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sm025 vs sm025 elite

i am looking at buying a sm025. i would like to know the following, difference between the elite and non elite versions temp fluctuation between the 2 models, what can i expect from a set temp at 150 degrees +/-. If i understand the models i will assume that the elite has a pid system for temp control and that should take care of large temp fluctuations??? thanksRead More...
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Fish smokers

Forum: Seafood
What is your favorite smoker? What chips do you like to use? Also what temp do you like to smoke at and for how long. I have a Bradley Smoker, I smoke at 160ish degrees and for approx 6-8 hours depending on the thickness of the fish. I was just curious on all of your little tricks. My Grandmother has an old metal freezer converted to a smoker, this old thing can smoke about 80lbs and always seems to have the best flavor. Thanks for reading and good fishing!!Read More...
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New owner: SM045 Can you give me a rough idea how long for smoker to reach 225

I have done 3 smokes (2 great results, 1 user error) and I am putting the meat in before starting the smoker. I haven't done exact timing but it seems like it is taking a long time to reach 225. Tomorrow, I will turn it on with nothing in it and check the time but unless I am missing something, seems like it takes over an hour to get up there. Once there, it maintains a pretty close to perfect temp.Read More...
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PG500 Question for the experienced

It seems on long cooks like Ribs, and brisket my product tends to dry out and get a bit crispier on the edges than I like. I am a fan of low and slow and try to cook at 225 to 275 or so. HHT is set at 30 and I am satisfied with the temp variance ranges I see with my Smoke X4. I have always used a Large Big Green Egg, and never had a problem drying out meat. (Yes ceramic is kind of nice.) I have never used the crutch, and would prefer to avoid it although I do think I will try Malcom Reed's...Read More...
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Using SM025 in cold weather

I'm trying to decide if I should purchase a cookshack SM025. They look like a very good product. My question is how do they perform in cold weather? I live in Northeast North Dakota. Our temps get down to 2o below and colder. I would like to use it in temps at zero or a bit below. Would I have a problem with using it in these temps? I would be cooking pork butts, brisket and maybe a turkey in the winter. Thanks for the help.Read More...
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Baby back and St. Louis simultaneously

Forum: Open Forum
I am a new owner and have to say that in our first 5 cooks, the results were terrific (except for one user error). This may be my best appliance purchase. I am planning to make baby backs and st Louis simultaneously at the same temperature. I gather from reading that the baby backs take less time. If I start the baby backs an hour later than the St. Louis should they both be done at approximately the same time (say 5-6 hrs for St Louis and 4-5 for baby back). Anyone have experiences to help?Read More...
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Babyback Ribs - Cookshack Beginner

I want to cook some baby back ribs for my first cook on the SM045. I have watched and read numerous instructions but it seems that all use different temps. and times. Is there a simple easy to use recipe to get me started. What temp, and how long to cook, and do I put BBQ sauce on the ribs at some point? Thanks for your help!Read More...
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Pulled pork is dry

Hello, I would like some help. When ever I cook a butt ( in a Cookshack ) The next day coming out of the fridge or later out of the reefer, it is dry? Very dry. I do not use a mop, just put some dry rub on it. A second question. I vac pack the butts. There seams to be alot of grease inside the bag. Do you all clean and reuse the bag? Any reply would help. Thanks.Read More...
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Flavor not penetrating into meat of baby back ribs; bark is good but meat is bland - help!

I really like Jeff's rub recipe. The spice is just right and the bark is good. But I'm finding the flavor is not penetrating into the meat of my baby back ribs. I follow his basic instructions to a T. Remove membrane, use yellow mustard, coat both sides with rub, let it sit, wrap in plastic and sit in fridge overnight. Using an electric Masterbuilt, I soak hickory and mesquite wood chips and keep the smoke going for several hours. The ribs usually go 6 hours there at 230 degrees without...Read More...
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Customer service- shout out to Tony at Cookshack 😀

Forum: Open Forum
Just a quick note to express thanks for the excellent support received from Cookshack technical support- I’ve been a happy owner of an SM025 for over 10 years, which has produced hundreds of great meals, I eventually had an issue with the controller where most of the LED’s went out - to the point of not being able to see what temp the unit was set to or running at. I contacted the fine folks at Cookshack who got me set up with a replacement (new) controller, which after installing seemed to...Read More...

