to have good bang fo the buck and solid construction with lots of 304 stainless steel, WiFi, but concerned that grilling would be limited. as there is no direct grilling area. Rec Tec Rep claims it foes a great job grilling burgers & steaks with optional searing grates, but I’m skeptical. Read very favorable reviews on MAK 1 Star and 2 Star grills with FlameZone.Read More...
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Pics: McRib

Decided to try making a real McRib, you know, with actual ribs. Good coat of Porkmafia Memphis Mud, and into the FEC at 275. Coming along just fine. McRib needs sauce, so a couple coats of Veterans Q sauce. Decided to cook it so it'd be just a little bit overdone. Pop out the bones... Sliced it in half both lengthwise & width wise and plated them up with some extra sauce, onions & pickles. Four "McRibs" out of the rack of ribs. That was some good stuff! Thanks for looking.Read More...
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