Heating Element Temperature Fluctuations, Thermostat Issue?

I have a CS SM025. I've had it for nearly ten years and use it frequently. While smoking some belly for bacon the other day (4# piece, 7-day wet brine) I noticed the temperature indicator for the heating element running much hotter than it perhaps should be. I was working in the yard nearby so I had more time than usual to sneak peeks at the readout. I had the temp set at 175F but noticed the readout going to 245F for quite some time. I realize the temp may go up to heat up or maintain heat...Read More...
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First time grilling pizza

I got the Weber pizza insert for my master touch as a present this past Christmas and tonight I finally got to use it. Being that this was my first time grilling pizza, I expected a complete failure but it turned out decent to be honest. Unfortunately I underestimated how difficult it is to transfer into the grill so I had a couple mishaps and also, I couldn't get my temps up as high as I wanted but that was just due to an inssuficient amount of charcoal.Read More...
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Vertical offset vs Horizontal Offset

Forum: Open Forum
Hi all I hope this does not start a religious war but I am after some input before I start my first smoker build. What are the advantage/disadvantages of both like this greatyardmaster a vertical smoker with an offset firebox vs a Horizontal offset? I am not wanting to build a traditional Vertical with the fire and water directly below. I am attracted to the size advantage of the vertical but I am unsure after doing a lot of looking around, that a vertical offset performs tike a horizontal.Read More...

Smoking Boston Butt

Forum: Open Forum
Just purchased a SM025 and I'm super excited to start my smoking journey. I purchased a pork shoulder from Costco and plan to smoke it soon. I have read the cookbook that came with my smoker and it says to use 4 oz of hickory wood. the butt I bought is 14lbs. So my question is do i need to keep adding wood during the smoke or just use the initial amount? I expect this to be a 8-10 hr smoke so after 2 hrs the original wood will be ash. I know you can over smoke so looking for some advise.Read More...
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Best Dehydrator for Jerky?

Forum: Jerky
I am considering getting a new dehydrator for jerky amazon , and I was wondering if folks here could tell me the better brands and types of dehydrators to look for. my main purpose for wanting to make jerky Is that I am type 2 diabetic and am always on the lookout for inexpensive healthy snacks for which I can control things like salt and sugar content.Read More...
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Smoked Brisket Ahead of Time

Forum: Brisket
Hello, I have to do a brisket the day before (off heat by 6pm, eat at 6pm the next day), so I'm wondering if I should (a) smoke the brisket to 170 ish (stall temp), remove it, stick it fridge and cook to desired doneness the next day or (b) cook it all the way through and then just reheat the next day. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.Read More...
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both of Auger motor FEC500 not working

Unlucky, it happened on Saturday when my restaurant was busy, actually the pellet roller was broken, then I have to weld it then put it back to auger motor, it's rolling like a charm, the fan of motor working well and the roller doing it job but for like 5 mins after I put in the wood pellets in , it stop working not rolling anything down, then I keep trying to test the auger motor with a electric meter and it shown the number I know maybe not the motor problem, but anyway I did order 2 new...Read More...

Corn Cob Pellets

Do any members know of a source for food grade corn cob pellets as my son wants me to smoke a turkey using corn cob, I have model FEC120 so they need to be pellets. Thanks. BuzzRead More...

Just Picked up a CS smoker need help identifying

Hello, I was just gifted a CS smoker and i am having trouble finding any info about it. the back plate tells me its a Model# 30 H/S Serial# 7899 110v 60 Cycle 1200w It has dual elements - 2 black knobs on top to control thermostats and 2 lighted rocker switches on top that I'm assuming light up when the elements are engaging. It has no wood boxes or wood box housing, just the two elements sticking out at the bottom - was wondering if anyone else might have one of these? i want to fab a new...Read More...
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how to cool before vac sealing.

Doing food for my customer appreciation day at work. I have 40# of butts brining now and will be doing 40# of butts. All will be cooked and pulled. SO I will have pulled ham and pork. I am going to vac seal and reheat via an electric roaster floating the bags in the water and for serving will put them in chafers. So my question is, How do I cool it all down before vac sealing. I have never vac sealed anything will warm as I thought that would be a no no. Any ideas on how and temp to cool to...Read More...
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Regularity of ash and firepot cleanout of FEC120

Hi there Just now placing my order for the FEC 120 - its been a long road but the location has finally been secured. We need to locate the smoker at either end of the main line in the kitchen - in the left position on the line is more efficient of overall space, but access is more difficult, the right wastes space but access is easier. I am here concerned mainly with cleaning out ash and vacuuming out the firepot. The left position I have to pull the smoker out of its slot (has minimum...Read More...
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Nutrition info on smoked pork butt?

Does anyone know of a study or analysis done on smoked pork shoulder? The nutrition labels are for the raw meat, prior to fat rendition, and most cooked guides I look up are skewed by included BBQ sauces, commercial brands that have additives, and information that seems off. For example, when I see a guide that shows 5% fat loss for pulled pork, I question it. And by smoked, I mean ~15 hours for a pork butt @ 226 F. I realize it changes depending on the source of the meat (how much fat does...Read More...
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I had the start to a fire in the pellet hopper today. How can this happen?? Please advise on how to avoid. Got me really worried. Fast Eddy PG500Read More...


So, I have a friend who loves to smoke brisket and other meats (who doesn't!). He has an electric masterbuilt. I used to have one too actually. I eventually got the Pg500 a few years ago and have loved it. During these last few years I have noticed his interest in my unit. Unfortunately he and his wife aren't able to ever afford one so I was thinking about giving him mine and upgrading to the Pg1000 OR maybe something else. Sorry if that was a little too much backstory! Anyway I will be...Read More...
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PG500 PID Controller

Getting a little more comfortable using the PG500. Looking at beginning to play around a little with the HHT/LHT settings and wondering if the settings default back to factory settings on the next cook or do they remain modified until I change them back. Also any feedback on whether playing with these settings produce noticeable differences in results?Read More...
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Wireless (wifi-not bluetooth) thermometer

I am looking for a thermometer that will send the readings to my iPhone through the internet. Would like to monitor long smokes while at work and not be tied to the smoker all day which will allow me to smoke more often during the week. I have read the reviews on Tappecue. Does anyone heave any experience with it or any other wifi capable thermometer? I searched the forum and didn't see anything dealing with wifi...just wireless Bluetooth devices. Thanks in advance.Read More...
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Pics-Smoked Salmon from Go to Show Featured

Forum: Seafood
Mr.T’s Smoked Salmon Salmon has always been one of my favorite items to smoke. All types of salmon have been in my smokers at one time or another. From the Kings and hard to find Sable Fish or Black Cod to the small Blue Backs always in search of that one recipe and technique that people would crave for. After over 20 years of experiments expressly working with salmon, they now say “Don’t screw with the recipe anymore” and yes I am going to share the very sought after recipe for the first...Read More...
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55 not keeping temperature up

I have a model 55 (built in 2008) that turns on and starts to smoke and warm up then then the temp drops. This is my first time using the smoker and I didn't have a thermometer when I did ribs a couple of weeks ago and it took a couple of extra hours to get them "done". So, I picked up a good thermometer and thought that I would give it another try and be able to track the temps. Tried to do a pork butt and after 8 hours the meat temp was in the low 140s and the smoker temp was in the 150s.Read More...
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Smoke ring--Lump charcoal vs Kingsford briquettes?

I have read posts that say lump charcoal is the best way to get a smoke ring and others that say the Kingsford briquettes are the best to use. I was wondering if anybody has used both and knows which produces the best smoke ring? I am hoping the lump charcoal produces the best smoke ring since it doesn't have the fillers that the briquettes have, but maybe it is the fillers that cause the smoke ring? Also, how much charcoal do you add to wood box and if you add charcoal do you need to reduce...Read More...
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Louisiana Grills Pellet cooker

Anyone familiar with the Louisiana Grills model Pellet Cookers? I have a Model 50 and have been thinking about adding a pellet cooker. Traeger is not well made in my opinion and The FE is a bit out of my price range. The excellent feature of the Louisiana Grills line seems to be totally seperate smoke control from the main temperature/cooking control. There is a dealer in my area....they seem to be well made but I would love to here if someone has cooked...Read More...
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The new smoker box style

I just got my 025 and setting it up and getting ready to season. I noticed the firebox has a different design to my buddies 066. My 025 has holes in the side and in the bottom, which means the wood will come in contact with the heating element. Fine if you use chunks, but I still have some chips leftover. They will fall right through. My buddies 066 has no holes. Anyone have any feedback here, like give the chips away? ThanksRead More...
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